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This group has two remarkable qualities that will have a critical bearing on the military threat against the regime. When needed, the 3 troops would join hands and form one single cultural troupe for tours outside of the country. Condemnation is negative, and hurtful. His claim that it had since been demolished for reasons not known to himself during the seminar. Ethiopia itself is home to the largest number of refugees in Africa, housing , refugees in camps along its borders with Eritrea, South Sudan, and Somalia. Madote eritrea chat room [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)

However, contrary to this solemn and sacred tradition of oath, Alula Aba Nega of Tigray broke his promise. Translation mine Only in light of this deceitful attitude practiced from south of the Mereb River can we understand why Eriteans do not take a mild attitude toward the notion of deceit, and trickery, and abhor them with turbulent indignation. Thus, a winding road that leads from Asmara to Keren is named Libi Tigray heart of Tigray to express the resentment of this abhorrent indignation.

The attitude of Eritreans is a direct inheritance from this bitter past experience. Again this indignation has become profound when it was again repeated in the battle of Badme and following the aftermath of EEBC adjudication at The Hague. Whereas, Alula Aba Nega of Tigray was killed by his rival Tigrayan, as dishonest and disloyal man is always unmade by himself, in his evil character he constructs the instruments to destroy him, and cultivates animosity to descend to animalistic instinct and beyond the realm of rationality.

Thus, Alula Aba Nega met his maker through a violent gunshot by his fellow, and rival Tigrayan. Are there any similarities in Eritrean-Tigrayan contemporary politics? Observe, for instance, in present day conflict, madote eritrea chat room leaders of Tigray hoped and prayed to eliminate Eritrean leaders by disseminating false propaganda of their sickness and death.

Similarly, when the current Tigrayan leaderships condemned Eritrean leadership to death it is the soul of their leader that has been departed to the outside world.

Such im dating a single mom the nature of Karma, and such is the thing of madote eritrea chat room world.

It is only in light of this deceitful attitude practiced from south of the Mereb River can we understand why Eritreans are apprehensive of a dialogue that does not hold to scrutiny, demanding not outward and rhetorical speeches of peace, but mature big booty white women quality that is shown by tangible and concrete deeds.

Therefore, most Eritreans will say we will judge our neighbours from the south of Mereb River not simply in the basis of what they say, or of what they promise, or even of what they are — but on the basis of what they do and endeavor to bring out what they say they will do.

Similarly, the current pretense appeal for peace by Prime Minister Desalegn of Ethiopia is considered by most Eritreans as empty rhetoric, and a shadowy diffusion of conciliatory speech, given the long history of deceit by Ethiopia, unless it is balanced by the capacity for just deeds, and coupled by positive conviction of withdrawing from Eritrean occupied land.

Since Eritreans cannot abide insincerity, conciliatory speeches and rapprochements are considered unsatisfactory unless the people who utter them are thoroughly devoted to the cause of peace. Are the Tigrayans sincere and thoroughly devoted to the cause of peace? If the answer is yes, then, let it be said with distinctness that Eritreans do well to accept peace, but they do well also to remember that Raesi Welde Micheal was deceived because he accepted the call for peace without reservation, and suffered heavily at Emba Selma prison.

In contrast, what is the attitude of Eritrean leadership toward peace? The attitude lies deep in their character. They themselves are absolutely loyal to the cause of peace as is exemplified by the peace treaty signed with Yemen after border adjudicate at The Hague, which is similar to the Ethiopian and Eritrean case.

One distinguishing mark of current Eritrean leadership is, however, they understand the notion of trickery, and let anyone try it on them they are profoundly stirred and the whole Eritrean population is also stirred with fury. Now it is worth pausing for a moment to take notice of one consequence of this mistrust, competition, madote eritrea chat room jealousy for both brotherly people. Hitherto, continual misunderstanding, suspicion of each other, slander and open hostility brought us nothing.

The mistrust and jealousy are justified, though perhaps not quite to the extent that they should lead us to war. Therefore, what should be the attitude of each other?

What can we do in personal relationship madote eritrea chat room. What I wrote above about the bitter experience is to stimulate the thought process that has influenced us in the past and to discover tools that would help us to overcome them. In spite of what happened in the past we do not need to be harsh, bitter, and acrid in our criticism of each other.

Consider that our scorn of each other will never do us any good unless we feel we have to be self-critical as we do to others, madote eritrea chat room, and that we appreciate their good as well as hate madote eritrea chat room evil. Condemnation is negative, and hurtful. By itself alone it accomplishes nothing.

Then, let us, with our hearts, lips, and deeds pronounce the language of peace. Let us radically alter our condemnatory thoughts of each other, and let us applaud even the faint beginning of goodness in each other as cynicism, suspicion, and envy will confine us in self-made prison.

Let us dwell day by day in thoughts of peace. Then our insight to perceive possibilities of a new and peaceful era will bring abounding peace to both our nations. Over Eritreans in Israel attend a meeting hosted by the Eritrean government. Most of these people entered Israel claiming to be 'refugees' and 'asylum seekers' and claimed they would persecuted by the Eritrean government if returned to Eritrea.

In reality, however, they are economic migrants who still love their country and government but need to keep echoing a false story to UNHCR officials in order to stay in Israel to make more money to send to their families. Although economic migration impacts every developing country, it's not always treated or reported equally.

For a number of reasons — mostly political, migration stories in the region have disproportionately centered around Eritrea's migrants in the media, even as its neighbor to the south, Ethiopia, has more people fleeing their state than any country in the continent. But are Eritrean migrants in Israel really refugees? Madote eritrea chat room says there are 53, African migrants in their country and nearly all of them do not meet the criteria for refugee or asylum status.

According to an Israeli official, only 1, applications for asylum have been submitted. In other words, only 3. Even among the 3. The Israelis, and madote eritrea chat room the non-profit groups working with the infiltrators here, like to be lied to.


Keep in mind that you must be consistent with your story. Israel says around 36, Eritreans have entered their country since However, Tesfamariam Tekeste, the Eritrean ambassador to Israel believes at least half 18, of those who are claiming they are Eritreans in Israel are Ethiopians or other African migrants masquerading as Eritreans in order to stay in the country.

Ambassador Tekeste attributes links Eritrean migration to Israel to a politically motivated policy that allowed Eritreans a six-month work visa between Before this policy went into effect, it was unheard of for Eritreans to migrate to Israel.

In the first half ofIsraeli officials said 9, citizens madote eritrea chat room various African countries entered their country illegally, while in the first six months ofonly 34 did — a decrease of over 99 percent. To go from hardly any Eritreans entering Israel between to thousands from and back down to almost none in all ofunequivocally shows Israel's six-month work visa was inducing Eritreans to flee.

One problematic issue for those who still insist African migrants in Israel are refugees is why are some of these migrants find inactive friends on facebook seeking to return back to their country of origins? According to Israeli figuresa total of 2, migrants willfully left Israel inof these 1, were from Sudan and from Eritrea. Despite claims that these migrants would be arrested, tortured and even killed by UNHCR and the so called Eritrean 'opposition' groups, the Israeli government says organizations who visited Eritrea found they were not arrested.

The minister also adds that some of these Eritrean migrants naively believe that if they pretend to be part of the so called Eritrean opposition groups, that this would improve their chances of staying in Israel.

The ruffians, who arrived in a bus that was sponsored by local aid agencies, were let into the venue by security thinking they were part of the delegation, reportedly carried chains, iron bars and bricks with them. Upon their entrance, madote eritrea chat room, they attacked dozens of innocent Eritreans, including two Israeli officers, before they were apprehended. This brutal act of violence against innocent Eritreans and Israeli police officers is not the trademark of desperate refugees; it's the sign of cunning economic migrants who are doing anything they can to deceive immigration officials to letting them stay in the country permanently.

To their credit, Israel does not believe Eritreans in their country madote eritrea chat room genuine refugees. They understand it was madote eritrea chat room six-month work visa that first enticed them to come Israel and then once their visa expired, they started to claim they were refugees to stay in Israel permanently. Imprisoning them for long periods of time madote eritrea chat room cruel and unnecessary. When they provide Eritrean economic migrants with these statuses, like what UNHCR and several Western countries are selectively doing for Eritreans, this further induces others to leave the country because they know if they leave for work in the West, they are guaranteed full immunity as refugees and asylum seekers.

The refugee status diminishes many of the risk factors that an economic migrant would typically face, thus making other potential migrants more likely to leave the country. After all, there is no war in Eritrea, and Asmara is arguably one of the safest cities in the world. Yet Eritreans economic migrants are being accepted as refugees by UNHCR officials and several European states over real refugees from other countries. The only rational answer is its politically motivated at the behest of United States, which is at odds with Eritrea.

In conclusion, nearly all the Eritreans who leave their country, especially those in Israel, are not refugees or asylum seekers. They are economic migrants who left their country for promises of high paying wages in Israel or a first ticket to the West once they are baptized as refugees by UNHCR officials. We can say this with certainty because these migrants openly send money to Eritrea and attend Eritrean government meetings in the Diaspora, all while UNHCR officials have their hand on the Bible professing these same economic migrants are refugees that would be persecuted if returned Eritrea.

In the end, it is UNHCR's nearly automatic refugee statuses for Eritreans, like that of Israeli's six-month work visa policy, that is inducing many of these economic migrants to flee in the first place.

Eritrea-Ethiopia: New ray of hope and opportunities ahead

The UN team met with government officials, civil society representatives, and the diplomatic community. They also visited Keren and took a tour of some of the development projects in the country, the official said.

During their meeting, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Osman Saleh pointed out the UNDP visit was fruitful as it laid the groundwork for high-level interaction pertaining to national development agendas and joint partnerships.

Eritrean ambassador to the AU, H. In his article, Mr. I also fully agree with Mr. I believe Mr. If we are to look at the issuance of the Eritrean currency as an isolated event, we might have sympathy to Mr.

Paul Henze, in April We would like to see Eritrea continuing to have a relationship with Ethiopia. We know that Tigray needs access to the sea, and the only way is through Eritrea. He could not have been any more wrong. Once independence was confirmed inEritrean Christians and Muslims took themselves to the daunting task of reconstruction and nation building.

Unfortunately, this did not last long. In JuneEthiopian military units started destroying farmlands and harassing farmers in the area of Bada and the towns bordering the Tigray region, the region where Meles Zenawi and members of his party hail from. The mediations and peace process that followed the cessation of hostilities is well detailed by Mr. Eritrea has been betrayed by the international community for the umpteenth time. It is also time for the international community and especially for the United States to let Ethiopia know that it must abide by peace agreements it signed.

For the US and the international community to be considered as honest brokers, they have to be impartial and fair. This is refreshing and needs to be taken to heart. Ethiopians need to fully understand that the Eritrea that was illegally and forcefully annexed to Ethiopia in is no more. At the same time, irrespective of their historical misgivings and the repeated miscarriages of justice rendered upon them by the international community, Eritreans need to look forward to their peaceful coexistence with Ethiopians, their neighbors to the South.

Both Eritreans and Ethiopians need to look forward to the peace dividend. It is time for Eritrea and Ethiopia to bury the hatchet so that the people of both nations can realize the intrinsic and instrumental values of the peace dividend.

The visit is a strong indication that Qatar Airways is closer to making Asmara its 21st African destination, an observer noted. News the Doha-based airliner is going to start flights to Eritrea was first announced in November by Simon Madote eritrea chat room, an official working for the Eritrean Embassy in Qatar.

The study, which uses a mathematical model to predict the likelihood of coups in almost every country around the world, gives Eritrea less than 2. Regionally, the study ranks Sudan, madote eritrea chat room, Somalia, South Sudan, and Ethiopia within the top 40 countries most at risk of a coup attempt to occur. Ulfelder's model uses a dozen variables - from the type of political system the country uses to its infant mortality rate - to forecast the country's risk factors.

Click to enlarge. Data source: Jay Ulfelder coup forecasts for During a speech made in Washington D. Statistically speaking, not only is Eritrea doing better than Ethiopia in im dating a single mom health, education and economic indicators; it's doing so by ' leaps and bounds '. One is because the regime in Addis Ababa has been aggressively and successfully promoting its economy has been growing by double-digit figures for the madote eritrea chat room 10 years.

But as William Wallis of the Financial Times points outEthiopia's double-digit growth claims madote eritrea chat room based on dubious statistics. It is an open secret that the double-digit growth of recent years is supported by dubious statistics. Yet the same figures are bandied around by development experts arguing that a trade-off between growth and civil liberties is inevitable.

The reasons for this economic crawl are not hard to find. Beyond the government-directed state, funded substantially by foreign aid, there is--almost uniquely in Africa--virtually no private-sector business at all. With over 2. In other words, Ethiopia's economy needs to run just to stand still. The other reason as to why some madote eritrea chat room Ethiopia is advancing ahead of Eritrea is the building boom in Addis Ababa.

Madote eritrea chat roomdozens of madote eritrea chat room have been developed in the capital. The problem is most of these buildings do not meet international safety standards and are poorly built; even by African standards, which has earned it some criticism. For example, an Ethiopian friend recently returning from Addis described the new buildings as " state-sponsored eyesores ", while the the Economist described them as " ugly steel-and-glass tower blocks ".

In contrast to Addis Ababa, the Eritrean government has chosen quality over quantity when it comes to developing its capital, Asmara. These homes and shops will meet or exceed international standards, something Addis Ababa, for all the construction hype it has received, has yet to do on such a scale.

Despite the unwavering hostility shown by Ethiopian bigwigs, the Eritrean government still understands its in their interest to see their hostile neighbor to the south develop. After all, home owners know the value of your own property can increase or decrease based on your neighbor's home. So sabotaging or not supporting their development only hurts the overall value of your own country home. Unfortunately, the Ethiopian regime does not see it this way, and continues to occupy sovereign Eritrean territories in order to weaken Eritrea's economy.

Even with all the external challenges against Eritrea, the country is not only ahead of Ethiopia in just about every health, economic and education sectors but most of sub-Saharan Africa too. Free to meet men of 1, modern homes and shops underway in Asmara.


Art deco lettering spells out its name in both Italian find friends in la Amharic in a font worthy of a Fellini film poster, while two thirty metre concrete wings soar across the former garage forecourt below, mimicking an aeroplane. Thanks to leaps and bounds in technology and transportation, from airmail to diesel engine trains, the world in the s had never felt so immediate.

Over in Italy, Prime Minister Mussolini and his Facist party were no longer flirting with their imperial ambitions to conquer as much of Africa as possible, launching themselves full force from their inherited Italian colony of Eritrea and its new capital city Asmara. Blueprints for the uber-Futurist Fiat building were so ambitious however, they were initially met with scepticism. And understandably. Its two unsupported wings relied on a feat of engineering never witnessed before, in Europe or in Africa.

Structurally it was very bold. Unfazed by critics, Pettazzi remained confident in his design, so much so that berry perfume insisted on standing beneath one of its wings as its supports were removed. If his design failed, he would have been crushed.

Or so the story goes. The Italians were not the first, or the last, to lay claim to Eritrea. Little building took place in Asmara post, saving the city from the embarrassments of late 20th century development that blemish other capitals. The buildings influence what you see, how you move and the character of the city. Its stillness. The hours pass by smoothly. Cairo is chaos. Especially on Harnet Avenue. Previously known as Mussolini Avenue and Haile Sellassie Avenue, its former names are a painful reminder of the racial segregation the city once endured, when no Eritrean was allowed to enter the street without being arrested.

It was built in Summer in Asmara is lively: its 5, madote eritrea chat room. The Eritrean bond is strong. Fiat Bambinos, vintage Ladas and Volkswagen beetles, used for driving lessons, cruise and stutter down the wide, ordered and palm-tree madote eritrea chat room streets. Bicycles are everywhere.

Eritrea is cycling mad and the breathtaking slope of the km road from Asmara to the Red Sea sees a lot of cycling shorts. We call it "bicycletta", like the Italians. Visitors to Asmara are rare. Direct flights operate via Eritrean Airlines only who have no websitevia Cairo, Dubai and Frankfurt. Most tourists are henna-splattered brides and their grooms on honeymoon from Sudan, as well as curious architecture students.

Efforts are being made to preserve the city, but slowly. Quite rightly. For some however, it is an indication of war. In my opinion, one need to figure out what he actually meant by his admission of a failing policy, before tackling the question of what else more it can do to continue destabilizing Eritrea.

Diplomatically, economically, politically, militarily, security wise, migration wise has done all it can to see Eritrea destabilized and finally turn it out like Somalia. One can easily trace the hand of Woyane in all the problems or constraints thrown out against Meet singles in bristol, especially the depletion of its of youth and the UN sanctions and investigations.

Here, it is worth noting that Woyane madote eritrea chat room been the beneficiary of the the dating guy season 1 support of the Obama administration.

However, in spite of these enormous investments Woyane has failed to draw any benefit, let alone its desired wish of destabilized Eritrea. So, is the PM indicating a complete U-turn of policies and doing the right thing or madote eritrea chat room he something new up in his sleeves? In answering this question, it is important to bear in mind the timing and context of the announcement. This figurehead PM knows perfectly well that it is heading a country languishing under state of emergency, because the people of Ethiopia in general and the oromos and amharas in particular have revolted against its rule.

After 25 years, this minority regime's backward and cruel administration is under serious threat. Although there has been many armed groups for decades fighting this regime, this people's uprising has created the perfect storm to threaten the regime seriously. The very area, Wolquait, where the PM made the announcement is now turned into a battleground between the Woyane security forces and the armed farmers and armed oppositions.

Despite its attempt to crackdown hard, the armed resistance is gaining momentum madote eritrea chat room following its sigmoid curve is expected to grow for all to see and notice. The Woyanes actually are sensing the danger coming from an intensified military engagement with the armed oppositions. And they are specially worried with the military ramification of the TPDMs engagement. This group has two remarkable qualities that will have a critical bearing on the military threat against the regime.

First, it is by and large a Tigraian armed group, although Ethiopians from all ethnicities are present. Secondly, it has a well-organized military capability; organized in divisions and with a fighting capability to wage conventional warfare.

This militarily powerful group has been todate not actively engaged in the military activities in the north. Instead it has been organizing itself into a formidable military force by building up its all round capabilites that would enable it for a conventional strategic military thrust.

By reading between the lines of a recent interview by the vice-chairman of the organization, one is left without doubt, what they are up to. Soon, any madote eritrea chat room they will come to military activities and it may turn out to be a game changer.

This will be for Woyane embarrassing on one hand and threatening on the other hand. More importantly that Tigrai, the very home ground of TPLF, would turn to a battleground that madote eritrea chat room be too much of an embarrassment for Woyane to bear.

Globally and regionally Woyane would lose face and all its standing and interventionist adventure in the Horn would be thrown in disarray. Its effect will definitely reverberate across the country and the armed rebels would be encouraged to enhance their activities from Ogaden to gambella, from Benishangul to Afar, and from Bale to Amhara. And in the final analysis, the beginning of the end of its regime would be in full swing. So this is the nightmarish scenario the PM is bearing in mind, when he talks about the failing policies.


This is the paradox Woyane is forced to grapple with; a destabilizer turned destabilized. Typically, any government like Woyane who has lost the hearts and minds of his people, would try to save his skin by negotiating with the external powers it would love to blame for its predicament.

According to this conventional wisdom, one expect Woyane reaching out for a rapprochement with the Eritrean government. That is exactly what the Siad Barre government did with Ethiopia under Derg. But, Woyane being such a strange and unpredictable animal, it would be hard to read its mind. Knowing the psyche of Woyane, no one expects Woyane to take a pragmatic approach.

That would be the most rational decision to pursue after 20 years of disaster in the Horn. However, it sounds far fetched to expect that from Woyane, but who knows the heat it is feeling. If Woyane decides to reach out madote eritrea chat room rapprochement with Eritrea, it should not come as a total surprise. It is a well documented fact that Woyane has been unceasingly calling for a negotiation with Eritrea and to that end pleading for the help of several intermediaries. This call for negotiation may be dismissed as a public relations madote eritrea chat room designed to deflect the criticism arising from its legally indefensible rejection of the final and binding ruling of the border commission.

Or even if it means a serious offer, it will have it only on its own terms ; the socalled 5 points plan. Nevertheless, one can not fail to notice the sense of desperation or insecurity, when the PM cries in every opportunity making himself available to go to Asmara for talks. If the regime really feels secure and strong, it needn't do that. But it is not, while it knows only too well that Eritrea can influence what it is happening in Ethiopia.

So, considering the prevailing worrying situation, the madote eritrea chat room may find it necessary to mend its relationship with Eritrea, in order to save its regime. To this effect, it may withdraw the so called 5 point plan and agree to withdraw from Eritrean territories while at the same time calling for a parallel negotiation on agenda set by both parties. Just recently the Finnish were approached to enlist their help in this regard.

If this request is confirmed, the woyane proposal indicates a complete departure from its previous position. The second alternative is going to war. However, resorting to full scale war is not an easy undertaking for Woyane to make. It had already tried it in and has seen it the hard way. The world could not imagine how disastrous the war was to Woyane withdead and double that injured, but the world keep repeating 70, madote eritrea chat room, casualties on both sides.

In the recent battle of Tsorona, Woyanes intruding army was beaten so hard that it was compelled to retreat in complete disarray leaving its dead and wounded as well as prisoners behind. Although Eritrea is under UN military embargo and other constraints, Eritrea is fully ready and capable to defend its border. Woyane knows perfectly, that it is not by miracle that there is complete security across Eritrea including the borders areas, despite every destabilizing madote eritrea chat room it has made; which has now openly admitted as a failure.

On the other hand, Woyane can not depend on a divided, demoralized and otherwise whose loyality questionable security forces. Unlike the war inthis time there are also armed oppositions which threaten its rear base and that is strategically very damaging.

So in balance going to war is not favourable to Woyane. There is another important legal dimension of war that Woyane has to address before going to war. Eritrea is a sovereign, independent state and member of the UN as well as AU.

According to international law, only in self-defence can one country declare war on another sovereign state. When Woyane unleashed its aggression inthe convenient pretext was border dispute or rather being the victim of an Eritrean invasion. Now the border dispute is resolved by the 13th May ruling of the boundary commision, it has no legal issue against Eritrea.

If anything, it is Eritrea that is legally entitled to use force to liberate its illegally occupied sovereign territories including Badme.

That means Woyane would be hard-pressed to come up with free dating beach sc legal justification for declaring war on Eritrea; without discounting what Woyane is capable of as a pathological lier. Considering all these facts, it is very unlikely that Woyane would resort madote eritrea chat room war again.

If it has the capability to do that, it could have done it long time ago. Not now, when Eritrea is in much stronger shape than the previous several years since the end of the the war. As it has itself openly admitted, the long held policy of destabilization against Eritrea has not only failed completely, but the regime fears the influence of Eritrea in the trajectory of events in Ethiopia. But, its options are limited and none are prospective.

If this is coupled with appropriately responding to the demands of the Ethiopian people, the regime can save its days. But, Woyane being such a regime that doesn't yield for rationality, the likelihood of such an outcome is very small. On the other hand, the ratcheting up of the confrontation to war level will not benefit the regime.


If anything, it would compound it. So, what would Woyane do to save its regime. One can predict rational decisions, but one can not predict irrational decisions based on misadventure or miscalculation. By Asmait Fistumbrhan Ever since what is considered the finding of 5 million years old fossil records in Buia, Eritrea has hosted various archeologists and professors. Today we bring to you an excerpt of the interview Prof. I am a Professor of Paleontology. I study the fossil fauna, and I have been studying fauna in different countries, especially in Africa.

I started to work on the African fauna thirty years ago in countries such as Tanzania, Kenya, and Ethiopia, but I have been working in Eritrea for the last 15 years, which I believe is my most important research line to date.

I am very grateful to have such a great opportunity to work here, because Eritrea, is a country which possess an early evidence of a more than 5 million years of fossil record, which makes it one of the places of the earliest evidences of human presence in the world. Well, I came to Eritrea in when I was invited. Buia is a fantastic madote eritrea chat room, one of the sites to have the fossil records of one million years of age in the world. These are full of fauna and lithic.

Eritrean Air Force

There, madote eritrea chat room, we had a very important finding of the earliest bull of the world, one million years old which is an interesting discovery. That specific discovery made Eritrea recognized as one of the countries of the evidence of early human presence.

After the discovery was made, I was invited by several media to talk about the findings. Duringone of the important things we did was to provide Eritrean archeologists to earn their Masters in Spain and other related advanced education regarding their fields. We came up with that idea to not only for the advancement of science but also to help Eritrea develop the scientific community. Even now, we want more people to study in Spanish universities and return to Eritrea and collaborate with the Archeological Department.

What has compelled you to make your frequent visits? Though it is an area with very hot climate, however, our scientific interest is much bigger. If you want to be there and work, you also have to know that it is going to be very hard and accept it. Six years ago I was collaborating with the Italian team, I still am.

But then again I thought that it would be better to develop a new project. I talked with the head of the National Museum Dr. Yosef Libsekal and we developed a new madote eritrea chat room with my colleagues and with other local archeologists. But our biggest finding was in We found a very interesting fossil of a pig madote eritrea chat room was more than 5 million years of age.

Again another fauna which was a million and half years older. That is when we thought that we might have a very good fossil records of millions of years. We also discovered numerous discoveries but we are still not sure of the ages. We are trying to madote eritrea chat room the earliest human existence in Eritrea which means at the same time the earliest humans in the world. Until now, we have done five filed seasons, which is only 50 days in the field. Now that we have the complete geological information of the place, we need to have numerical data on technologies.

This last season, we took more than 50 samples to help us with the numerical data using different technologies. Nevertheless, the most important discovery we justin flirting with esmee had so far is that of the mandible that has a record of more than a million years old.

We have also different places full of more lithic that looks very primitive. These are the earliest lithic artifacts in the world. We have also found interesting fossils of large mammals, hippos, buffaloes, of rhinos, horses, turtles, pigs, and crocodiles which means that the land scape has tremendously madote eritrea chat room during the last millions of years. Yes, now it is totally a desert.

With so much relentless work done, we hope to have a very good understanding of what was going in those places. Developing hypotheses are very good, but you have to demonstrate whether they are right, or not. To prove if they are true or not, the use of technology us required. That is why it was so important for them to go to the universities I told you about. However, we had great support from the different institutions and authorities in Eritrea.

I still think that Eritrea still needs to develop the scientific community to work on paleontological science but it is our obligation as people who are working here in Eritrea.

US removing Eritrea from counterterror non-cooperation list

To help the Eritrean people to develop the institutions and science. And we will try to do our best for this to happen.

They are amazingly interested at what they do and to enhance their research and future carrier. This last season we brought numerous archeologists to work with us from the National Museum. They are hard workers and very intelligent people. Science is a very competitive model of life.

In science you have to be the best. We need good people to work in science and I think that Eritrea has good hardworking people who are interested in science. No one is destroying the sites, we are not in an urban area. There is no construction going on there, or not much population.

If in the near future, We find very important madote eritrea chat room, we are going to need a special protection, but not at the moment. It is very easy as we have every collaboration from the local institutions. By the way I want to thank all the Eritrean institutions and authorities for the opportunity.

I have been here for almost 15 years and I want to stay working here for madote eritrea chat room least 15 years more. Eritrea has ratendate singles and dating of the most important heritages of the world to prove the earliest existence of humans.

Thank you for your time. Thank you. The election of Dr. Wondmagegn I am very surprised to learn that my former boss and health minister Dr. Tedros adhanom is one of the three top contenders to lead the WHO. He was not my immediate boss, but I was hired and started working as public health officer, when he was the head of the Ethiopian ministry of health.

The campaign and the idea were great. However, access to clean water in Addis Ababa and the rest of Ethiopia at large, is still a huge challenge. Hence, the campaign was an exercise in futility. Adhanom was simply marketing his political persona than benefiting the public. After graduating with a degree, in public health, I was hired by one of the local community health care centers that are established primarily to provide preventative health care.

These centers were mostly built during Dr. Tedros Adhanoms reign as health minister of Ethiopia. Even though he was a political appointee with no experience in health care, Dr. Tedros was lucky to have the international community pouring millions of dollars of donation to support the Ethiopian health care system from the AIDS and Malaria crises that engulfed the nation in the mids. Thousands of primary health care centers were built all over Ethiopia, and Addis Ababa particularly.

Most of these buildings were built by contactors owned by the political party that Dr. Adhanom madote eritrea chat room representing. I will not go into the details of how these substandard two and three floor buildings were built to show how the government was investing in health care.

The devil is in the detail. As a young health care practitioner with ambition to help the public, I was enthusiastic to give my best knowledge in to practice. The two-story building that housed about 25 health care providers, has no the bare necessities a health care office should have. In the very small room I was assigned to see patients, consumable health care items such as sterile gloves, paper exam gowns and covers for exam tables, cotton swabs, gauze, tongue depressors, alcohol prep pads, sample catholic and muslim dating, chemical test strips, suturing equipment, syringes, disposable instruments, stethoscope, water sink, and restroom supplies were non-existent.

This is a fact in most health care centers in Ethiopia. I am not trying to compare North American health centers to one in Ethiopia. However, what is the point of building substandard health care facilities with no or very limited equipments that will help you provide health care to the public. I do remember many nights that we used our smart phone flashlights to help delivering babies. Tedros left the Ethiopian health sector very much politicized and crippled, which must madote eritrea chat room yet depoliticized if it has to function properly.

The more than 35, female health extension workers trained for six months and deployed across Ethiopia during his tenure, which many praises him for, are more of political cadres who are deployed in rural household families to serve the TPLF than helping health workers. However, as a primary health care provider, my fellow health care workers and I felt as soldiers sent to a war without any guns.

Tedros is smart hiring marketing and public relation firms for publicizing his empty campaigns on various health issues. Wash your hand to prevent disease where water is scarce and building health care centers with no health care necessities. I have taemin and krystal dating of cases where women were told to bring water during their child delivery.

The alleged progresses in the health care sector for which Dr. Tedros was appreciated are only empty propaganda. The data are false and manipulated to fit into the agenda of the ruling party. I am a living witness of the poor status of the Ethiopian health care system.

The World Health Organization needs someone capable and knowledgeable about health care. I am against the election of Tedros Adhanom. If Tedros is elected, then WHO will be choosing impunity over accountability and incompetency over fitness. Tedros does not have the required knowledge and to lead WHO. In addition to being a Minister of Health, Dr. Tedros was serving as a Minister of Foreign Affairs of one of the most oppressive and repressive government in Africa.

He is known for attempting to justify the human rights violations in Ethiopia. Dr Tedros, politically and ethnically belongs to the group of a few TPLF high-ranking individuals who reign Ethiopia with impunity. It will be a disgrace and a mere contempt to even consider Dr. Tedros for such a position that requires humanity, equity and concern for the weak and destitute.

WHO, as a leading world health organization should not taint its image and reputation by inviting such a mean, cruel and madote eritrea chat room individual to assume a powerful and sensitive occupation. Tedros and his government should not be allowed to use WHO as a tool to disguise their true madote eritrea chat room and present them selves as conscientious citizens.

It is morally and humanly wrong to appoint any individual for such position with a record of human rights violations and persecutions.

The world needs great global state men and women. There is no place for ethnically narrow, repressive, oppressive and divisive individuals in our times. Tedros Adhanom should not be allowed to take any position in the WHO and representatives who vote in the election must not give their vote to Tedros Adhanom.

Are you the publisher? Claim or contact us about this channel. Embed this content in your HTML. Report adult content:. Account: login. More Channels. Channel Catalog Subsection Catalog. Articles on this Page showing articles to of Channel Description: Eritrea News and Views. Contact us about this article. I hired a taxi at a downtown stand, and at the next morning, the driver, Zaki, picked me up at my madote eritrea chat room.

What began as a regional protest movement in Novemberis in danger of becoming a fully-fledged armed uprising in Ethiopia. All of this is taking place in what the ruling regime and their international benefactors laughably describe as a democracy.

Since the start of the protests the Government has responded with force. A week after the Nightmare at Bishoftu, the ruling party enforced its State of Emergency, madote eritrea chat room. Beyond the Myths: Eritrean Women. By Dr. Fikrejesus Amahazion.

Recently, a fictitious report about polygamy in Eritrea becoming national policy was widely circulated across various international media outlets. Local bbw women in Eritrea and featured on www.

Abrehet Issac 59 is passionate about environment conservation. According to the recently published Global Economic Prospects, a World Bank Group flagship report, the year was marked by stagnant global trade, subdued investment, and heightened policy uncertainty. An area Eritrea should prioritize is manufacturing and skills development. Globally, the tourism industry accounts for about 10 percent of global GDP and one out of every 11 jobs.

Merhawi Kudus winning the white jersey at the Tour of Oman. A young Merhawi Kudus in action at the Tour of Rwanda. He once wrote:. Madote eritrea chat room could say the same about the New York Times and other establishment media in Europe and the United States, in what seems to be an obsessive campaign to cement a negative narrative on Eritrea through articles, books, scholarly journals and even movies and video games.

Hammer writes:. This line is almost always used by the perpetrators of fake news about Eritrea. As has been the norm with purveyors of fake news on Eritrea, Hammer confuses the Commission of Inquiry and the Special Rapporteur who produced the now rejected report on Eritrea, madote eritrea chat room the United Nations. Her report to the. This is yet another example of lazy journalism. Here are facts that could help put the sanctions into context:. By Mela Ghebremedhin. Reporter Billion interviewing Wedi Tikul.

When Somalia collapsed in and imploded into clan based civil war for 27 years, the Derg was celebrating the success of its destabilizing policy against the Somalis. This was the day we have been dreaming off where the truth prevailed.

Eritreans and its leadership EPLF supported TPLF to come to power in Addis, however that myth has been shattered into pieces the last twenty years, and laid to rest in its grave the last three months. I watched the Bahir Dar, Addis demonstration in support of Dr. Abiy Ahmed. This is happening because of their courageous leadership which will be remembered for a long time.

They declined to use our ports because in their back warded thinking that would benefit us. It would be a waste of time to go back and continue the blame game of yesterday now. It is a high time of supporting each other to march to the lane of progress, democracy and prosperity medemamer Zemen Things that we can do to help each other prosper in the short and long term joint projects: 1.

Put the pillars down on the border and finalize the demarcation process that will guarantee peace forever between the two people This is a MUST for sustainable peace, and as an honor to our martyrs. The international community is willing to help with this endeavor now and the sooner the better.

I understand the Ethiopian government needs a breathing room on this to tame the anti-peace aynachew dem yemelaw yeken Jiboch left over groups of woyane and derg in that country, but it needs to get started with a time line of completion within one year. Besides, this will help the new PM consolidate power and advance his reform agenda by pacifying his internal threats by showing who is really in charge in their country. National security of both countries cannot hang in the air for fear of inconvenience for few villages here and there.

Open the exchange of cultures between both peoples, open the border for trade among the local people, open universities for students of both countries, … 4. Build a rail madote eritrea chat room to Dallol of Ethiopia to a new port that I would name Abiy port to export the huge potash deposit there and this rail road would serve our Calluli potash for export too.

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