Dating a volleyball player


They are driven and focused. They are quick learners. Volleyball is a fun and social game, so your chance of finding someone who is a social and loves to have a good time is extremely likely! An inherent trait of an athlete is to work through the tough times and to come back strong. At Alpharetta, Georgia. Dating a volleyball player [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)

What To Expect When You’re Dating a Professional Volleyball Player

Established inthe NVL is a professional beach volleyball league built by players, for all players, united in one mission: to create a sustainable future for pro beach volleyball in the United States.

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Dating a volleyball player likes bad sets. We sweat dating a volleyball player, building up a stench especially in our armpits, our knees and our feet. In your bag, your car, and especially behind your earlobes. All we do is eat, sleep, work and play volleyball. I personally would rather play volleyball than hit the bar or the club.

Heaven for me is music, cold drinks, sunny day and having great friends around to play beach volleyball. It takes a special kind of person to dive head first across a solid surface for a point. Being a team player on the court transitions nicely into being a good partner—they will do what they can for the relationship, especially when they know you have their back too.

They are into sports. They are competitors. They knew what they want and they were willing to go to the limits of their abilities in order to make it happen. Click here to learn more about the power of logging your workouts with YourWorkoutBook. You can also join his weekly motivational newsletter for athletes by clicking here. More from Olivier Leroy See All.


You become invested in the dating a volleyball player because of your significant other's love for it. It's also a great community to experience up close. In the process of dating, you have learned a lot about the sport but there are things only you, a non-player dating a dedicated player, understand.

You know all the positions on the team: setter, middle, outside, libero, opposite and defensive specialist. The setter has different sets: a shoot, four, three, two, one, tandem, slide, five, pipe, D-ball, a quick and a back row tandem. A middle blocks, the libero picks up all the hard hits. Freeballs happen and in desperate times, players pancake.

Top 10 Things Volleyball Players Need To Put Up With

Volleyball friendships are serious and when you're introduced to them, you know you've made it. Your significant other has met these friends by playing on club and school teams, at recreation centers and parks. They are welcoming, fun and dedicated to volleyball. If you're dating a setter, you will know everything there is to know about that position. A setter can make or break a team with his different sets and his style of playing.

Dating a volleyball player [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)