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You are a teacher. And man, did they ever. I believe he did! U kiss don t flirt [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)

Or maybe it is Eli because why else would he be smoking in a bathtub and looking all sad at the end? Actually, why is he smoking in a bathtub? Smoking is bad for you Eli!!

U-KISS' choreography for 'Don't Flirt' deemed unfit for broadcast + to edit dance for music shows

You have to be a good example for your underage maknae! Which leads me to my next topic:. And man, did they ever. Lately, I have heard a lot of KPOP fans complaining about the high level of over-the-top sexy images that have been seen lately among various idol groups…mostly the girl groups. But what about this comeback? How will this be viewed? Because of the haters who will say they are trying too hard to make it, so they are stepping away from their former image and going the Troublemaker route.

But that is not true! They are truly talented guys!

유키스(U-KISS) '끼부리지마' MV Full Ver.

The mood of the video fits the song. The song fits the video. Now, did they honestly have to throw u kiss don t flirt the threesome scenes with HoonMin and KiSeop?

Did they have to show a close-up of that girls butt as she is on top of Eli in the bed? But they did. Should that discredit the song and how good it is? So what do you think? Do you think they needed something else because they are not as talented as other groups? Say no to both of those or I will find you! Your email address will not be published. The Music: I really like this song!


The red just pops! This only temporary, as he was too busy finishing up his semester at Columbia University to prepare for a comeback as well. Lots of eye-candy in this video, male and female alike! The lyrics talk about a girl who is a flirt. The girl in the club is just sort of there, and each guy tugs on her in turn.

A lot of the members seem awkward around the girls. Some of the members, like Eli, seem to have taken to it rather well, even filming bed scenes. They should have let each member do what they were comfortable with.

U-Kiss – Quit playing (Don’t flirt)

It kind of seems like they were just inserting random sexy scenes for sex appeal and nothing else. Another awkward part about this video is the new member, Jun.

I had to listen to it several times to be able to remember the melody of it.


The dance is pretty sexy- too sexy for music shows at least. Each member has their own female dancer to up the sex appeal, and there are a lot of butts.

Being a fan u kiss don t flirt be difficult, so if you just want to leave now with the happy thoughts of how hot the members look, no one here will ever know. Feel free to jump to the end to see the rating. Now, on to the dirty stuff. In the MV, the men are amorously pursuing the opposite sex.

U-KISS - Quit Playing, 유키스 - 끼부리지마, Show Champion 20140604

The lyrics are all about a man being jealous while the MV shows the man as participating in the sex. Honestly it is the lyrics that are most concerning about this comeback song. What era are these songwriters living in, the s?

U-Kiss – Quit Playing / Don’t Flirt (끼부리지마)

U kiss don t flirt [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)