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I live with my parents because I am not finically dating a closeted girl. I plan on moving in 2 years to get into a medical-related school. Anyways, my family, distance and immediate, isn't a joy to be around. The girls I'm interested in are those really youthful type and liberal. My family members are all conservative, judgmental and close-minded excluding my brothers. Typical Asian stereotypesin my family. If I were to move far far away, I would miss my parents, yes, but I wouldn't be that sad.

I'm never entirely me, and I've lived this way for all my life, which is why I feel indifferent and negative towards them.


But, despite that, I want my parents to feel proud and happy of me. If they knew I was into girls, it'd just break my parent's heart. I just want them to live a happy, ignorant life - because they're great hardworking parents, and they don't deserve a daughter who is fall fashion for older women selfish.

It's all very personal, and I hope you don't argue that I should come out. I'm at a time in my life that I'm struggling with myself - aspirations, friendships, school and loneliness. I just hope to get other out lesbians' opinion. Well, I am not pressuring you to come out. I think I said clearly in my opost that there can be good reasons not to come out. Financial dependance on parents who aren't accepting is certainly a good reason. If I were in your shoes I would wait to come out until I was financially independent, until I felt better about myself and until I had resolved some of my more global conflicts.

But I wouldn't wait passively- I would continue working towards those goals. It seems like you have a plan- go to med school far, far away. As for dating- no, I would not date a closeted girl who lives with her non-accepting parents. There would be too much risk that they might find out. And, quite frankly, I am not worth a girl with a great future risking that for me. I am not worth potentially blowing a college education. Now med school you living far, far away from your parents would be different.

I would date someone like that casually, but not seriously. I dating a closeted girl seen a lot of dating a closeted girl relationships blow up and people get really hurt.

That's just my 2 cents. For the record, I am married to a woman and out. Joined: Jul 18, Messages: Likes Received: I haven't dated anyone who was semi-closeted since I was, anyway, which was back in high school. I might date a semi-closeted girl - as in, go on a date, get some coffee, flirt a little. I wouldn't ask a semi-closeted girl to come out for me, because that's not a call I get to make.

I wouldn't get serious with a semi-closeted girl, though, and here's why. For me, it's about the erasure and loneliness of the closet.

I left it a long time ago, dating a closeted girl. I have, at some points in my life, allowed myself to passively be closeted by other people's assumptions, mostly when I was single or casually dating.


The closets I've experienced are made up of omissions, lies, assumptions, and half-truths - no, I haven't met any nice boys, eh, I wear my hair this way to be practical, she's my roommate, I dating a closeted girl with all my friends, sure that male celebrity is hot, etc.

And they are marked with a constant worry which is wearing and exhausting and makes it hard to be your best, happiest self. All that said, it's a safe place to be for lots of people, for lots of reasons, and I believe that closeted folks have the right to make the call about whether the dishonesty and isolation is worth the safety.

Dating A Girl in the Closet

It often is, and sounds like right now it is dating a closeted girl you, too. But I'm at a point in my life where it is not for me. I control my finances, where I live, where I work, and who my friends are; the risks of being out are far, far smaller for me than the emotional and social costs of being closeted. So though she might be great, and might have dating fender amps serial number part reasons to make that decision for herself, I am not interested in allowing it to be made for me again, and to put my mental health, honesty, and happiness on the line.

I don't want to have to be on guard, lie, or be erased from my partner's life. I don't want my relationship to fall apart because its health and wholeness are less important than the lie, which is in place for other other people's happiness.

I've also seen closeted people do very destructive things, motivated by their fear of exposure and their need to maintain appearances - and they have done these things to close friends, lovers, and their children.

It always seems justified and reasonable, and starts with the same small lies that my closets were made of. I would be worried about getting myself involved in a situation where I would be part of things like that, or hurt people so seriously. Also out, obviously, and also married to a woman. FingerSmithPumpgreylin and 1 other person like this. Joined: May 8, Messages: Likes Received: My gf was semi-closeted so yes, it is doable.

But complicated. There was a time that our situation messed with my head so dating a closeted girl, I started to question the relationship. But it's good now, she recently came out to her parents. I knew coming out will be slow and difficult for her. I had to let go a lot of my expectations and understand that we cannot do some of the things I wanted to do as a couple. Communication helped a lot.

Second try to have a discussion with her about it. Let her know why it is important for you that she acknowledge your relationship.

What does taking your relationship to the next level mean for both of dating a closeted girl A ceremony? Getting a domestic partnership registration? Either of these are very public events and she should know that doing either of those does, in fact, out her. Third help her take the steps necessary to come out.

Help! My Partner is in the Closet

Like I would advise anyone, come out to someone you know is going to be supportive first. Let her have a good experience, something positive to carry her through the potentially difficult conversations she will have with her family. Fifth, be a role model for dating a closeted girl. Show her how freeing and great life can be when you are an out and proud lesbian. Am I comfortable keeping our relationship a secret? How dating a closeted girl aquarius woman I willing to keep our relationship secret?

What kind of self-care or affirmations can I do to remind myself that our relationship is important and valid no matter who knows about it? Am I comfortable being a secret? Am I Ready to Date? Journaling Tips for Survivors of Abuse and Trauma.

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Dating a closeted girl [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)