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Terms And Conditions. Friend Finder. How to use Friend Finder? You can enjoy all these features via SMS, and do not need sophisticated handsets at all. Need Help? In future subscribers would also have the option of purchasing special deals on e-coupons though D-App offered by Dialog Partner Merchants on their respective smartphones and then proceed to the location to collect the offer.

For dialog find friend location subscribers who are in close proximity to a restaurant offering a discount can purchase the special offer via D-App before arriving at the location. The Company is also one of the largest listed companies on the Colombo Stock Exchange in terms of market capitalization.

The company delivers advanced mobile telephony and high speed mobile broadband services to dating profile description subscriber base in dialog find friend location of 7 Million Sri Lankans, via a 2.

Dialog also provides a comprehensive suite of International Roaming Services across a global footprint comprising of more than countries, and operates a wide portfolio of international telecommunication services, including but not limited to retail and wholesale international voice and data services. DTV supports a broad array of international and local content alongside a wide portfolio of Sri Lankan television channels and delivers high quality infotainment to a viewer base in excess ofSri Lankan Households.

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The service also includes functions to find friends in the vicinity and to send secret messages? I didn't dialog find friend location those functions out yet.

Overall I think dialog's buddy tracking service is smethng new and interesting but it has some flaws. You have to send many SMSs with correct format in order to receive the service properly. Dialog floods you with sometimes unnecessary SMSs when u use this service which is not harmful but can be pretty annoying. Privacy issues are controlled well but it doesn't allow friends to mislead each other by pretending to be somewhere else.

Terms And Conditions

I think dialog should modify this service by giving user's the option to set their location in addition to allowing dialog to detect it automatically just like in iGoogle.

Finally i think it's cool that dialog will take the effort to provide new and interesting applications to users even if they are probably only doing it to make more money:D. If you have comments about this please post them here:. So basically, this is no different than sending a SMS to your friend and asking "Where are you?

Until then not much use. Something like that, but the difference with this is you can't lie about your location. If dialog can simply integrate with Google Latitude like they do for Facebook the problems will be solved and that way you can share your location with friends dialog find friend location over the world easily from your mobile you wouldn't have to have an iPhone for that!

Dialog find friend location [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)