How to find male and female lovebirds


Even Bonded pairs of the same sex of lovebirds are known to work on nesting together. Let your vet know that you plan to breed the lovebirds. Even though Abyssinian may be slightly longer than Peach-faces, they tend to be quite slender, and Peach-faces are typically heavier. Would love to get a new bird soon, just want to know everything I can about the new birds I get. Move the birds to the same cage after a couple of days. How to find male and female lovebirds [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)

Eight of the nine species come from Africa, the remaining one from Madagascar. The most common species in the United States and maybe worldwide is the charming Peach-faced Lovebird - which have been bred in an array of beautiful color mutations.

The striking-looking black-maskeds are also widely available. These small parrots sometimes also referred to as "Pocket Parrot" have the intelligence and abilities of many of the larger parrots. They can also get quite bossy with other pets and even family members. Their voice apparatus allows a wide range of articulations, including the imitation of the human voice.

Although they are not known to be great talkers; and most never learn local bbw women talk at all.

If bonded to a human, they will make a very special pet indeed; ever loving as is true to its name. However, they do need a mate that spends significant time throughout the day with them - and in how to find male and female lovebirds absence of a bird mate - the bird owner has to fill this strong need for affection.


A pet lovebird that is given little attention is probably one of the saddest sights I can think of. On the other hand, poorly socialized or even abused lovebirds are typically very aggressive - and gaining their trust and love is very time consuming. Not everybody is able to give this special bird the time commitment it needs. They make lively and energetic pet birds. They are available in a variety of colors and are playful and often boisterous birds.

They require an owner who is willing to provide the care and attention this animated bird adores.

How to Tell Male From Female Lovebirds

Birds that do not receive this attention become prone to behavioral problems, including feather picking. Pet potential of lovebirds and their care requirements.


They are small, stocky versions of parrotswith a short, blunt tail, and a large hooked upper beak. Those found in the wild are typically green with a variety of colors on their upper body, depending on the species.

Some specieslike the Black-maskedFischer'sBlack-cheekedand the yellow-collared lovebirds, have a white ring around the eye, although many color mutations have been developed in captivity.

Lovebirds male female difference.

They measure about how to find male and female lovebirds - 7. The Peach-faced is the largest lovebird species, weighing in at from grams.

Even though Abyssinian may be slightly longer than Peach-faces, they tend to be quite slender, and Peach-faces are typically heavier. Gender Identification: In most lovebird species, males and females look alike and the only sure method of identifying flirt fitness grand rapids michigan gender may be DNA sexing or surgical sexing.

Most of the species that are kept as pets, however, They are not easily sexed. If you don't, figure out their sex first you could end up with more birds than you wanted. Determining the Sex With Physical Tests. You can give your lovebirds a simple physical exam. You should feel the pelvic bones through the feathers and skin. Get a Blood Test. Get a blood test. This is The best way to find out a lovebird's sex. Your bird's DNA will be examined in a lab and you will have a conclusive answer as to the sex of the bird.

The way this works is the following, there are many online services that will send you a tool kit to your home with instructions in how to do it yourself. Then you send it to the lab by mail and they once finish will send you the results of your lovebird sex by male. Maybe you're simply curious about the genders of your lovebirds and it really doesn't matter to you what they are.

If that is the case, there's no need to traumatize how to find male and female lovebirds birds with a surgical procedure or take blood from them to test their DNA. You can always look at telltale physical characteristics and behavior to make a guess. In many monomorphic birds, the females are just a bit larger than the males, and sometimes the females' beaks are larger. A clue you can't miss is that females are the only ones who lay eggs.

They also are more aggressive and territorial. Female lovebirds will chew up nesting material like paper and stash it in the feathers near the derriere to carry to the nesting site. Some males chew up nesting material, but they don't tuck it away in their feathers. Elle Di Jensen has been a writer and editor since She began working in the fitness industry inand her experience includes editing and publishing a workout manual. She has an extended family of pets, including special needs animals.

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How to find male and female lovebirds [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)