Selena gomez and justin bieber dating 2010


Two years later, Selena went on Letterman and talked about how it all began. It hurts me. This destroys any hopes fans had of them rekindling a flame. That, allegedly, kicked off a full-on Instagram war between the couple, involving many comments, including cheating accusations on both sides, which are now said to be deleted. While leaving the Met Gala in early May, Justin states the obvious by telling everyone he thought Selena looked beautiful in her gown. Selena gomez and justin bieber dating 2010 [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)

From Marilyn Monroe and John F. Their on and then off again relationship is one for the history books, so here we chronicle the complete history of the long-running relationship — dramas, feuds and everything in between. Lucia, in the Caribbean. November they split After two years of dating complete with helicopter rides, pregnancy rumours and Bieber renting an entire stadium so the pair could watch a movie togetherthe pair have their first split.

Causes of the split include trust issues and the young age of the couple. In the selena gomez and justin bieber dating 2010 interview Bieber also says he still loves Gomez. January things go downhill For Jelena fans, was a stressful year. Arrested for drink driving and accused of vandalism, Bieber was also reeling from losing custody of his pet monkey and media blacklash from his new bad boy image.

Both had a series of other relationships including Gomez dating Zedd before things get serious again towards the end of the year. November the serenade A video emerges of Bieber serenading Gomez in a hotel room — and rumours start all over again. January more Hailey Bieber and Hailey Baldwin start dating, confirming Jelena is off at the moment. August Instagram war Things hit the fan.

Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber's Relationship: A Timeline

After Bieber posts a series of Instagrams with current-girlfriend Sofia Richie, fans revolt and start abusing Bieber, who then threatens to delete his Instagram. No, this isn't a dream, and you haven't been transported back toeither. Gomez and Bieber, the duo who made year-old you swoon, are an item again. Their recoupling comes just days after news broke about Gomez and The Weeknd breaking up, and mature women selfies are flipping out.

After all, Gomez and Bieber's relationship runs deep, so it's understandable why they're skeptical. Breakups, makeups, public fights, PDA—"Jelena" has been through it all. And it looks like they're not finished yet. In honor of this joyous—or horrible, depending on your stance—news, let's look back at how Bieber and Gomez got together in the first place.

Brace yourselves, though: Their timeline plays out like a daytime soap opera. Gomez shot down rumors they were an item at the time, telling Us Weekly"It was just pancakes!

The pictures said a thousand words. February The couple makes their red-carpet debut at the Vanity Fair Oscars party. They were literally giggling the entire night.

Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber 2009 - 2016 ( all jelena story )

March Gomez low-key confirms she and Bieber are dating on the Ellen show. September Bieber rents out the Staples Center so he and Gomez can have a private date. They allegedly watched Titanic on a monstrous screen. Treat your lady right fellas REAL," he tweeted shortly after the date. November A woman named Mariah Yeater comes forward and claims Bieber is the father of her child, which causes the first "Jelena" breakup rumors.

They didn't split, and the paternity suit was later selena gomez and justin bieber dating 2010. February Gomez is photographed wearing a sparkly ring with diamonds seemingly in the shape of a J. People assumed it was a Valentine's Day gift from Bieber. April Gomez and Bieber are caught smooching on the kiss cam at a Lakers game. May Gomez posts a photo of herself at a shooting range and says she's "releasing some stress.

October Bieber had the Internet convinced he was single after he posted and deleted a picture with the caption, "Lingse.

November Gomez and Bieber break up for the first time; several outlets cite their busy schedules as the reason. December Well, that didn't last long: The two are spotted kissing at an airport in Salt Lake City.


However, they reportedly broke up again before New Year's Eve, because Gomez tweeted this on January April Bieber posts this shirtless photo of himself snuggling with Gomez, which sparks rumors the two are getting back together.

July The pair spend the fourth of July together, but Gomez tells the Associated Press that she's single. January Bieber kicks off the new year by posting this cuddly pic with Gomez and captioning it, "Love the way you look at me. June After months of tabloid rumors alleging fights, breakups, and makeups, Bieber posts yet another photo of Gomez and captions it"Our love is unconditional.

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez's Dating History

August Another photo, another round of "They're getting back together" rumors. October Reports surface that Bieber and Gomez had a spat at an airport in France.


Shortly after, she tweets this:. Cue the swoon. Towards the end of that year, Justin said that he was never going to stop loving Selenaand that a lot of the songs on his album Purpose were about her. He also continued selena gomez and justin bieber dating 2010 post throwback pictures on Instagram of the two of them, causing all Jelena shippers to cling to their remaining shreds of hope.

Selena, however, was getting tired of talking about Justin. Just kidding, but not kidding. We hear you, Selena! At the beginning ofJustin and Hailey Baldwin sparked even more dating rumors yeah, remember when he denied that earlier?

While in St. Barts on vacation, Justin shared a picture of him and Haley smooching on his Instagram. Meanwhile, Selena was busy working on new music and cheering on her bestie Taylor Swift at the Grammys. And speaking of Grammys, Justin won his very first Grammy in February The weeks leading up to the recent showdown were relatively quiet. Then, in June, Justin started following Selena on Instagramwhich was undoubtedly a catalyst for the drama that unraveled everything.

A complete history of Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez’s relationship

On top of that, Justin started spending a lot of time with Sofia Richie. And so here we are. Justin and Selena got into a comment war this week, and he officially deleted his Instagram. All there is to do now is wait for the next piece of history to drop.

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Selena gomez and justin bieber dating 2010 [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)