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The firm says it has now fixed the issue and contacted those affected. Page 1 Page 1 ear icon eye icon Fill 23 text file vr. Posted 5 days ago — By Trevor Mogg. A new Firefox extension will take users back to the old design -- plus there's a built-in workaround for any browser, if you're patient. The migration of the platform will also help to further simplify Messenger, which was recently redesigned. Facebook social chat rooms [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)

While this probably just means that digital mobs of people wielding pitchforks will expand outward into the public sphere, Facebook is only rolling the feature out in select markets.

Facebook's New App 'Rooms' Is A Twist On Old Internet Forums

It had previously experimented with the feature using a standalone app called Rooms, but that failed to catch on. This Messenger addition utilizes learnings from the earlier experiment, TechCrunch reported. The feature is launching first in Australia and Canada to serve as a test market before the U.


Users will be able to set their Rooms as private and accept new additions after administrator approval. The use-cases for the feature are far-reaching, as TechCrunch pointed out. Or have even met in real life … But it could also help connect people around subjects they want to discuss via messaging, instead of the more formal structure of a Facebook group.

Facebook Groups now supports 250-person chat rooms

The Rooms feature could also come in handy for organizing events or sending out alerts, which certainly would have served political protesters well this past week in organizing post-election rallies across the country. Share on Facebook Tweet this Share. Don't Miss. Mobile Facebook will move Instant Games to main app, further simplifying Messenger Facebook will be transferring Instant Games to the Facebook Gaming tab on the main app.

From the code, as well as from the above screenshots provided to TechCrunch by Hoan Doit looks like you can start a public room, join other rooms, and invite people to join you in a room by sharing a link to it.

That being said, it now has a much more mature app in place, in the form of Messenger, to enable people to engage in public chats. That, combined with its powerful Bot framework, could help Facebook facebook social chat rooms a solid experience for people who want to discuss their interests, and allow developers to enhance these rooms with useful functionality.

Even if Facebook decides to launch Rooms publicly, it might be a while before it does so. The company seems to be currently focused on rolling out features for video. Read next: Siri can now hail you an Uber.

How to build a chatting website like Facebook for FREE

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Bethesda's 'Doom' re-releases will no longer need internet access. Facebook is continuing on its quest to make Messenger as feature-packed and comprehensive as it possibly can, and the latest addition to the versatile messaging app is an facebook social chat rooms to join public chat rooms, something we saw in leaked code last month. The feature's called Rooms, and if that sounds familiar it's because Facebook tested a separate app with that name a couple of years ago.

While the app didn't last, some of its functionality will now be available in Messenger itself.

Facebook Groups can now launch up to 250-person chat rooms

Facebook social chat rooms [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)