Is johnny orlando dating mackenzie


Johnny, who initially rose to fame singing cover songs, has now made a career out of his talent. The young singer dropped a clearer hint on what they are both up to. That was in the past, though, and present news is even more promising for Kenzie relationship-wise. Time will tell if Kenzie and Ashton make it more official than a leaked kissing video or if the rumors will eventually fizzle out to no further evidence. Her new rumored boyfriend is none other than Ashton Arbab, an Instagrammer boasting over 70 thousand followers. Is johnny orlando dating mackenzie [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)

Video was leaked of the former Dance Moms star kissing a fellow Instagram influencer. Beyond dancing, she is multitalented. Most recently, fans recognized her playing a substantial role in the YouTube series, Total Eclipse.

According to a Good Housekeeping featureshe is also a producer on the show. Speaking of YouTube, Kenzie has it figured out. She has garnered nearly 3 million subscribers for her channel of music videos, challenge videos, vlogs and more. She has also exploded on Instagram, with a staggering Clearly, Kenzie is no stranger to the public eye.

Johnny Orlando asks Mackenzie Ziegler out: “Can we date”

Please click here to learn how. Ziegler shared a photo of her with a handsome boy, where the two can be seen having sheepish smiles while staring at each other.


This led to speculations that the lovely dancer is now out dating the young lad in the picture. The post gained more than 19, comments.


Though others commented on how they look good together, there were others who expressed their dislike for the post. Now Johnny has a massive following in all his social media accounts. Johnny also started a ton of clothing trends and has released lots of cool merchandise. Be sure to check out his website in case you want to look like the superstar.

Mackenzie Ziegler CAUGHT Kissing Johnny Orlando

There are rumors circulating around the web that Johnny Orlando is currently in a relationship with Mackenzie Ziegler. Johnny Orlando graduated from his middle school on June 22,and he celebrated it with a twitter post. So, if you want to hear him perform live go buy the tickets before it gets sold out.

Are Kenzie Ziegler And Ashton Arbab Dating? New Details About Their Rumored Relationship

Is johnny orlando dating mackenzie [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)