Islam and interracial dating


I am truly stuck because I cannot imagine being with anybody else and although my religeon eliminates all barriers of race I could never forgive myself if something happened to my mum or if my family disowned me. They say this not realizing that we did not choose our race when we were born, so just like we will leave all our earthly belongings on earth when we die, we shall too leave our race behind. What a shallow uneducated view of the world. Islam and interracial dating [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)

Or that I had joined an invisible club where everyone spoke and behaved differently to the way I had been used to all my life.


It was almost like getting married to a revert changed the way people viewed me. They suddenly had a newfound respect and an interest in who I was…and this upset me somewhat.

I am still the same person I was. Or not, as it happens in our case — we had a boring old arranged marriage. Is it some kind of special treatment? Has anyone been in a islam and interracial dating situation that can offer me advice?

One of the brothers, I believe Amad talked about marrying from your own.

Amaliah Shorts: The Glorification of Interracial Marriage

So I just wanted to comment on that. For instance, I am Pakistani. My mother happens to be islam and interracial dating educated, secularly and religously,than most religious pakistani aunties. So my youngest sibling especially cuz he only grew up here grew up in a very islamic american way. The people we do mesh with within the Pakistani circles culturally are often never religious. So basicaly ur kind of left with nothing to choose from. His inlaws are so happy to have him in the family even though often you will find Arabs never wnating to marry Real dating site. And the kids grew up similary and in the same state.

Interestingly enough, our third sibling married a pakistani brother who is practicing. But she faced issues with her in-laws in the typical in-law nightmare fashion. I, however, have never faced anything close to it with my Arab mother in law. Ofcourse there are Arabs with their own issues so im not putting down one culture over another. At some level I just feel like Allah has made it able for me to be married without having to deal with certain pet peeve type cultural norms within my own culture.

So the point is…. As for interracial marriages its no walk in the park like islam and interracial dating other marriage would be. This all depends on the family and individuals. Alhumdulilah islam and interracial dating with both practicing Muslims and still growing in their deen it is challenging.

Me being desi and going totally out of the norm of our culture and marrying American revert has been an interesting ride. His family is mashallah very amazing, loving, and accepting. My family on the other hand way on the left field. Even with that a side, its the every day things that you never anticipate that comes to surface the first couple of years of marriage because hoping within a couple of icq free chat room both learns each others ways.

Heck, my family even gave me a week to change my mind! In the end they all turned up at my wedding anway, with video cameras!! Oh, so yeah, anyway you can email me to talk if you want. I do not believe in race but one human race, the shade local bbw women skin color is not what separates us but societal ideas and norms that are contradictory to everything that Islam stands for.

Neither of our families had problem with us being together, quite the contrary they were happy that we are marrying Muslims and that is what should matter to all Muslims, regardless of their country of origin. Now, the language is a whole another matter but sometimes I think it is better that the only two people understanding everything is me and my husband — and I know I do not always tell him exactly what has been said and I am sure he does the same — harmonious and nice.

One of the islam and interracial dating of Prophet pbuh said that we should marry as far as possible from our own homes, in the order to spread Islam, share the beauty of it and let the cultures intertwine. It has been almost a year now since I had brought up the topic of marrying someone of another race to my parents. I am a south Asian planning to marry an American girl. They are moderately religious people who are in tune with cultural stigmas back at home. While she is christian, she wants to convert.

Regardless, my parents are still against the marriage. I have calmed things down for the moment but will bring up the issue again in the future. She her dating site all those wishing to take this path, need to understand that no matter what when getting into relationships of this sort there can never be a win-win situation.

Something must be sacrificed, compromised, and lost. Time is the best healer, it is the only thing that can help someone islam and interracial dating my situation. Nevertheless, be wise in your decisions and be sure that you have a sensible plan — it can make or break everything. We are one, all children of one God. I lived in intercultural marriage and I think our problem was more that we were not compatible then that we were from different countries. I come from Europe and they are not many practicing brothers from my country so I have very limited choice when considering marriage.

But I still think for marriage to work most important is the iman, islam and interracial dating, character and how compatible they are does not matter what culture or race they are coming from.

I am a revert to Islam, living in America. My family is of Italian descent, and I practice Islam, however my parents dislike my choices. I am not flirt boutique lawrence ks if her parents would not support the marriage, but from what I have heard, I assume so. Any experiance or advice is welcomed…. I may be responding quite late to this.

Honestly, i though all those problems you mentioned are problems islam and interracial dating any home can have, even if they come from similar cultures, upbringing may still affect people. I found this article to be the right step in the direction that needs to be taken to open up dialog islam and interracial dating Muslims.

I am Muslim, African American and my husband is originally from Bangalore. We have been married for almost 3 years. We have been though what a lot of couples have been though but Islam is what we hold dear to our hearts and it is the truth that knocks the brain out of falsehood. We have not only been tested but we are also the test for others as well. I feel that there is no way that you can totally prepared for everything that you may encounter but like this article mentioned….

As far as Syed and I…. I feel that Allah has already given us the biggest gift to mankind. I thank Allah for I feel extremely blessed to have a wonderful family.

AbuAbdAllah, the Houstonian. Asalamu Aliykum I tried to read all of the responses however there were so many and many were kind of repetitive. Here is the way I see it. At the end of the day the African American Muslimah has the double whammy to deal with in America Muslimah And Black while trying to deal with every thing else living in the US throws at you.

Masajid are often transplants from the home land and often lacka true sense of solidarity and fraternity that we hear Muslims brag about as being a major component of Islam. Islam will not take root in the US until our blood mixes. If the Sahaba and those that came after them had taken the attitude that many muslims of today have in regards to nationalism, tribalism and racism, Islam would have never made it beyond the Arabian Peninsula.

Islam and interracial dating important for every one to understand that there is a new Type of Muslim in the family the American Muslim. They tend to shed the idea of where their from and concentrate on where their at and how this place plays a role on where their going in the end. Salamu Aliykum. Hi everyone! It is so encouraging to see such activity on this forum! We are a very open-minded couple and have had many talks between ourselves and amongst other friends non-Muslims and Muslims alike but I am wondering what your opinions are on our forthcoming marriage.

I am extremely respectful and admiring of his faith, and am a spiritual person myself. We often have open and constructive dialogue about each of our views and we are happy to be able to interact on this level so respectfully. We have been together for several years and his family is still opposed to our plans. His mother has met me, and says that she adores me as a person but because of my non-Muslim status does not find me suitable, and his father will not meet me.

I do not want to live under the guise of conversion, nor do I wish to make them unhappy when he formally announces his choice. Do you have any suggestions? For your information, we would be exposing our children to Islam from birth.

Thank you for taking the time to read this — I really would appreciate your comments and feedback. Mel — i have islam and interracial dating a similar situation with people that i know personally, and in those situations the issue of children is usually what either breaks the deal or leads to divorce despite whatever agreements are made beforehand, the actual birth of a child changes everyone. I am an Indian Muslim, and a 3rd generation South African.

The other aspect that needs to considered is for a man that is totally unbiased you are indifferent towards race, you look at what you see as important: character, physical attraction etc. From my experience far more men are willing to deal with the discomfort than are women. And who wants to enter into marriage when their is discomfort at the onset. This is probably why there are so few interracial marriages amongst muslims. And thats also called racism. If anyway wants to discuss this further, please email me at muslimahaoh gmail.

Salaam to everyone who has been apart of this. I am an arab female who seeks to marry a pakistani male.

Both of our mothers are against it and both fathers are for it. He and I were both born here US and alhamdullilah are very accepting of eachothers cultures. Right now I feel lost and really need guidance…its very hard to not have your mother accept it. Its very difficult right now… hopefully allah will intervene to make things better…any advice? The situation is simple, we are all from 1 family-the basis of religion is the bringing together of the community to what it once was, and will be!!!

Living in this modern society is meant to be constructive and not the opposite. Im in love with a Muslim woman-and it was love at first sight. My parents are both Christian, and I have no problem with her being my wife. Plain and simple this situation has got to be addressed because I dont want to cause her or her people any trouble. I believe that one day we will be together forever…ps im black. I know I am jumping into this late, but I just need a little guidance. I am a white non- religious somewhat Christian American I believe in god but not what people do in his name.

We are planning on officially getting engaged later this year after I am finished with my degree. My parents love him but neither I nor my parents have had much interaction with his parents. They seem to be excited about the arrangement though. I am mostly prepared for the jeers, the stares, and this issues our maybe future children would have. I myself would be happy with a justice of the peace sort of thing so would he but his parents insist on the formalities.

He has had a hard time explaining them to me because he lived here most of his adult life and has only gone to one, so I turned to the internet, and am more confused than ever. I am hoping some things are optional my pale ness would look ridiculous with tarmac paste and henna all over me. Also my father is not much of a social guy and would feel very uncomfortable in such a leading role at a wedding.

And lastly I would be moving to Oman and was wondering what obstacles would we face there that I cannot foresee? Like I said he islam and interracial dating lived here for so long even he is not familiar with what life would be like for me. I went to India and hopefully got a crash course but am not sure if that is a good islam and interracial dating point. If I have ramble I apologize. Assalamo alikum everyone!!

Now m asking for suggestions from my muslim brothers and sisters that can i marry this guy? I am, like many that have posted, a 20 something year old girl, pakistani as well, but I grew up in Canada all my life. I recently met someone who is Palestinian that used to be a classmate of mine and went to the same high school as I did.

We come from very similar backgrounds and he is currently studying to become a civil engineer at another university as mine islam and interracial dating I am finishing my Bachelors in Science in Nutrition. I am starting to have feelings for him because of how compatible I see we are; he has a very good personality, he is hard working and he has great morals. This time, I wish to save myself the trouble with this boy by making my intentions clearer and in a way that is the most appropriate. What should I do?

Please help!! I read some of the responses to this topic. Nigerian, Ghanaian, Senegalese as well as East African i. Somali, Ethiopian,Eritrean in addition to those people with roots in the U. Your answers would be greatly appreciated. Very well written article. I am a 26 yr old male from Pakistan who has been in the islam and interracial dating for about 21 yrs. I have been here without my parents for most of my islam and interracial dating. My parents just arrived a few ago and without ever discussing the issue with me they started speaking with families regarding an arranged marriage.

I tried telling them about a girl that i deeply love with never laid a finger on her. My parents on the other hand couldnt care less about this fact that i have known her for 6 years.

Parents and i had a deep conversation about this but unfortunately they were more concerened about with they will tell their reletives than what would make me happy. My advice to someone thinking about this is to involve your family in your decision sooner than later.

My mistake was that i told them too late. Maybe, just maybe, they would have understood if i had mentioned this sooner. Your Parents are your first teachers. Your wasilah of coming to this world. Your heaven in this world. You truly are misguiddd and should make amends with them at once.

Allah s. If your fathefs unhappy then Allah is unhappy and if your father is happy then Allah s. Heaven lay under the blessed feet of our precious mothers. Abdul At-Tawwaab.


Racism is a shameful and pitiful disease that unfortunately courses through the veins of brothers and sisters in Islam. May Allah forgive us and guide us aright. When you marry you are completing half of your religion. The deen is what should be investigated.

That being said, husbands or soon to be husbands, begin preparing for taking care of yourself, be responsible to yourself and guard your deen. How can a man have a dependent when he cannot take care of himself? Do not allow yourselves to be decieved by Shaitan in arrogance that one,man or woman, is not acceptable for your child simply because of his or her race, culture or ethnicity. This is is simply insane.

Did the Prophet Equestrian dating sites uk. Or did He S. Islam and interracial dating are too many hadith displaying the Prophet S, islam and interracial dating. In fact, in the islam and interracial dating sermon of the Prophet S.

Learn that every Muslim is a brother to every Muslim and that the Muslims constitute one brotherhood. Nothing shall be legitimate to a Muslim which belongs to a fellow Muslim unless it was given freely and willingly. Do not, therefore, do injustice to yourselves. So beware, do not stray from the path of righteousness after I am gone. Allahu Allum is better to be said. Our Ummah is global and consists of people from all types of backgrounds, why do we divide ourselves into sects and rejoice in what we have?

Reiterating a previous statement, we should be looking to get married based on the standards and limits set by Allah and His Messenger S. Allahu Allum. Keep in mind that Allah is watching and everything should be brought back to Allah. Surely all decisions end with Him and He surely the Disposer of our affairs. And Allah knows best the condition of His creation. We must woship our Lord with all of our being and realize we are all slaves of Allah and not one of us are better than the other except by what Allah has deemed and by the standards and limits Allah set.

Alhamdulillahi Rabbil- Alamin. My intention is to speak the truth, anything said by me which harms anyone it was not the intention and may Allah forgive me for it and to Allah I shall return. Anything that may lead anyone astray may Allah forgive me and protect me from that inshaAllah. May Allah be pleased with us and guide us aright inshaAllah.

Sister, please. We are all the same species! Why ask such a question? Allah does not make mistakes. The world is not just for Arabs, Whites, Blacks, Browns, whatever. We are to be one people in Islam. What you want is a good Muslim man who will obey Allah SWT and treat you like you are supposed to be treated as the beautiful creation that you are. Allah SWT first, you and your children next and his job and work career third.

I say this because I have many Black friends who worked, worshiped, enjoyed family life and meals alongside me and my family in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and they were no different than I.

And yes, my parents would accept a good man with Black skin into our family for one of my sisters because I was not raised with prejudice toward people. To me she is just a human, a muslim. In my mind their is no such thing as a bengali, pakistani, arab, indian or black or white. Inshallah when i grow up and have kids, I will not let such stupidity become a reason to worry my young childs mind.

There are no issues islam and interracial dating long as you both leave unecessary cultural practises out of it and only practise Islamic teachings. My life and i must live it as i want. Its sounds really good that for the most part people everyone has with interracial. I myself being black born in Ethiopia and raised in Canada and my wife white Born and Raised in Germany and I mean white…Very light Blonde hair, with Deep Aqua Blue eyes have had relatively good relationship.

However we did have to hurdle over few missconceptions people had. For some reason most of my muslims friends including my own mother considered her as a 2nd class muslim, someone who is not a true believer or is doing it just for me or what have you.

Let me tell you, most people who convert away from Islam do it for lack of knowldge or lazyness to follow it. But ALL those who come to islam even after the way media potrays Islam, or those few stupid Idioligist do come for its true teachings and have a just as good, if not better, understand of what it means to be a muslim. Superiority Belongs to Allah swt. I gain strength from those like islam and interracial dating Yasmeen not that I care about what people think of us ….

I also remembered when I was a kid, and went to Hajj in Mecca that all the black people had their own seperate camping grounds I was 8 for god sake, and remembered that…and in Mecca of all places.

Yes it was a black slave brother. Why are parents like this? It makes my and my wifes life harder. I beg to differ. Religion definatly matters.

Which loving husband local bbw women wish that for her wife? None, so ofcourse this is where teaching comes in and advising people of Islam. Hey man, Im not ; I love em :P hehe i love my wife :D so much!!

A Guide to Young Love and Muslim Faith Today - i-D

I am not either, I am just hating on ignorant people. I love my wife too, and it dont matter or race or culture…. I have not read all of the comments being posted but I have read enough to notice that many are not aware of the Islamic conditions or requirements for choosing a spouse. Parents have responsibilites to make sure that their kids know who they can marry or not, keeping within the Islamic law.

Clearly that is not the case! It is the duty of Muslims to remind others who may be in the dark and totally unaware. If the woman they are considering is either a Jew or a Christian, then she must :. And they were not commanded except to worship one God; there is no deity except Him. Exalted is He above whatever they associate with Him. And there are not for the wrongdoers any helpers.

Lawful to you in marriage are chaste women from the believers and chaste women from those who were given the Scripture Jews and Christians before your time, when you have given their due Mahr bridal money given by the husband to his wife at the time of marriagedesiring chastity i. And whosoever disbelieves in the Oneness of Allah and in all the other Articles of Faith islam and interracial dating.

Surah Maidah: Ayah 5, islam and interracial dating. With regards to marrying someone who believes in more than one God, you can only marry her if she becomes a believing woman. And a believing slave woman is better than a polytheist, even though she Mushrik might please you. A believing slave woman is better that a polytheist woman, even though the latter may please you. And do not marry your womenfolk to disbelieving men until they believe. A believing slave is better that a polytheist even though the latter may please you.

If a sister is really wondering why the difference in ruling for men and women. One reason could be due to the fact that the decision of a husband tends to dominate the rules and regulation in a house. Another reason could be due to men being stronger than women, thus the muslim wife may suffer due to her faith or more likely to compromise her faith.

However, if a Muslim man is not foolish enough islam and interracial dating get influenced by his non-Muslim wife, he may still be able to bring up his kids as Muslims while practising Islam himself.

Please continue reading. I have provided a continuation later on. Now even if the man respects her islam and interracial dating It is as simple as that. Regardless of any reason, a Muslim woman must not marry a non-Muslim man. Sister, I do not know if you have gotten married to him or not, as late as it may be for any reminders, islam and interracial dating, you islam and interracial dating absolutely not allowed to marry a non-muslim men. Often people are too busy trying to get what they want without consulting appropriate sources or atleast checking whether what they are pursuing is Halal or not.

The people that you may be considering to marry, them respecting your faith is not the same as them believing in Allah. Although Islam does allow men to marry a kitabi Jews or Christians woman if she meets the criteria mentioned above, would you not rather marry a Muslimah who will strengthen the practice of deen amongst your children and also at home.

That is very unfortunate! If establishing deen is really your aim, then would you not rather marry a Muslim man or a woman who will help you become more practising? You will be driven towards Shirk and haraam activities more and more. What about your children? What about, Allah SWT forbidif you were to die early and leave your kids behind?

What are the chances of them being Muslims? Brothers and sisters, think, reason and decide! Love of the dunya will not get you far. Lastly, any mistake or incoherency is due to the dating site credit payment of the poster, which is me. Perhaps, someone more knowledage can correct me in islam and interracial dating case of any error.

One set of rules for men, women are suppressed by a different set of rules. What a shallow uneducated view of the world. What matters is common respect, not race, ethnicity, religion, background, education, career…. I read this article and have found it to be very true. When you are going to oppose your parents, remember to do this with the greatest of respect. This article is a islam and interracial dating story and describes success, but the reality is that this is an outlier and a minority story.

My main problem is that it only offers advice until the Nikkah, but no advice for during marriage. Therefore, this article is not representative of what is going to happen after marriage, which is what marriage is really all about.

All you need is to be patient, have taqwa and know that if your intention is correct, Allah will always be with you. Interesting points, But it is important to remember that alot of these same issues between spouses come up between identical cultures as well. All marriages require a great deal of patience and tolerance.

I was introduced islamically to many different African American sisters over a period of 6 years of trying to get married. We were just incompatible. Allah blessed me to meet my wife. Do we have disagreements, yes this is part of life. The great error here is thinking that race and compatibility are mutually exclusive. That is the core and erroneous argument that this author tackles quite well.

Islam and interracial dating once married the cultural love bond will not stand up against the individual personalities, and quite obviously the uprightness, goodness or evil of characters involved. Like someone said above fleeting love will perish. Guess what, so will cultural bonds, wealth bonds, physical attraction bonds will all run out. And what you will be left with is how to be a good husband, a good human being, a good Muslim. Its really easy, but because it is so the mind mature women ejaculating repelled.

Like this: Like Loading February 15, February 16, UmQasim Gofundme. February 17, Abu Saeed Tim Abbott. Great article… Two points: 1. Thus, the concerns that some Muslims hold relating to interracial marriages inside of our community should not all be chalked up as based in racial animus. There is nothing wrong with Muslims looking for mates firstly within their own ethnic groups. Parents having such preferences in and of themselves are also not clear signs of ethnic bigotry.

The problem comes when deen is relegated to culture, or if people hold animosity or try to block others from getting married simply because of ethnic or cultural differences. Thankfully, the Prophetic tradition sheds light on this subject for us.

Islam and interracial dating [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)