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She used to have a photo of the two of them from September , but she has since deleted it from her account. Joey also deleted most of the photos of the two of them off her Instagram account. Around The Web. Jacob elordi dating 2019 [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)

Here’s a Complete Timeline of “The Kissing Booth” Stars Joey King and Jacob Elordi’s Relationship

In Jacob's most recent picture which we posted on March 15fans commented with their concerns about how their potential break-up will affect The Kissing Booth jacob elordi dating 2019. But Joey and Jacob are slated to be in the Netflix hit sequel, so we shall see! The Kissing Booth sequel is currently in production so it's kind of shocking to see that Jacob Elordi was the only one missing at the Kids' Choice Awards.

Meanwhile, Joey took home a blimp for "Favorite Movie Actress" and thanked her co-stars for their support.


I want to thank Jacob too," she said in her speech. While they haven't confirmed a break up, it seems like these two might-be exes are still on good terms.

8 Signs Jacob Elordi and Joey King Might Have Broken Up

While Jacob usually takes Joey as his date to press events and after-parties, he opted to hang out with one of his newer co-stars, Hunter Schafer, instead. The two of them were spotted at the HBO party that night, likely celebrating their new show Euphoria.

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While the couple didn't make a lot of red carpet appearances together, it's been a couple of months since they went to an event as each other's dates. After fans started to realize Joey and Jacob haven't been posted about each other in a while, they discovered an interesting tweet from Joey that sort of hinted at a breakup. Many fans took this as the two of them broke up and Joey was happy to have her dog there to comfort her.


She never clarified what she meant or why she decided to tweet out in the first place, but it was one of the first signs the couple was on the rocks. Only two days before Joey posted her mystery tweet, Jacob decided to go on a social media break. He ended up deactivating his entire account and only recently got it back up. Meanwhile, Joey has kept her Instagram going strong, but the last picture of her and Jacob was from the Variety party. Hollywood, Quentin.

Warning: Slight spoilers are ahead.

Jacob Elordi is dating a new girl: Jacob Elordi girlfriend in 2019 😲

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The Real Squeaky Fromme Vs. In Hollywood. He costarred with Joey King in the film, and they became an item in real life — until earlier this year. These days, he's seemingly single, but we did a little more digging jacob elordi dating 2019 see. In an interview with Refinery29 in March, Joey dished that their relationship was no more.


Some of these things are just meant for you," she jacob elordi dating 2019. And since their relationship ended, it looks like Jacob's scrubbed his Instagram of any mention of Joey — or any other hints of a relationship. Instead, he's posted multiple pictures of the actor Heath Ledger and only has 14 pictures total. It seems that now the Euphoria star is focusing on work and covering the Summer issue of Wonderland magazine, where he shared that he's still getting used to being famous following The Kissing Booth.

I was just a child, and they cast me.

Jacob elordi dating 2019 [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)