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As children, they took part in an American football match for the Geller Cup every Thanksgiving. This remark distresses her greatly, and she gets drunk and looks for comfort in Chandler. It is noted in " The One Where Joey Speaks French ", that they had an enjoyable and romantic honeymoon with candlelit dinners and long walks on the beach. At first, the evening does not go well, as Mike's parents are unimpressed with Phoebe. Ross geller dating history [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)

Charlie and Dating bumble review kiss after she left Joey while meanwhile, Joey was kissing Rachel. She reluctantly gives her blessing. When she finally decides that she's not okay ross geller dating history it, she finds Ursula at Joey's apartment wearing nothing but a T-Shirt.

Ursula naturally was a flake, and when she decided to blow off Joey, Phoebe posed as Ursula to let Joey down easy. Joey realizes this and promises never to sacrifice their friendship. Chandler has a brief relationship with Aurora. Chandler loves the idea of only having sex with her but they later break up because she wants him ross geller dating history share her with three other men, one of whom is her husband.

Chandler and his whiny nasal ex-girlfriend Janice have been on and off more than Ross and Rachel. Their relationship is one of the show's many signature recurring gags. When the show begins, they are together,but they soon break how to online dating as she is driving Chandler crazy. On the New Year's Eve of that year, Chandler is desperate to have a woman to kiss at midnight, so he calls her and they get together again.

The same night he breaks up with her again, infuriating her. By now though, Janice has wizened up and knows he will be back again, or to put it into her words: "Your voice calls out to me like a foghorn - Jaaaniiice, Jaaaaaaaaaniiice". He eventually begins an online relationship with a woman and when they decide to finally meet, it turns out it is Janice.

They begin a romantic relationship where they are both very happy. They eventually break up when Joey catches Janice kissing her ex husband at his mattress store.

After his break up with Kathy, he runs into Janice at a nail salon and she has just gotten divorced. He pretends he has to move to Yemen to avoid breaking up with her. Janice reappears several times throughout the series but does not strike up a relationship again, though when she is in labor for the second time she tells him it is his baby as a joke.

Chandler twice employs a trick of pretending he still has feelings for her to get rid of her. When they meet in Central Perk, Chandler immediately begins to flirt.

However, she has already met Joey, who has used his irresistible charm on her. Chandler has an immense crush on her for the next few episodes. They are obviously better matched, and share a kiss on her birthday. He tells Joey and he shuns him. However, when Joey realizes how much they care for each other he gives them his blessing and they form a relationship. They have a fight however when Chandler accuses her of sleeping with a fellow cast mate because of how intimate they seemed in the play.

Chandler goes to her place to reconcile, but they break up because she actually does end up sleeping with her co-star in spite of Chandler.

Friends - Ex-boyfriend Charlie and Ross

After that he is depressed for a couple of episodes and the friends try and help him to get over her.

Chandler reveals to Monica that he dated Julie for two summers when they were about 15, but broke up with her because she had gotten very fat between the second and third summer gaining pounds. Monica asks him to apologize to her, which he does. She, however does not realize that he broke up with her because of her weight gain.

After an awkward pause, ross geller dating history, Chandler exclaims "Well, I guess my work here is done". This remark distresses her greatly, and she gets drunk and looks for comfort in Chandler. They sleep together and embark on a secret relationship for the next half series. Eventually Joey, Rachel and Phoebe all find out about their relationship, and they take vengeance over the dishonesty by playing mind games with them, during which Chandler accidentally blurts out his love for Monica.

Due to Ross' insecurities they still meet indian singles sydney the relationship hidden from him.

He accidentally sees them having sex through a window, and the secrecy issue is resolved. After getting angry with Chandler, he calms down when he learns that they are in love.

A year later, during the trip to Las Vegas, they toy with the idea of getting married. They decide to go through with it, but are too shocked to continue when they see Ross and Rachel drunkenly burst out of the chapel.

After they return home, they decide to move in together. For the next ross geller dating history, they have a steady relationship with a few ups and downs, mainly related to their respective long time exes, Janice and Richard. Chandler decides to propose to Monica, but at the dinner they are interrupted by Richard. To throw her off the scent, Phoebe advises that he should pretend that he is totally against marriage. Ross geller dating history, after this, Richard ross geller dating history his undying love for Monica and she almost leaves Chandler, but Joey tells her the truth about his opinion on marriage.

She then attempts to propose to him instead, but she is too shaken, so Chandler does it. Throughout season seven, Monica plans their wedding. Their wedding is not the most perfect day however.

Monica and Chandler get married and in the eighth season finale, they decide to have their own baby. In season nine, Monica and Chandler are not able to have a baby so they choose to adopt. In season ten, they adopt from a pregnant woman named Erica. Erica gives birth to twins in the series finale. Erica did not know she would have twins but Monica and Chandler agreed to keep both babies.

They name the boy Jack, after Monica's father, and they name the girl Erica, after the birth mom. Carol is Ross' lesbian ex-wife, who came out before the pilot. Carol tells Ross that she is pregnant with his child in "The One with the Sonogram at the End" and is going to raise the baby with her partner, Susan Bunch.

Carol and Susan were based on Marta Kauffman and David Crane's best ross geller dating history in New York: "We didn't create them for any particular political reason or because of lesbian chic.

It was just an opportunity to tell a really interesting story. Carol and Ross have maintained a good friendship since their divorce and Ross has been able to put aside his differences with Susan. On Valentines Day in season one, Ross sees Carol alone at dinner and he comforts her leading to the exposure of his old feelings for her. Ross attempts to reconcile but she refuses saying that he has to move on and that the right woman will come along for him. Julie and Ross went to graduate school together and haven't seen each other since until the ross geller dating history two premiere.

Ross spends one week in China where they catch up and eventually start a romantic relationship. They return from China as a couple and Rachel is depressed by this as she was going to confront Ross about their feelings for each other.

Rachel hates Julie but Monica and Julie become good friends since Julie is her brother's girlfriend. Julie and Ross decide to adopt a cat together and have it live with both of them since they want to take their relationship further. Rachel decides to confess her love for Ross at Central Perk one night.

Ross is furious and decides not to get a cat with Julie. Ross and Rachel share a passionate kiss together and Ross decides to make a list of who to stay with.

Friends Co-Stars Who Dated Throughout The Series

He has a lot of reasons to stay with Julie but his one reason to pick Rachel overpowered them all. He decides that he is in love with Rachel and breaks up with Julie. Julie later starts to date Ross' look-alike, Russ.

Bonnie is a friend of Phoebe's and is bald prior to being introduced to Ross geller dating history. The gang go to the beach but Bonnie cannot join them due to work. While at the beach, Ross and Rachel start to flirt but Bonnie shows up since she was able to leave work early. Bonnie comes back from swimming in the ocean and she tells Rachel how she's considered re-shaving her head since it was so much easier to take care of that way.

Ross and Rachel kiss and reconcile which leads to Ross breaking up with Bonnie, but Rachel breaks up with Ross again when he refuses to take full responsibility for everything that went wrong in their relationship.

Emily is Ross' second wife and they are married for the shortest time. Ross and Emily meet when Rachel is suppose to take her boss, Mr. Waltham's niece out on a tour of New York. Rachel cancels at ross geller dating history last minute and Emily is furious.

Ross agrees to take her out but everyone hates Emily from the first impression, thinking she is a cold hearted, hateful person. Ross and Emily spend the night together and wake up at a Bed and Breakfast in Vermont and instantly fall in love. They agree not to get serious since they only have two weeks together. However, Ross tries to persuade Emily to move to New York and be with him. Audiences delighted in watching ten seasons of the NBC mega-hit comedy Friends. The show was a Thursday night institution back when it was an honor to air a sitcom on Thursday nights.

Throughout its episode run, fans got to witness the up and down love lives of six people who we grew to think of as our own personal friends. But which girlfriends from the show Friends rank the highest? Of course, Ross would end up with Rachel; they were simply meant to be. As adults they became close, though the competition between them was still visible as seen in the season three episode, "The One with the Football".

Ross often comes into conflict with Phoebe Buffay. His rationality and Phoebe's eccentricity lead to conflict over evolutiongravityand whether Phoebe's mother was reincarnated as a cat. It is also revealed that Phoebe once mugged Ross stealing a copy of the comic book Science Boy that Ross had created when they were teenagers.

The two are roommates for a few weeks when a fire forces Phoebe to move out of her apartment. She first moves into Chandler Bing and Monica's apartment, but then decides she wants to give the newly engaged couple some privacy, so she moves in with Ross. In a "flashback" episode, they are alone at a bar and start kissing, but the moment quickly passes when Ross keeps bumping his head. Phoebe also helps Ross on numerous occasions, ultimately making him realize that he loves Rachel and they both are meant to be together.

Since college, Ross' best friend has been Chandler Bing. They become brothers-in-law after Chandler marries Monica. Though they are best friends, at times Chandler gets annoyed with Ross's geeky behavior. Ross is friends with Rachel Green, whom he has had a crush on since high school. During the first episode of the series, when they meet after years apart, he rediscovers his feelings for her.

They become close and have an on-and-off romantic relationship through the series. In the final season of the show, Rachel tells him that he means more to her than any other member of their group. He is also close free dating sites with Joey Tribbiani and helps him with acting auditions. He kisses Joey once in order to help him practice a role as a gay man, only to find out that Joey had already done the audition and didn't get the part.

Joey and Ross also briefly try ross geller dating history cut Chandler out of their friend group after Chandler ignores them. They once fall asleep together on the couch after watching Die Hard. Toward the end of the series, however, Ross and Joey become closer friends, often hanging out together after Chandler gets married.

Ross Geller

Ross often tries to bring out the best of his friends in difficult situations. For instance, in season 2, he encourages Joey to audition for Another World after being fired from Days of Our Livesdespite Joey's refusal to audition for a two-line part of a secondary character.


In season 7, he buys Phoebe the bike of her dreams but threatens to take it away from her because of her reluctance to learn how to ride it. Also, when he discovers that Joey has a crush on Rachel, he tells him to tell her about it and go for it instead of hiding it, even though he finds it difficult to accept the idea of Joey and Rachel being together. Above all Ross is portrayed as a very sweet, loving and adorable character who is always looking out for everyone's best interests and often the most mature compared to the rest of the gang, despite his ego, outbursts, and paranoia.

He has two children. Ross's son, Ben, was conceived while Ross and Carol were still married and born at the end of Season 1. Ross shares joint custody of Ben with his ex-wife Carol and her wife Susan. Ben appeared in a total 16 17 episodes and was played chronologically: as an infant by Michael Gunderson Season 1 to 2, by brothers Charles Thomas Allen and John Christopher Allen from Season 3 to 5, and by Cole Sprouse from Season 6 to 8.

Rachel's pregnancy was originally revealed ross geller dating history the season finale of Season 7. The conception of Emma was predominantly the result of a one-night standwhich was later revealed in free online dating sites in uk without payment Season 8 episode, "The One With The Videotape".

Ross claims to have "given up a career in basketball" to become a paleontologist, and claims that the ideas for Jurassic Park and Die Hard were stolen from him. He also had major interest in music, playing keyboard for hours in the basement of their house in Long Island. Ross had a pet in the earlier seasons of the show; a White-headed capuchin monkey named Marcel.

Ross geller dating history time, she developed feelings ross geller dating history him, too. However, before they got together, every time one of them wanted to act on their feelings, someone got in the way. It wasn't smooth sailing once they got together, either.

His jealousy and their disagreement over what a "break" really meant led to the end of their relationship. It also kept them from reuniting at the beginning of season 4. In a way, the words " We were on a break" are more synonymous with their relationship than the love they shared. Because they were part of the same friend group, they remained in each other's lives after the breakup. After they spent a night together, they had a baby and considered getting back together after her birth.

However, things got messy between them after a non-proposal from Joey. Then, ross geller dating history, Ross' jealousy affected Rachel's life when they were living together just as friends. In addition to " we were on a break," fans also associate "I got off the plane " with their relationship. However, the roads to their relationship and their reunion were messy and filled with problems.

In season 4, Rachel was okay with Phoebe setting Ross up with her friend, Bonnie. She presumably didn't expect anything to come of a date, but it did.

In fact, Ross and Bonnie soon ended up dating. Instead, she kept those feelings to herself, except for a few side comments. There was no reason for her to not just tell her friend how she was feeling, even if she wasn't ready to tell Ross.

In season 2, before Rachel and Ross got together — but after the pros and cons list — Rachel dated Russ.

Russ was pretty much an exact copy of Ross, with only a few minor just as boring differences. Considering that this was after Rachel discovered her feelings for Ross, why didn't she see the similarities sooner? It took too long for her to see what everyone else did in her date. It might have been a bit understandable for her not to see it when alone with Russ. However, the moment he and Ross were in the same room, she should have seen it, even without one of them speaking. Rachel and Ross were on the verge of getting back together in the season 4 premiere.

However, she wanted him to read a letter she wrote him before they took the final step. The letter included things she'd been thinking about regarding them and their relationship. Somehow, that letter was 18 pages long, front and back — ross geller dating history it looked like she used every single line.

How did Rachel come up with that much to say about their relationship? They'd only really known each other for three years at that point, considering that she didn't pay attention to him when they were younger. Rachel could blame the fact that she cried at everything on her hormones after she gave birth to Emma. However, that didn't explain her reaction to what was happening in her personal life.

She said yes. Before that mess even occurred, though, she had been wondering about her and Ross getting back together. She was at least open to the idea of talking about it with him after they sorted out the non-proposal. However, if she'd really been considering a future with Ross again, would it have really been so easy for her to say yes to Joey so quickly? In season 2, just six episodes after they got together, Ross revealed he had their future planned.

Rachel didn't know how to hold Ben and explained she wasn't good with babies. Ross assured her it would be different with their kids. He told her he wanted them to have two babies, both a boy and a girl. He also thought they'd move to Scarsdale. However, they hadn't even said "I ross geller dating history you" yet. The fact that Ross had all that planned for them already wasn't the problem. However, the way he casually told her all of that mature women in leather porn and was surprised when she panicked — was.

You don't have to be a fan of Friends to know the words "we were on a break. When he called Rachel, he heard Mark, who he was jealous of, in the background. Ross then spent the night with another woman. He wasn't faithful to Rachel, but he claimed that since they " were on a break, " it wasn't a problem.

Even so, he was with another woman just hours after he and Rachel took this "break" — and it was supposed to be okay because he thought she was with another man? Ross and Rachel almost got back ross geller dating history at the beginning of season 4. They kissed, but she wanted him to read a letter first to understand how she felt about their relationship. He was too tired ross geller dating history read it.

It was 18 pages long, front and back.


However, instead of admitting he hadn't read it, he said he read it twice. Why didn't he just tell her he fell asleep and promise to read it right there, in front of her? He would've been better off ross geller dating history down to read it that morning than lying about it. After they got married in Las Vegas, Rachel made one big mistake. She left it to Ross to handle the annulment. He found out that they'd have to get a divorce, but he didn't want to be the guy with three speed dating nyc 60, so he thought it would be fine for them to stay married—without telling Rachel.

There was so much wrong with that. How did Ross think that ross geller dating history okay to do? How did Rachel get over that as easily as she did? He even tried to convince her to stay married once she found out. The series was always going to end with Ross and Rachel together.

It was inevitable. However, there was very little build-up to the two reuniting in the finale. There was nothing related to their relationship until episode 13 of the final season.

Ross went to Long Island with Rachel after her father had a heart attack. While there, they agreed that future romantic interactions weren't off the table.

Ross geller dating history [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)