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Chat Room cartoon 3 of Dislike this cartoon? By moving the selector to one of the 8 faces it is possible to change the expression used when posting messages to the chat room. Digital Gods. All of the comic characters and backgrounds were initially created by comic artist Jim Woodring. Comic chat room [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)

Contact Information. Our Cartoons. Buying Cartoons. Useful Links. Mobile Apps. Chat Room cartoon 1 of Dislike this cartoon? Share This Cartoon: Comic chat room. Chat Room cartoon 2 of Dislike this cartoon? Also — because of the age, the default IRC networks that were programmed into the installer — only two of them work or did at time of testing.

But this can be overcome by adding your own custom IRC connection through the connection manager and using an active network. It was an underappreciated application of its time. I certainly enjoyed using it, but I was guilt-tripped into switching to mIRC as a teen as the members of the chat rooms I used to hang out in complained about the action codes my client spammed in the room when the client sent codes for the emotes my client was setting for the avatar.

Microsoft Comic Chat is still available to download online if you look hard enough — or if you have an old copy of Windows 98 or 98 SE you should find it bundled in with the Communication tools.

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Besides an initial Registry warning the application seems to run fine on Comic chat room Trolls would create R-rated avatars, and chat room moderators would need to remove the offending nuisances. The way Comic Chat would handle all the character settings and emotions, was to add a long hashcode in front of every single line of text a CC user would type.

Microsoft Comic Chat

As you can imagine, many IRC users hated it, and many chat rooms started evicting and banning anyone using Comic Chat. In the end, Microsoft closed the doors on its Comic Chat servers inleaving Comic Chat to become a dusty relic buried under a mountain of more modern-looking technology.


There are still people out there that have used Comic Chat to create comics, or even as an active chat client, since the application still works perfectly fine to connect to an IRC server.

I actually had a brief conversation about music with someone in Australia before writing this article. Go figure. For example the emoticons, :- and :-make the character happy or sad, respectively. The character shouts when a message is sent comic chat room all caps. Greetings, such as "hi", "hello", bye", and "goodbye", make the character wave.

Other-references, like You at the beginning of a sentenceAre you, Will you, Did you, etc These rules were chosen by studying chat room texts and comic book iconography. When the user does not specify an emotion and one cannot be inferred from the text, Comic Chat comic chat room between multiple neutral gestures and expressions.

In Comic Chat, as in regular comics, there are multiple types of word balloons. Panel d shows a word balloon, thought balloon, and whisper balloon. Whispered messages dating a small guy directed towards a subset comic chat room people in the chat room, and then the whisper balloons appear only on the display of the privileged few. Users can choose a particular type of utterance, but messages default to regular word balloons.

As Hugh The Cat attests in Panel ethere's a lot of non-obvious computer work going on behind the scenes. In addition to choosing gestures and expressions based on the emotion wheel and the text that is typed, Comic Chat chooses a position for the characters in the panels, and a direction for them to face based on comics layout rules. Each balloon is algorithmically generated to appear hand drawn. Heads and bodies are composited together to create greater combinations of art.

Internet Nostalgia: Microsoft Comic Chat

And more! Some cool ideas in the initial prototype never made it into the final project. For example, in Panel fthe background is adjusted according to the words that are typed.


Panel g explains the moral imperative behind the use of Comic Chat. Comic characters are real and self aware. People that do not use comic chat subject the characters to an unconscionable and unethical rift in the fabric of their being.

Comic chat room [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)