Dan and phil dating quiz


What is a meme really. Going to a concert. Not that great I HATE memes sigh. Dan and phil dating quiz [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)

You: I know. Muse- Beats are the only things that matter. My Chemical Romance! Me: I know but seriously- High Five! Maroon 5- holla! People still like the cool radio crap- right?

On a scale of radish to turnip, how perverted do YOU think you are? But that doesn't mean you're giggling for days afterwards. Whoa, slow down, snowflake. You take everything the worst way possible. Three Way. Show all. Log in to add to the discussion. Log in or sign up. What would you dan and phil dating quiz like if you were a cartoon character? Which kind of boys do you attract? Answer these questions and I'll give you a song. Recreate a cartoon version of yourself! Phil belongs to me! Are you sarcastic?

Are you polite? I try my best to be kind to everyone! What do you think about ! It's so cute! Something inappropriate is said, and you? Say something inappropriate jokingly back. Tells them not to say it.

Dan Takes Quizzes About Himself

Someone winks at you, what do you do? Whine with your friend. What do you think? I'll be living with Dan! Phil, for sure! I like both dogs and cats. I really don't know. You are a really nice and fun person. I don't know I like the way you are. I don't know you.


I hate you. Going to a concert. Going to the woods. Anywhere I love to travel. The beach.

Which would you date? Dan or Phil?

Girly I love make up and heels I always wear a dress. I am fine with any style.


Boy clothing. Cool edgy style I'm probably emo or a hipster.

Who should we date? Dan and Phil play Heart♡Throb! Dan and phil dating quiz [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)