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Their core services include the ability to set and receive location alerts when family or friends arrive or leave a location, as well as chat within the app. Guilherme Rambo. What We Don't Like Snapchat updates your location only when you open the app. Find My Friends lets you set up location-based alerts that can notify you automatically when a friend arrives at the airport, a child leaves school, or a family member arrives home safely. Find my friends ios app [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)

Apple also wants users to be able to track any item — not just their Apple devices — using this new unified app. This new product will be a tag that can be attached to any item — similar to other products like Tile.

8 Find My Friends Alternatives for Android

Users will be able to receive notifications when their device gets too far away from the tag, preventing them from forgetting the item the tag is attached to. Certain locations can be added to a list of ignored locations, so that the item can be left at those locations without the user being notified.

What We Don't Like Lacks the ability to set or receive alerts based on location changes. What We Don't Like Management of short-term sharing options may confuse some people.

What We Like Easy to add a service intended to work with your network.


What We Like Parents may find the information provided with optional upgrades helpful. What We Don't Like Yet another way to send and receive messages from your phone.

What We Like Location-based lists remind you or a family member to do a task at a specific location. What We Don't Like Not much need for an additional way to chat with family and friends on our phones.

What We Don't Like No option for permanent location sharing with close family or friends.

iOS Quick Tip: Find My Friends on iPhone & iPad

What We Don't Like Snapchat updates your location only when you open the app. Not every family member or friend may use Snapchat. Continue Reading. When using these features, your location is only sent to Apple if it is actively requested by a friend you find my friends ios app sharing with, and retained for 2 hours, after which it is deleted.

This is such a basic program. So I ask, why do you need to update it? I had to download an old version. That's unknown. Half the time you get "Location Not Available".


I used to se Find My iPhone which was great, but since my other account users migrated to their own Apple ID's, I was forced to switch. This would be fine if it would just find the people!!!!

Requires iOS Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. App Store Preview.

Find my friends ios app [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)