Hannah montana lilly and oliver dating episode part 1


You need to login to do this. This is the final season with Mitchel Musso as a regular cast member. Start a Wiki. Miley, who is trying to audition for the starring role of a cartoon duck, does not know how to make a good impression at the audition, so she gets help from Kyle, a professional voice-over actor. Hannah montana lilly and oliver dating episode part 1 [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)

But Miley finds it hard to juggle both her Hannah life and keep her promise to Oliver. After collapsing while recording a Pet Adoption advert, Miley finally admits to Oliver that she is too busy to add something else to her schedule. Meanwhile, Jackson is put in charge of Rico's after Rico fears that since he is earning so much money from the Shack, his dad will sell it for a lot of money.

When Jackson messes things up multiple times after trying to prove to Rico that he's not stupid enough to get the Shack bankrupt, and the Shack loses money, Rico finally becomes happy again. Miley repeatedly tries but fails hannah montana lilly and oliver dating episode part 1 tell her dad that she's dating Jake Ryan again.

Soon, Robby winds up believing that she's hiding something from him. To make her father thankful for Jake, she pretends to like her bad boy band mate Jesse, but gets in over her head when she starts to have feelings for him so it's up to Robby to help Miley listen to her heart and choose the guy who could "be the one.

Robby accepts their relationship after confirming with Miley that she made the right choice. Rico and Jackson just sing background commentary for the episode. Rico appears to know of Miley's secret while singing commentary. While in her cabin on the SS TiptonHannah loses the anklet that her mother gave her before she died.

Lola Lilly helps her to try to find me my it, but with no luck.

Finally, a maid shows the anklet to Mr. Moseby, but London takes it, seeing it as valuable. London does not seem to take what Hannah says until Hannah tells her that the anklet has fake diamonds.

Lilly & Oliver - The Kiss

Upon hearing this, London freaks out and inadvertently throws the anklet overboard. Hannah is depressed and wonders if anything else bad could happen; it does.

A storm blows her wig away and her hair dye turns her hair green instead of blonde, a rat appears on her head, and a mirror breaks. Even Hannah's rehearsal goes poorly, so she tells Cody Martin and Bailey Pickett that her concert is canceled. Miley believes the anklet is the only thing that will help her, but her father Robby tells her that the spirit of her mother is in her heart, too.

He tells Miley that he always has a back-up wig and gives it to her. Hannah then tells Cody and Bailey the concert is back on and that they are invited to the after-party. Bailey asks Cody if that was his plan and Cody talks about a good relationship needing honesty, but lies by saying that it was his plan. Hannah's Hawaii concert goes ahead, and all is well. Meanwhile, back in at Miley's house in Malibua package arrives addressed to Robby.

Jackson and Oliver are desperate to open it, but without tearing the box so that Robby will never find out. They ask for Rico's help to open the package, and he cleverly opens it without tearing the box.

The package turns out to be a bounce house. It inflates itself, getting the boys stuck to the window for quite some time, but Rico eventually deflates it with his fingernail. Mosebyfrom The Suite Life on Deck. After a ski accident in Colorado, Miley ends up in the hospital and while unconscious she hears Oliver say "I love you" to her.

She attempts to keep it a secret, but when Lilly informs her that she is going to announce her love to him, Miley confesses. When Lilly hears that, she bursts into tears, as a result ruining her make-up. She plots to get back at Oliver speed dating nyc over 60 making Lilly kiss another guy, Gill, but Oliver interrupts and says he loves Lilly.

Later, he said that in the hospital he was truly practicing saying "I love you" so he could say it to Lilly. Miley accidentally reveals hannah montana lilly and oliver dating episode part 1 embarrassing secret about Jackson hannah montana lilly and oliver dating episode part 1 a live radio interview, and to make up for it, takes him to a cool party.

When an embarrassing secret of her own is revealed, she blames Jackson and purposely embarrasses him in front of his crush.

Meanwhile, Rico asks Robby to teach him how to country line dance to impress a girl. Mamaw comes to visit, driving cross-country in her old car. Miley, Jackson and Robby decide it's time to get her a new one, without realizing how attached she is to her current one. After they trade in her old car for a nice new one, hannah montana lilly and oliver dating episode part 1, Mamaw is so distraught that they try to get it back, only to find it has already been sold to the junk yard.

When they're too late to save it from being scrapped, they must find a way to recreate her beloved car. However, after Mamaw realizes that they brought home a fake one, she gives in and accepts the new one. Meanwhile, business starts to suffer at Rico's after Oliver gets in a fight with Lilly for forgetting their th day anniversary.

But after Rico writes a poem that Lilly thinks is from Oliver, she forgives him. Miley and Lilly learn that Oliver has Type 1 diabetes and decide to become his "food police" at Traci's sweet sixteen party. Oliver ends their meddling and educates them about his condition. They learn that they can support their friends no matter what the challenge. Meanwhile, Jackson is dating a smart girl called Allison, who wants to break up with him, but when Robbie finds out she wants to do that, he will try to save their relationship, because Jackson is getting good grades and Robbie wants to take him into college.

His performance is outstanding and he becomes an overnight hit but the attention that he receives causes him to neglect Lilly. Lilly asks Miley to give him a bad review after his next performance so that he won't progress to the next round. Unfortunately for Lilly and Miley his performance is so good that Miley is torn between her loyalty to Lilly and honesty in appraising Oliver's performance.

Lilly gives Miley permission to give Oliver a good review after seeing what a struggle it is to deny his excellent performance. After the show, Miley talks to Oliver and he apologizes to Lilly. But, Jackson doesn't want to break up with Hannah because of all the neat stuff he gets while being a celebrity's boyfriend. Miley's friend Oliver is in love with Hannah Montana, but Miley doesn't feel the same. Oliver goes to extreme lengths to confess his love to Hannah.

He even goes as far as jumping through Hannah's limo's sun-roof, and almost discovers that Miley is Hannah.


Lilly comes up with a plan to get Oliver to stop loving Hannah, but it goes it all wrong—and Hannah montana lilly and oliver dating episode part 1 finally reveals to Oliver that she is really Hannah. In the pilot episode, Lilly has no idea her best friend Miley is really the world famous pop star Hannah Montana. So, Lilly has two tickets to the sold out Hannah Montana show and wants Miley to go with her.

Miley insists she doesn't want to go because she doesn't like Hannah Montana. Lilly sneaks into Hannah's dressing room and Miley is forced to shove her face into a pie so Lilly doesn't find out the truth, but she fails because Lilly sees her good luck bracelet on Hannah's wrist. Miley is hurt in a skiing accident, and she falls into a coma. However, she can still hear everything that's going on around her.

Oliver says "I love you" to Miley while she's in her comatose state, and she hears this. Miley decides not to tell Lilly, but after Lilly tells Miley that she loves Oliver, Miley feels as though she has no choice but to tell her. Miley comes up with a plan to get Lilly over Oliver, but it doesn't work. Miley is causing more damage than good. Because, little does she know, Oliver hannah montana lilly and oliver dating episode part 1 actually practicing saying "I love you" to Lilly.

Miley is nearly struck by lightning and sent back in time to the moment when her parents first met. Miley and Jackson must force their parents to meet and fall in love—or they will both cease to exist, and Jackson is already starting to disappear. Miley wants to move back to Tennessee—but she doesn't want to leave Lilly.

Miley doesn't know what to do. She spends the night at Miley's house and the next morning she is completely miserable. Miley takes Lilly and Matt to 'Teen Court', a TV show in which people have food dumped on them if they are found guilty. When Matt and Lilly who has Miley as her lawyer enter Teen Court things look likely to go their way until Matt gives his defense, Matt explains he stood Lilly up because Lily changed, he liked the old Lilly the cool skater chicknot this girly girl Lilly that Miley convinced her to become, and the two make up.

In the end, Miley is found guilty for interfering in their relationship and despite her refusal to believe shes at fault gets spaghetti with meat sauce and anchovies dumped on her. Travis: So you and Miley are pretty close? Hannah: You have no idea. Jackson: Jackson Stewart, come on down! You are the proud owner of a brand new Yes, over the last fifteen years this pre-owned beauty has been driven around by heavy metro chat room and sloppy eaters, and one Wilma McDermott whose cat popped out six kittens in the front seat!

Yes, some stains just don't come out!


Lilly: Yeah, I meant what's going on at Rico's? Oliver: Oh. There's a tent up. Lilly: Thank you, Captain Duh! Jackson: Amnesia? What do you think this is, an episode of Gilligan's Island? Jackson: Face it, you don't have my talent for anything but the truth. Every time you try, you wind up getting caught, sitting on a bench, or the couch, or the porch where Dad says, "Bud, if you'd just woulda told the truth in the beginning yadda yadda yadda I love you.

Miley: I never wear sparkles! Promma Mia : This is the fourteenth episode of Season 3. It centers around Miley's promise to Aaron, a seemingly geeky guy at their school, and a last-minute phone call with David Archuleta who guest stars as himselfasking her to sing a duet with him.


Miley is torn between having to do the right thing and doing something only for herself. Although Lilly and Oliver are not part of neither the plot nor subplot, they have some moments in the beginning of the episode and their prom picture taken towards the end. In the beginning of the episode, Oliver and Lilly are seen linking arms and walking down a flight of stairs at school. They stop at a group of girls and Oliver says, "Oh, I'm sorry ladies. It's too late, but don't hate, Olly's already got a prom date!

You Are So Sue-able to Me

Lilly points at herself before waving to the girls and mouthing the words "I'm sorry," to them. They turn a corner to meet a couple of boys and Lilly says, "Oh, hey, Zack. You can have your eggs, and you can have your bacon, but you can't have Lilly, 'cause she's taken!

Oh, did you see that? Did you see that? Lilly coolly says, "See ya," to the boys before she walks away. Funnily enough, the group of girls and the pair of guys seem unaffected by them.

Hannah Montana Ep.90 - Part 1/2

He then turns to her, telling her that she "is just so adorable", which Lilly immediately responds with, "No, you are! While Oliver's sitting down, he dramatically sighs, "Single people," to which Lilly adds on with, "So sad," while stroking Miley's hair.

Hannah montana lilly and oliver dating episode part 1 [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)