Is cole and lili still dating


Whither Cole Sprouse? One day, perhaps we'll get confirmation—this isn't an explicit one—but until then, these two might just have an amazing thing going. You deal with shit no one has to deal with. The whole cast looked uncomfortable and Reinhart shook her head and covered her face. My little muse, happy birthday my love. Is cole and lili still dating [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)

They're always posting cute photos of each other on social mediathey wear each other's clothesand they have secretly held hands in public on more than one occasion.


I'm willing to bet my framed photo of KJ Apa that these two are an item. That being said, no one's ever asked Reinhart and Sprouse if they're dating—not directly, at least. In November Sprouse said it was "sexier" to keep relationships private —shortly after Reinhart started wearing his clothes in public.

Then, in January, the two took a getaway to Hawaii together. Reinhart also posted a funny tweet to mark Sprouse's birthday: "Happy birthday to the princess, and also to Meghan Markle.

Lili Reinhart and Cole Sprouse Were Very Affectionate During a Rare Red Carpet Event Together

Reinhart kept the caption simple — just an emoji. She captured this photo of Sprouse, who is usually the one behind the lens. This was the first semi-romantic photo Sprouse sharedcaptioning it, "it's pretty, pretty late. Sprouse captioned the photo, "both the birthday and the gift.

My little muse, happy birthday my love. Sprouse recently starred in the heartbreaking romantic film "Five Feet Apart" and he and Reinhart attended the big premiere for the movie. He also spoke about the couple's issues with deciding how much of their personal lives and relationship to share with the public.

Cole Sprouse & Lili Reinhart troll us all by speaking out about their breakup

According to Us Weekly, someone heard Sprouse tell a friend at the event that he and Reinhart weren't a couple any longer. Per an unnamed source who spoke to "E! News," the two actually broke up "earlier this summer.


The two have yet to comment on the reports or confirm they have broken up. Madison Conley. Facebook Icon The letter F. You make me very happy.

Cole Sprouse Is the One Who Broke Up With Lili Reinhart

For Sprouse's birthday in August, she posted a similarly open message about his place in her life. It seems as if the world would still be a stranger to me, if not for you. While Sprouse isn't as verbose about their relationship on his Instagram, he has echoed Reinhart's sentiment that their romance is a very, very important part of his life. Share This Story. Recommended Stories. Whither Cole Sprouse? Cardi B, J.

Is cole and lili still dating [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)