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First name. Latest news. Click here to join the 25yrs of Kenny Ken event on Facebook. Show this post jayt Strange that you posted that as i was listening in the van and can honestly say it was a great show. Kool london chat room [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)

King Yoof, the man behind Breaks FM back in the day, who now hosts a regular show on Kool London gives his views on pirate radio then and now.


People fondly talk of erecting aerials on tower blocks and constantly being on the move in terms of studio location. Was part of the buzz of running a pirate radio the constant thrill of the chase or was it more about pushing out new music to the masses?

Was pirate radio a form of education to a new generation? Agree or disagree, why is this?

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Reggae pirates started cropping up as the chances of getting commercial airplay were so slim and so the same happened with early dance music. The power of pirate radio was growing and getting kool london chat room music played by them was more important than being on the Radio 1 playlist. You can have all the good intentions when going legal that you will maintain that pirate radio edge but within time you end up like every other commercial station playing the same songs and the same format, then you get bought out by Capital which is what happened to Kiss FM.

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Music Mondays 3rd Birthday show now live on Kool London. Silverback — in General Topics. Show us your mug? Last replied by : ADnBAddict more than a month ago. Last replied by : elbarto more than a month ago. Where to find this track. kool london chat room


I need the name of this track. What is the name of this track?????!!!! Last replied by : Kool London more than a month ago. Track title. Page : 1 2 3 Next. Show this post Jerooom If the mods don't object i'll post the recordings here for people to download.

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No objections here. Show this post jayt Strange that you posted that as i was listening in the van and can honestly say it was a great show. Thanks for that! Show this post Just a reminder On air again tomorrow Wednesday

Kool london chat room [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)