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Make her seem like a goddess and that any guy would be lucky to have her! Sorya Nasir PS Behrend. You would want someone to do the same if you were in this position. He is always ready to party till dawn, and do things you wish you didn't remember in the morning. Sara: He is so cute though!!!! Girl code rules dating [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)

Girl code can really stab a gaping hole in a friendship. And depending on the circumstance — sometimes that hole is unable to be sewn back together. Unfortunately, I recently found myself seriously hurt by one of my good friends who decided girl code did not exist within the bounds of our friendship.

GUY CODE VS GIRL CODE w/ yomuscleboii & Meghan Rienks

I had been on and off dating a guy for just about two years—a guy who I really grew to care and appreciate. Last year, he was older lactating my dorm when my good friend stopped over for a bit—so naturally I introduced them.

Immediately after they both left my dorm room that night, both of girl code rules dating roommates expressed to me they thought she girl code rules dating feelings for him and I just shook it off. Fast-forward to about a month ago, said guy and I had recently cut ties in a fairly hostile way he did not know how to think before he spoke, especially about my good friends.

The name that slipped between her lips was that of the guy I had been seeing on and off for two years. My mouth dropped alongside my heart and stomach. She went on to ask me for permission to go on a date with him, girl code rules dating. All I could think about was how I thought it was a universal rule that good friends do not date people their friends have had any type of relationship with, let alone a two year on and off one—that had just ended a month prior.

The problem is, most of us don't even know what the Girl Code consists of! One persons Girl Code is probably different than another, and who know's when you're breaking it and when you're not? Where is this code that we can refer to? How do I tell a stranger that she just broke the Girl Code, when there isn't a Girl Code to refer back to? Why is being a girl this hard!

It's okay. I know. I got you.


So, I came up with a solution. I reached out to girls on social media and asked for their input and then, using this information I collected, I created the first 10 rules of the Girl Code. None of this "Just because there's a goalie doesn't mean you can't score" crap. This isn't soccer, it's a relationship. That boy is another girl's world.

Girl Code: The Unwritten Rules Of Female Friendships

She pours her heart and soul into him, and is committed to him. So, Don't hit on him. Don't flirt with him. Don't talk to him. Don't text him.


Don't go to lunch with him. Don't snapchat him.


Don't tag him in articles. Don't ask him inappropriate questions. Don't kiss him. And, don't sleep with him. Girl Code. I don't care if you're at a raging house party, a bar, a concert or a small get together, do not EVER leave your drunk girlfriends side. Once she is drunk, it isn't "every girl for herself.

Like they say, what happens in Vegas Definitely don't hook-up or become friends with the jerk who broke her heart. Even if your best friend is wrong and messed up severely, they are your friend and you will stick by them. Girl code rules dating you don't agree with it, tell them, but do not go dating sites in usa them.

Girls nights are a must in girl code rules dating friendship. You do not need to go out and party all the time. If you have a boyfriend, you do NOT forget about your friends. Because who is going to be there when he breaks your heart? Keep the gossiping about the latest episode of Real House Wives, and stop gossiping about your friends. Support your friend's opinions, values, and hobbies. Also support them on social media by always being their first Insta like. Always tell a girl if she has smudged makeup, food in her teeth, toilet paper on her shoe, or any other mishap.

If you're in a fight with your boyfriend or anyonechances are your friends are on the other end of the phone receiving all the screenshots. Want to know what is worse than a creep? A drunk, slurring, not able to walk straight so they fall all over you creep.

This is probably one of the most wellknown girl code rules. It is simple.

The Rules And Guidelines For Girl Code

If someone has lipstick on her teeth or ever has her shirt on inside out, you should always tell her.

Girl code rules dating [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)