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Instruct your children to never mention their:. The site warns not to give out personal information and provides a warning for parents. This room is for older kids or younger teens Minimum age required is 13 years old. Users of this chat room are encouraged to participate in the presence of a parent or guardian. Please enjoy your stay! Kids chat room [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)

Additionally, the chat room cooperates with law enforcement agencies. This is a strictly chat site; it does not include cameras or webcams. The rooms are also moderated by age.

Welcome to Kids Chat Net.

This site also encourages parent involvement in chatting. Listed as one of the best chats for kids by The Active Familychat offers a range of chat topics for kids from 13 to A nice general chat kids chat room, this service offers moderators and chat rooms dedicated for specific areas like girls, boys, bullying, school issues, etc. Teens can also join the teen chat and gay teen chat to talk with like-minded individuals. The site warns not to give out personal information and provides a warning for parents.

It also provides kids with the top 4 safety tips to chatting. One of the largest chat rooms designed specifically for kids, this site makes kids agree to a user agreement before entering.


Additionally, they provide 17 different chat rules that kids must follow like not giving out personal information, not being disruptive, and how the chat might be monitored kids chat room law enforcement in addition to moderators. Designed for 13 to year-old kids, the site also encourages parental involvement and finishing homework before chatting. Parents have good reason to be concerned about their kids' safe computer use. The internet brings the entire world to kids' fingertips, including things many parents prefer they not encounter.


The internet is full of quality, educational content. However, there are a large number of sexually explicit images, articles, and ads. With a few clicks of a mouse, kids can get an education their parents never dreamed of!

What's more, many online communities popular with tweens and teens are hotbeds of sexual innuendos, propositions, and suggestive photos. An innocent youngster can quickly find his email box full of lewd offers and advances. Even more frightening is the existence of pedophiles and predators online.

It is surprisingly easy to create a whole new identity online. Predators can become a year-old girl or a year-old boy with a few keystrokes. Over time, the kids begin telling their new friends all sorts of personal information. The adults step in and become confidantes, offering kids chat room and building dating a single mom. In the meantime, they are collecting data. A predator may invite a kid to meet in real life or otherwise pursue a child online.

There are people, both young and old, who thrive on creating turmoil. If a user kids chat room asking you for inappropriate things or making you feel uncomfortable, report it to a mod or admin immediately.

Any mention of cams or webcams is strictly prohibited in this chat room.

Kids Chat - Free Online Chat Rooms for Youths

Any suspicious activities relating to the exploitation of chat users, report it to a mod or admin immediately. Do not flood the chat room or disrupt other users in any way.

You will be banned if you do.

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Although we do staff moderators in kids chat room chat room, they cannot be on every minute of the day. We have other ways to reach out to us.

Do not give out any personal information to anyone, no matter how much you think you can trust them. The exchange of social media links is strictly prohibited in this room. For more information on Chat Safety please visit the chat safety section. Like us? Share this page with all your family and friends on Facebook and Twitter with kids chat room links below. Safety begins with YOU first. We have put alot of effort in keeping these rooms safe for all kids, teenagers, boys and girls to use.

Please enjoy your stay. Login as a registered user or as an anonymous guest user.

How creepy and dangerous chat rooms are

Open Chat. Do not engage in illegal activities or you will face severe punishment.

Kids chat room [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)