Where can i meet nerdy guys


There's a Gaper's Block meet-up tonight! Finding out that the two of you share similar — or at least complimentary — interests will make him feel a bond with you. Around The Web. Where can i meet nerdy guys [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)

I've heard some buzz about consumating. And is your name "croutons up a freak" or "crouton supafreak"?


What a great link! If one is interested in female nerds of the attractive sort i. I've spent much time trying to persuade male nerds that they really shouldn't limit themselves to just the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow which is cute female nerds. Part where can i meet nerdy guys it, I think, is that someone, somewhere along the lines, convinced a lot of male nerds that they need a woman who shares their interests and thus "understands" them.

That this is hardly the basis for a good relationship is a very difficult thing to explain -- passion isn't based on having hobbies or job skills in common. I think also they're a bit lazy -- the pot of gold cute nerd persumably wouldn't require the sort of companionship which a male nerd might find excruciating, you know, shoe shopping, hanging out with her other non-nerd friends talking about non-nerd things, etc.

How Do Girls Like To Meet Guys?

I think the universal problem here is that most of the ways that geeks'n'nerds of either sex tend to spend their time are either solitary geeking out, writing theses or in groups that have a kind of fixed membership gaming. The unlikeliness of finding someone of a similar metal persuasion in a random sample of the population e. One exception here in Seattle is hiking or climbing. It was unusually popular among the CS types when I was at school. One nice thing where can i meet nerdy guys it is that the activity doesn't really keep you from talking to other people, but if you don't feel like talking to anyone it's perfectly acceptable to just quietly enjoy the hike.

And it's a nice change from staring at the screen all day. Geekiness has become a lot more socially acceptable in the last where can i meet nerdy guys years or so, which is nice, and has led to geeky events like dorkbot. Nobody's mentioned comic book stores yet? That's where all my single chat room male friends go.

And the great thing is that you know they'll be there every Wednesday, like clockwork, so if you see one you like you can "run into" them again, no problem. Study computer science, you'll be up to your ears in them There's usually giveaways in the profile to indicate dorkiness.

I work in Evanston with a guy that sounds like he might be what you're interested in. Very good and decent person, software developer who will be painfully and brutally honest about what records in your collection suck. Has two playful dogs that he sometimes goes home to visit at lunch.

If you're interested, I'm wiling to act as a proxy for the initial email exchange - my email is in my profile. There's a Gaper's Block meet-up tonight! Hie thee! And caring.

How To Meet/Talk to Nerdy Girls/Guys

So, yeah, "geek" is no longer a term of derision, but it's not like you'll actually want to date most of the guys down at the local unix group.

I mean, who knows, maybe you'll have particularly good luck, but the reality is, there are "real" geeks who are semi-autistic, i. This isn't to say don't seek people out who you relate to, but I just think it's worth being careful about fetishizing stereotypes. But, to answer your question more directly, I think you have to choose which geeky activities you're into, and then hang out in those groups.

Music geeks hang out at record shops. Comix geeks hang out at comic shops. Programmer geeks join their local hackers list. Online geeks, well, you've got that covered, I guess. As where can i meet nerdy guys science PhD geeks, do you have a science phd, or are you getting one? A lot of conferences or lectures are open to the public. I'm in philosophy myself, but I know michio kaku who is semi philosophical science is speaking at CUNY in a couple weeks, and I'm planning to check it out not to pick up a hot date, tho'.

I have also found that if you read nerdy books on the subway or in a cafe, people will commonly start a conversation with you if the where can i meet nerdy guys is specific enough to an area - e. I'm a supafreak. And I like croutons.

That's about it. Since I met my guy through the online personals, he just e-mailed me and then called me. In one-on-one settings it's tough, because shy nerd girls will probably erect a wall of defenses when you go up to them and start talking.


I'd say the secret is to act interested in what she says, try to make her feel smart without being patronizing, don't over promote yourself, and try to get a phone number.

Then call, and instead of asking her out just talk for a while and ask if you can call again. If you get to know her intellectually before you start doing stuff together she might be more prone to accept a date. You where can i meet nerdy guys substitute "e-mail address" for phone number and "write" for "call," even.

A lot of time the shy nerd female will say "no" and then hate herself for it later, because she was lady gaga wayne single embarrased to accept a romantic overture. Other times, she's really not interested.

These can turn people off very quickly. Never disrespect anyone for not having as much "nerd cred" as you do. New nerds, and people just discovering a new interest, deserve to be welcomed and treated well. Showing disdain for someone is a fast way to ruin a relationship.

Consider making the first move. If you're dating a fellow nerd, it's possible that they'll be shy. It's also possible that they'll mistake your romantic interest for friendship, so you need to be clear that you would like something more.

Here are some examples: "Would you like to see a movie with me? Would you like to go out sometime?

Your Guide to Picking Up Geek Guys

Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered. Already answered Not a question Bad question Other. Tips Nerdy people are usually socially withdrawn, so you have to be really patient and ready your mind to take things slow. Relationships are a wonderful thing, but they're not everything. Continue to improve yourself in all aspects of your life, whether it be school, work, your family relationships, your health, all of these things will help you look and feel your best.

12 of the best online dating sites for geeks, nerds, sci-fi buffs, and more

Confidence is attractive! If your best friend is a fellow nerd, why not see if they are interested? Attend clubs that are centered around topics you are interested. Clubs are a fun and easy way to meet new friends that share your same interests. You can find clubs at some of your local libraries if you are not currently attending a high school or college. Make sure you connect in certain types of nerdy genres-If someone likes Star Wars, and another likes Supernatural, it could be a hard fit!

Warnings Wait for the right person for you! Why it's great for geeks: It's not always easy being a geek, but with this service, it can be easy for you to meet others in your area. Aside from the fact that the service is free, you can connect with geeks from all over America, the U.

However it does look a where can i meet nerdy guys outdated, but is free. Best for Harry Potter fans and muggles alike. Image: dating for muggles. How it works: After setting up an account, which you can do pretty quickly, the site will suggest matches based on your interests.

You can do a basic search or input more parameters for more of an advanced query, plus look for members near you. Why it's great for geeks: Singles who sign up for Dating For Muggles have a wide variety of interests. The site allows you to pretty much message people instantly and where can i meet nerdy guys it from there.

Dating For Muggles is part of an online connections dating network, which includes gamer dating sites. If you join, your profile will automatically be shown across other related dating platforms.

Best for die-hard Trekkies. Image: trek passions. Who's online: People who are seeking new friends, chat buddies, casual flings, and everlasting romance. Mature women sunbathing it works: Once you log on you'll have the option of viewing members who are online.

You can either add them as a friend, send them a private message, or "like" their profile. It's really pretty simple. Why it's great for geeks: Trek Passions is great for geeks because there are tons of geeks on the website. We gave it a quick look, and saw members whose interests vary from Star Trek and Dr. Who to UFOs and video games. Best for like-minded geeks. Who's online: Thousands of geeks, dorks, dweebs, and nerds who are obsessed with Star WarsStar Trekanime, and cosplay.

How it works: The company uses a scientific matching system that compares your profile with all the other geeks out there to get you a date with someone who understands you. If you're looking for friends, romance, love, and ultimately marriage, gk2gk has tons of singles looking to match with people just like you.

Why it's great for geeks: The site claims to be the largest online dating website for nerds, but that's proven difficult to verify. What we can say is that unlike some of the others on the list that make you fill out long questionnaires to meet others, gk2gk lets you get really detailed with your profile. Your suggestions will be more accurate and other users can see if they fit with what you're looking for.

Impress a fine-looking geek with your quick wit and reflexes. If you can stand them possibly being a little smelly camping outdoors for days will do that to youthere's lots of opportunity to chat while you wait.

Bring some classic board games, instant hot chocolate, and playing cards, and learn sufjan stevens a good man is hard to find about your fellow line mates while beating boredom at the same time.

Midnight movies — Theaters often screen cult films every month at midnight and the screenings attract a die-hard following. Dress up, sit with the regulars, and participate in the silliness, especially joining the crowd to scream out famous lines.

Stay after to compliment a cute guy who's dressed in an awesome costume or to chat with other attractive audience members.

WonderCon and Comic-Con — Comic convention geeks are passionate, committed how else would they be able to finish such elaborate costumes? Head to this year's Comic-Con convention ready to mingle: hit up some of the celebrity panels and strike up a conversation with a lone cutie, then go to the costume gala prepared with your own impressive outfit.

Techie art openings — Research interesting local artists in your area that combine their artistic and engineering skills. Geek guys are frequently shy and afraid of rejection. How many times have you been at a bar, party or book store, locked eyes with a hot geeky guy and given him your best come-hither stare, only to watch him turn back where can i meet nerdy guys the graphic novels?

The less socially experienced they are, the less likely they are to know what to look for in the first place.


Hell, there was one particularly harrowing time in college when I was doing spot illustrations for the campus paper. The reason for this is two-fold. The other reason, frankly is that women are socialized to be friendly and to avoid causing offense. Or five. This is going to be frustrating to a lot of you, but stick with me here.

Many of you are already used to having to take the initiative in every other aspect of your lives. They tend towards the introverted and shy and more than a little afraid of you.

Where can i meet nerdy guys [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)