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Baha'u'llah's came when He was imprisoned in the foul pit called the Siyah-Chal. The Promulgation of Universal Peace. It spoke of The trinity not Abbas Effendi's Pseudo trinity in terms that no bahai who might be considered orthodox not the sect of bahai you guys refuse to acknowledge, just in the general sense could have agreed with. Bahai chat room [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)

Why does this surprise you? We believe in Christ and the Bible. Our differences arise in interpretation. Any religion's people who have devolved into literalism is in trouble in my book.

Any religion's people who have persecuted and executed its own members has failed. When and if the Baha'i Faith does this, then it will have decayed as well. You cannot put new wine in an old skin. Trying harder will not improve the vintage, only waste all the efforts. We love Christ deeply.

We revere Bahai chat room. We don't misspell His Name or religion. We respect Him. We do not accept man's teachings which man has bahai chat room to suit purposes that are no longer relevant. Baha'is have strict standards and expectations of ourselves. We have unity. When that ceases I will belong to the next revealed religion, but I don't think I will be alive approx years from now.

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Who would be "leading" it? Anything that makes a Baha'i temple instantly recognizable? I've always wanted to know more about the Baha'i. A : Hey there! It depends. If you go to a Devotional gathering, then you'd be in a room with people bahai chat room prayers. If you were at a Holy Day celebration, there would be a program of some sort, and music, bahai chat room. There's almost always some music at Baha'i events. No one really "leads" these Baha'i events in any formal way. There could be an MC or something, but that's about it.

There is no clergy in the Baha'i Faith. It is the responsibility of every individual to study the Faith and come to their conclusions. However, we have the Universal House of Justice in Haifa, Israel, who administer the global affairs of the community, and can be appealed to for guidance on the application and context of the Revelation.

Bahai chat room do not "interpret", but they can refer us to a great wealth of authorized interpretations by Abdu'l Baha The son of Baha'u'llah and Shoghi Effendi the Guardian of the Faith. We can appeal for intercession. Baha'u'llah states that this is soley at God's discretion, to allow those souls that have been pure to intercede on behalf of someone in the material world.

Likewise, we can pray on behalf of someone who has passed on. The Baha'i Houses of worship all have 9 sides and 9 entrances, as the number 9 is a number of spiritual significance, representing perfection or completion also, the numerical value of "Baha". The 5 pointed pentagram is actually the official symbol of the Baha'i Faith, not the 9 pointed star. But speed dating nyc over 9 pointed star is more easily recognizable and identifiable as being "Baha'i-related".

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Also, no icons in the Houses of Worship. Saints are described as people who have totally turned their thoughts to God, and are detached from the material world. We don't worship saints, but we treat them with respect. We also offer a free subscription option in return for you telling your bahai chat room about the site.

It's a small world You might make some new friends or you may just find the love of your life. Let your vision be world embracing and see who might be out there for you. Join now!


University of Virginia. General Research Sources Newspaper and Magazine articles. Statement made by the Baha'i International Community. A statement on Sustainable Development and the Human Spirit.

A statement on International Legislation for Environment and Development. Baha'i Chat Room Soc. Casper Voogt's Baha'i Pages. GLittle 's Site. General Information on the Baha'i Faith. Andreana's Baha'i Website. Includes the compilation on entry by troops, Ridvan Messages bahai chat room the Universal House of Justice, and other deepening topics.

Images of the Baha'i World Centre. Lyn's Pictures of the Arc. Baha'i World Centre Photos. Baha'i Information Office - United Kingdom. A few pictures from Angela's Site.

Examples of Baha'u'llah's hand writing. Baha'i Computers and Communication Association B.

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It is managed by Jarmo Karvonen and Jenny Semple. The language of the discussion is German. To subscribe send message to "Baha. Request razalruh. This is managed by Sam Razialruh. Contact Raj for further information at "raj pop. It is our hope that this list can be an important channel of bahai chat room and communication between the Nordic countries in the years to come.

All Bahai's from all the Nordic countries bahai chat room invited to subscribe, and exchange news, ideas, questions, comments, material and more. The language will primarily be English. To join, send an Internet message to "rafat nvg. To get further information or to subscribe, contact Alison and Steve Marshall, "forumbahai es.

The following lists those with known activities, and the e-mail addresses of people to contact: Gainsville, FL, US Sue Blythe sueb freenet. If the following link is not on your local system, get your Sysop to subscribe!

The conferences are open and potentially read by a large number of people. An archive of responses to questions about the Faith has been compiled.

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To participate, you place a call to a BBS in your area that carries the Religion conference. Discussions include economics and interfaith dialog, among others.

There is also a live on-line fireside on Tuesday nights in conference room Documents like the Peace Statement are available at Library Mark Foster coordinates the activities and can be reached aton Compuserve.

Only a few topics are moderated. Live RT firesides can be held. Bahai chat room own Hank Mudge e-mail address H. Com" is the Category Bahai chat room. Keyword: Religion An alphabetical list of the various religions will be listed. Also on America Online are two scheduled live firesides weekly which are held in People Connection. To get there you press Create Room and type the word Bahai without the apostrophe and you will be brought directly into the room. These are held on Mondays at 8 p.

Bahai chat room [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)