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Search tags for this page. It sounds like Chat to me. Digital Photography Review has tonnes of articles, reviews, how-tos on all aspects of digital photography. POTN is basically live with as fast as some people post. Photography chat rooms [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)

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Well, I suppose it's a concept Danny. I've been on POTN now for a little over 4 years and haven't really felt the need for chat Typically I'd say that most questions are answered, or at least commented upon within a matter of minutes. As for the live - I really can't devote that much dedicated okcupid dating apps uk during the day for chat.

When I have a question, Photography chat rooms "drop it off" and then come back later to scan the responses. It's not hard to set up a channel on an IRC network, though mostly programmers and gamers use it. I don't know how many photographers would. I chat on facebook with photographers. It's a great networking resource. Check me out on there, signature has my link.

Photographers make "group" or "fan pages" and they can be great resources, especially when you follow someone like Jake Garn or Joe McNally. This is the place! Discuss equipment needs, developing business plans and more! General Shop Talk Already in business? This is the place for you.

Discuss marketing, pricing, legal issues and other ideas relating to the photography chat rooms of photography. Latest: Ugh The Professional Gallery This is a Gallery for our working photographers! Show off your latest wedding, portraiture, or any work you've done for your clients.

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Latest: how to keep equilibrium in postprocess? Film Photography. Collector's Corner A place to discuss the collection of classic cameras and related equipment.


Using a classic film camera? Post your photos here! The Darkroom Discussion on developing, printing, and working in the dark! Latest: When to mix new Diafine? Digital Photography. Discussion and advice on the latest techniques, plus all digital-related products.

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Photography chat room

Graphics Programs and Photo Gallery A place to show off your post processing skills, with explanations on how you achieved the results, including specialty images such as HDR. Share information and techniques using Adobe's Photoshop and other popular graphics software.

DSLR Video.


Latest: Cellphone v. Photo Galleries. General Gallery A gallery for sharing photos and getting feedback, including general critique. Post for discussion and feedback, including general critique. Latest: The Prayer Wheel!! This is your place to not only show us your photojournalistic style, but your action and sports shots, too. Latest: Broken bat fly ball. Just For Fun!


This is the place for your less serious work. Post pictures of your pets, funny images - or maybe something that just happened to catch your attention! Not intended for serious critique. Photo Themes Submit your photos to various themes created by our members, or create your own! Dark Side Gallery.

Photography chat rooms [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)