Pro black and interracial dating


Also, he is one of the least problematic Black men we should be focusing on. Culture, which plays a large part in our history, becomes diluted when we mix races. This shows the government how to manage your financial records, your children, your property, etc. As a pro-Black person, you should want to preserve your culture and generate economic power towards your own people. Pro black and interracial dating [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)

Black love is beautiful and I refuse to deny myself of it. A non-Black man can only be sympathetic to my struggles with no deep level of understanding. Contrastingly, a Black man can empathize with me because we have faced and continue to face similar struggles. My pro-Blackness is defined by loving a Black man. I believe that is one of the highest forms of resistance against the system. It is my choice to prioritize and preserve my own culture and Blackness. This being said, if you date outside your race, I will question the degree to which you are pro-Black.

If you are mixed and a product of an interracial relationship, I recognize you may have identity issues regarding your race. However, if pro black and interracial dating fully identify with your Black side, you should also be held to the same accord and marry Black.


I bring this up because it has been a common retort to my perspective. I address this to say that I have nothing against mixed people and this is not about mixed people.

My tweet was not addressed to them, nor was it an attack on their Blackness.

Do you lose credibility being Pro Black if your partner is white?

Many Black women are distracted by the belief that Black men do not love and support us as a collective. Census Bureau. Some Black women even suggest that Black men cannot understand our struggles. What some people tend to overlook is the fact that being Black is undisguisable in most cases. My man sleeps next to head wraps and coconut oil every night. The point is to live in your truth, whatever that may be, with whomever you find fit to do so. Are they all waiting for a flash to return to reality?

Pro-Black & Interracial Dating

Hmmmm, maybe not. The accusation bothered me more than his choice of companion. Black love is powerful to behold, but it is not the only qualifier of pro-Blackness.


It is entirely possible to be pro-Black and date interracially. You have to ability to do both. This requirement makes pro-Blackness more superficial because it suggests that your support has to look right to others.

Is this really all it takes?

Can You Be Pro Black & Date Outside Your Race?

I was under the impression that how much we actually listen to one another and how we lift each other up is what matters, not just who we go home to. Besides, dating and mating inside your racial group is not any guarantee that you love the Black community. Ben Carson, anyone? I love being Black.

Pro black and interracial dating [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)