Is bobby bones dating


Stay tuned to see if Bones ends up trusting Morgan2 with the new profile picture or if he'll find a different one after all the dislike. She told him it was a casual picture, but professional so it showed off his features well. Later, Kelly went to hang out at Kristin's house, and Kristin asked her if she'd ever date Bobby again. Contribute Help us build our profile of Bobby Bones! Is bobby bones dating [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)

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Kelly Henderson Talks Dating Life With Ex Bobby Bones - Very Cavallari - E!

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Bobby Bones is actively dating and currently on a dating app. He's trying to meet people through the dating app due to his hectic lifestyle. Things have been decently successful for him in the recent months. He told us on The Bobby Bones Show that he's gone on more than 15 dates in the past few weeks.

Bobby's Dating Life Took A Turn

Bones continues to go through the dating woes and he's constantly trying to switch up his online dating profile. He asked the show what picture he should put up as his main profile picture and Morgan2 suggested a professional one taken at our iHeartCountry Festival in front of some green landscaping seen above. She told him it was a casual picture, but professional so it showed off his features well. He's been on dates with two different women, who both had a lot of potential as possible girlfriends.


As it turns out, both of the women really didn't end up working out for Bones. The first was his flight attendant situation. Bones met a flight attendant when he was traveling from Nashville to California, she ended up coming into Nashville on a layover and Bones took her to the Grand Ole Opry for his stand up show. He confessed that the date went really well, but wasn't sure it would work out because it was long distance. She lived in another state.

Bones ended up deciding to end things due to the distance.

Are Kelly Henderson & Bobby Bones Dating? Things Got Flirty Between Them On 'Very Cavallari'

The other was another woman he went out on a few dates with and the women who met Bones and Morgan2 out for their dancing night on Broadway. Bones sent her a text message after she didn't follow up on a hang out session.

Is bobby bones dating [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)