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Get in touch! Good plugin but slow. I will continue to test. I love the simplicity of it. Do you have a tip on how I might be able to do so?

Thanks very much for this wonderful software. Perfect for small sites the people know each other, or just want to chatter with each other on and off. Simple in design, and removes the complexity of others chats designed for corporate uses.

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I have installed Quick Chat and used shortcode on a page for Chat. It slows my website down to a crawl with only one person logged in. Messages take 15 seconds to become visible. Hi can someone help me. I want to know how i can change the background color from the standard white to a custom color within a page.

Telsa you can change that in the settings on how quick the chat goes but there must be a pause or chat rooms 18 21 you will be so bogged down you cant send messages. I have used other plugins that do that and it is a pain!

Hi Marko Great plugin. Is it possible to have some form of push notification or rss feed or some way for people in the chat get notified on a mobile device that there is a new message without having to be within the website. Thanks Keep up the good work.

I am looking for chat for subscribing members for perhaps chatters. However, I just chat rooms 18 21 the width of my sidebar from px to px and everything in the sidebar adjust width except Quick Chat. Obey site rules, keep it friendly Please say hello on entry.

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Lurkers are not tolerated. Run by Jimbo and Sabre,if you are not a member of wireclubno profile and no picture will result in a boot.

All are welcome.


Civility and respectfulness are fundamental. Please follow the guidelines on Fr. Be Respectful, Drama Free.

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Damnsweet Lesbians! Must have pic! Men, Stay Out, wrong room!!

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Chat rooms 18 21 [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)