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You are in a safe and well structured community. Some of our monitors are skilled at dream interpretation and will help you to unravel the meaning of your dream. We also allow our visitors to help with interpretations on the dream forums and to give you suggestions as to the best way to interpret your dream. Likes 0. Suggested posts to read. Spirituality is all about sharing the experiences. Sign in Email. Remember me. Forgot password? You can click here to reset your password.

Lucid dreaming chat room tips to stop lucid dreaming about the same person? DeJa Vu Explanation Anybody? Andreaz Koumi. How to Control Lucid dreams 1 2 3.


Hypnagogic imagery. How aware of your dreams are you? Sunset Dragon. Poll: is your dreams to real.

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New to lucid dreaming. Mind Blowing Mirror World. You can give him commands. To see all the commands, type! He also knows all lucid dreaming related acronyms.

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Lucid dreaming chat room [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)