Hispanic dating a white girl


Again just being honest. When I first moved to the beautiful city of Austin, TX I had so many prejudices, it's ridiculous, but I didn't know any better, it's how we were all raised up there. Newest Slideshows. Caroline Missej. Hispanic Dating is a leading online dating and social networking site that boasts a wide array of cool features that simplify your search allowing you to chat, flirt and connect with like-minded singles looking for love, dates, relationships and friendships. Hispanic dating a white girl [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)

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Ask a Mexican: Why do successful Mexi men marry white women?

Date in Asia - Hookup Asian Singles. Dil Mil - South Asian dating. TryDate - 1 Online Dating App. Black White Dating App. Local Hookup: Meet, Chat, Date. For us, Latinos are just Whites with a tan :p Therefore, under my pespective, a White woman dating an Hispanic man wouldn't be an interracial couple at all :D. I am hispanic My family doesnt really care if the women or men date "white". My aunt is married to an anglo and my two uncles are married to anglos as well no one cares.

I can say I dont date "white" men because I feel there is a loss of culture but to each their own it doesnt really matter. God Made us all the same where we how know you are dating player born. NOT our color or race. Hispanic dating a white girl I feel lucky to get along with his family,Of corse Im the butt of the jokes and so is he for bringing a White Girl in the family,but other than that we have a good relationship No matter the color of the relationship, as long as its full of love and respect its an awesome relationship.

There are so many more who understand that true hispanic dating a white girl does not see color, it sees two ppl who loves each other despite their differences.

Actually, from my understanding, you're probably NOT caucasian. Look up the etiology of the word to learn specifics. How many of us are from there??? Over time the word evolved into usage by many European descendants to describe all white people- incorrectly. It's since been "realized" at least by certain people in authority here in the US, and so government forms and organizations like the police are moving AWAY from usage of the word and are now often replacing it with simply "white".

Just goes to show that everything is not always as it seems, even when we're pretty sure we "know" something. You cant help who your heart belongs to. Its Gods destiny! Plus they make cute babies :D. You actually think they treat you like this because you are white?


Believe me, people like this aren't nice to anybody. He could be with a girl from his mom's hometown and they'd find a reason why she isn't good enough. Don't beat yourself up trying to please them, just be yourself.

They either come around due to respect for him or they never do.


Best to you girl. My dating for rich sugar is hispanic and I am white. My family has no issues with it at all. Neither do my friends. His parents passed when he was young so they are not hispanic dating a white girl. His friends however, they gave him a hard time. I don't know how many of them gave him the evil eye and complained that he was gonna "marry that white girl".

Im a very pale white girl married to a Mexican man. I was scared to meet his parents, but they love me. Sometimes when I visit at the jail, I stand out because Im the only white girl there.

Ive never had anyone talk shit to me about it though. Hispanic men are so sexy! If he and I ever split up, I would still stick to dating Hispanics. I am a hispanic woman and just have to hispanic dating a white girl that it doesnt matter to me who dates hispanic men I am married to a black man that i fell in love with 15 years ago Hi I thought I would comment after seeing so many posts.

I'm latina and I'd say that it's come as an advantage to me since latin people are probably some of the most diverse looking.

I have a variety of mixes of latin cultures that make up who I am. Then I have my dark hair and dark eyes beauties or my curly haired women.

Theres people that look asian. I have dark skinned people in the family and some you'd swear were mixed with black. I think they are all Extremely beautiful inside and out. Being that I have grown up with this "advantage" I've learned that beauty truly comes from within. So to answer the question of what do I as a hispanic woman think of hispanic men with white women?

StereoTypes - Interracial Relations

I think how beautiful that these people know how to love without boundry and prejudice and I think those are the kind of people I'd want to take time to get to know because they value the beauty within!

I am half cuban half white, I have never dated a hispanic man. I have always dated black men. I have had white people tell me I am betraying my race although most people think of me as hispanic and not whitehispanic people tell me I should date within my own race, so I ask them what is my race since i am mixed!

And does that mean I only date cubans? Then people in the AA community get mad about me dating their men too. So basically in all aspects I am pissing someone off.

I don't care at all. I think everyone should be able to date whomever from whatever race. And like Wobabi said, it isn't just AA women who have a problem with it, every race seems to have a problem with it which to me is just plain stupid. Who cares what color you are? Underneath our skin, we're all a bundle of blood, fat, muscle, and bone. And in the end, we're all GREY. But if a white guy went after a hispanic girl, all hell would break loose. That also had to do with religion, if the mother was Catholic it wouldn't be fair to raise the 'mixed' baby with a baptist dad, etc, etc There were other rules too about the mixing of hispanic dating a white girl and who counted as what, it's too stupid and embarrassing for me to tell about it now.

Thank God I got out of that one horse town. When I first moved to the beautiful city of Austin, TX I had so many prejudices, it's ridiculous, but I didn't im dating a single mom any better, it's how we were all raised up there.

I seriously offended someone during my freshman year at the university and instead of responding to my hatred, he educated me a bit and we became very good friends. He literally pulled my head out from the sand. I'm so thankful for his openmind and taking the time to change mine. So now, I don't care who is with who or what. It's too much work and drama to worry about what everyone else is doing. I just take care of mine and I am respectful of everyone I encounter.

Its just opinions anyway, Id be hurt if his parents didnt accept me, hispanic dating a white girl as far as I know, they told him if he's happy then they are too. And that's all I need to know. I was fortunate that i grew up well rounded. I participated in the st. He was interested in the culture and he speaks spanish fluently too. I am just attracted to light skin and i go hispanic dating a white girl when i see one with frekles lol. My experiance has always been GOOD!!!!!

I am very light skinned and married a Hispanic man and we had a daughter Who is very dark I've had several people ask my if she was a foster child That was wierd Limitless opportunities to find new love, dates, friendships, meaningful relationships exist on Hispanic Dating, hispanic dating a white girl. Stop hesitating and sign up to start dating. Who knows, your lifetime partner could just be a profile photo away on Hispanic Dating.

Hispanic dating white girl

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Hispanic dating a white girl [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)