Is he flirting or being friendly quiz


His brother was trying to do the Spider-Man shoulder thing to me and my crush said he would protect me. What Vento Aureo character are you? Hidden Anjy June 4, , am. I just found out that he knows, but he didn't say anything to me about it so I'm just gonna hope that he feels the same way about me because I really like him. Is he flirting or being friendly quiz [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)

Aaliyab February 26,pm.

DOES HE LIKE YOU? The Ultimate Quiz!

They like you. Brooke February 11,am. Kathie December 9,am. Adewojo precious October 22,pm. Dont know maybe he love me but i do. Dahrion September 12,am. Hi August 26,am. I honestly just think we're friends, but I'll see I don't think he likes me I'm just making sure I'm sorry, there will be others. No guy is worth your sadness. You're awesome, and any guy who can't see that is definitely not.

Is He Flirting With You?

If he sees me, he'll smile or wave, but sometimes he doesn't see me because he's so rushed, and that's OK. He even walked me to class once. He might smile or say hi quickly.


He would high-five me, maybe. We're pretty good friends. He probably wouldn't see me, or would ignore me because we're not close. Absolutely nothing, unless I contact him. Yeah, he's asked me before, but I think it was as a friend, because nobody was going that he knew. He didn't ask me directly, but I could tell he wanted to hang out, and we did a little bit, but he did spend some time with other friends - we're not attached at the hip or anything.

Nope, nothing close to any of those options. No, but he smiled at me when he saw me and quickly said hi before heading over to his friends. I saw him, and maybe danced by him a couple times. Comments Change color.

Is he flirting or just friendly?

Anonymous girl I met him when I was homeschooled. His brother was trying to do the Spider-Man shoulder thing to me and my crush said he would protect me. Hopeful Bridget So there is this guy in my grade and his name is Howard my crush is he flirting or being friendly quiz he is friends with Christian, Connor and Jake. Connor and me have been really good friends for a while, like we tease eachother and hang out together, so ya.

So Howard went on holiday for a couple weeks and for some reason Christian and Jake came to the conclusion that I liked Connor wich i dont we are just friends but when i was down at the playground with all the boys and a few girls Jake was like ' Do you like Connor? So me and Connot hav this thing that has been going on like all year, we step on eachothers feet and push eachother over, we are really rough is he flirting or being friendly quiz im a tomboy and he doesnt care about safety and one late night chat we were doing it infront of two girls my friends Daniella and Miki and they asked ehat we were doing so i explained and they said it was cute so i punched Miki she didnt care she is a tomboy too but i DO NOT like Connor.

I like Howard and im pretty sure howard likes me back cause we stare at eachother in class and yeah. Thankyou for reading this long paragraph please get back to me if you know what i should do.

Im 12 by the way. ME Buzz Music Beauty Style Crush. Katie Wingfield.

Is He Flirting Or Just Being Nice?

He: Laughs along and chimes in with his own story Reaches out and touches your arm while he's giggling You stop to chat in between classes, and you notice that's he's constantly: Checking his phone Checking his hair Your crush went out of his way to carry your books for you.

The next day, he: Asks you what TV shows you've been watching lately Tells you he checked out the first few episodes Has he ever asked if you're single? No Yes When he talks to you, is his voice loud or quiet? Loud Quiet You always catch him: Staring off Smiling You're walking to class together when your paths split.

He: Tells you he'll see you soon and goes to his class Keeps chatting with you and says is he flirting or being friendly quiz take the long way to class You pass one of his friends in the hall. His friend: Casually waves as you pass Smiles and makes sure to say hello Does he stand closer to you than one of your friends would?

Don't forget to date for love not for fun, it can cause serious heart break.


Always make sure your not hurt, and your making the right choices! If he likes you, great!!! Does he like you? Or is he a player?

Is he flirting or being friendly quiz [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)