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I have a problem with my parents though. Tutoring in Witchcraft, chess, guitar, English grammar and writing, history, or computer programming. Connected right words to express your love to your brother. Needs dating site profiles and meeting people to share stories with someone. I live in Michigan and I think that paganism is extremely cool. Pagan chat rooms usa [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)

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During Open Chats please come and go anytime you want to. You will get one warning if you break this guideline. If you do it a second time you will be asked to and expected to leave the gathering immediately. There will be no exceptions to this guideline.

Pagan chat rooms usa one should enter or leave the chat room from PM CT until the circle is finished. To enter or leave the chat room your computer or internet provider knocking you out of the chat room during this time is the only exception for re-entering the circle during this time breaks the circle and whoever is leading the circle needs to take their time and energy to close it up again.


All electronics in the room you are in during the sacred circle part of the gathering should be shut off except for the device you are using to access the chat room. No one will be allowed to use hurtful or, discriminatory or foul or rude language in the chat room at any time during an Esbat or Sabbat gathering or Open Chat. Anyone not following this guideline will be told to leave the socializing time or the ritual immediately and be banned from the chat room immediately forever.

These are simple guidelines and show courtesy to all coven members and visitors. KaseyDPayne aol. Brick, N. Dating for mothers live in Brick, N. My Grandmother was Wiccan so I was raised in a home with parents who studied witch craft.

Im from Kentucky in the USA, my email addresses are babyash99 hotmail. Blessed be. I began studying the craft at 7 years old and I am seriously searching for a coven.

I live in Manassas Virginia. I just would like to talk lol e-mail not available. I am currently studying the craft as my mom has a Wiccan friend who is living with us right now. Witchcraft has always interested me and I have pagan chat rooms usa to pursue it, I just want to be able to talk to people my age about the subject. My email is e-mail not available. I am 15 years old and I live in U. S, New York. I have been interested in Wicca all my life and I havent really found a way to persue it.

Lately I have been reading books and going into sites to try and help me becaome a witch. I have a problem with my parents though. I would like to talk pagan chat rooms usa someone who has been though this with their parents and also someone who can help me become a witch. Also I would like to talk to someone my age about witchcraft too. I use to stand for hours in odd book stores staring at magic and wicca books.

If you would like to talk to someone who has hit some obsticals and is trying to learn all she can about wicca please e-mail me at e-mail not available. Dont be shy. Email me at e-mail not available. I took 2 years off because of some problems with friends in it.

I live in Texas, USA. I would like to meet other and talk to other. Email me so we can talk. I am looking for someone between the ages of to pagan chat rooms usa with. My name is Kaylee. Iwant to meet a with so I can finally have someone to relate to. I sometimes have dreams that come true and it used to scare me, those images in my head and not knowing why I did.

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Pagan chat rooms usa [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)