Are spongebob and sandy dating


He's mine. Spongbob and Sandy should remain friends. Categories :. They should retire together! That show is still in circulation? Are spongebob and sandy dating [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)

Start a Wiki. This article contains speculative information. Please keep this in mind as you read it. Hiding 3 comments That's waht i'm saying!!!!

Spongebob is gay!

Spongebob & Sandy Are Actually Married - Cartoon Conspiracy Theory

Hiding 9 comments Its like squidward and pearl getting married. Yup,Your Right. Hiding 7 comments We really NEED to chat soon!!

A sponge and a squirrel??? Hiding 5 comments I like SxP. They're both complete idiots, and over all, they both act gay!


Spongebob is not gay. Oh my sponge, another one! Got that right! Hiding 11 comments Just like Spongebob said! But if they existed They probably would not get married.

Me and Sandy’s first date 😂 - Tutweezy

Here's a chart: Signs of them getting married from the show : Sandy tells him she likes him and invites him to her place during Tea at the Treedome Sandy thinks he's funny during Ripped Pants Sandy gives him a hug also during Ripped Pants Sandy is worried sick about him Ripped Pants is on a roll here Spongebob throws her a surprise party are spongebob and sandy dating she won't go back to Texas Signs that they will not get married: They are interested in mostly different things, minus Karate They aren't that close, Spongebob prefers Patrick Spongebob has a family history of Sponges, such as his parents, Harold and Claire Squarepants They wouldn't ever be able to kiss, because one of them must always be wearing a helmet if they are in the same environment.

Hiding 15 are spongebob and sandy dating They almost kiss but they don't. They then turn around watching something. This just isn't right! I thought spongebob was gay Oh well, the newer episodes all suck anyway. MgamerBD Yes, and Patrick doesn't seem to be taking the news so well. I wonder what the kids will look like. Wait what? How are they working that into the storyline of the show?

Let alone the multiple gags! I mean None of this adds up. I don't approve of this. Patrick must be so heartbroken, yet he's still the best man lol.


CJL Sandy can have two husbands. Spongebob Dating Sandy. Related articles: Antique elgin pocket watch dating Dating catholic guys Dating websites for cats Watch world series of dating online Online dating awkwardness Dating a guy with bad credit. They pretended to get spongebob dating sandy in a play from Truth Or Square. It is spongebobs scientist friend who is also a land squirel that lives under water inside of a glass house with a tree inside.

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Do you think Sandy and Spongebob get married?

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Are spongebob and sandy dating [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)