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There She Goes — The L. Get the chords, here. I've also linked a couple of tutorials I found useful myself when learning a couple of songs on the list. Questions must be on-topic, written with proper grammar usage, and understandable to a wide audience. That mandolin part is also easy to play on the ukulele — it should be in your repertoire! We find love ukulele chords [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt) DATING WEBSITE BIO EXAMPLES

I personally love to just pick over the chords by picking the A string first and then just stepping down to the G string for a we find love ukulele chords, stripped down sound that we find love ukulele chords lets the lyrics shine.

Lana del Rey is a surprising artist to include on a list like this. As much as I love her music, it isn't often that she sings love songs appropriate for singing to someone that you're still in a relationship with. Also, pop music tends towards chords that are a nightmare to play on the ukulele.

I personally blame the piano. You compare four strings to all of the keys on a piano and it's no wonder some of the more jazzy chords work better on the latter. Other versions of this adorable Valentine's Day classic are less than simple, especially for the uke, but Ella Fitzgerald's version is perfectly playable. I'd recommend you watch who you play it for though, considering lyrics like "Your looks are laughable, unphotographable" and "Is your figure less than Greek? Is your mouth a little weak?

Like several other oldies songs on this list, you can play La Vie en Rose with a simple swing strum and it'll sound as fantastic as any more fancy strumming pattern. While I never got into How I Met Your Mother myself, I can appreciate a shoutout to the ukulele in whatever form it takes, especially if the audience is as big as a primetime television show. Yes, you saw that correctly. That is an E chord in a song on a list of songs that are supposed to be fairly simple to play on the ukulele.

If you've tried memorizing chords for any length of time, you probably know that the E chord is a sin against humanity.


Not to worry. I tried it myself and found it worked just fine, which is great, because the song itself is very sweet. I'll be honest. It works for the ukulele because it's a very percussive song, making strumming easy to figure out.

The chords don't change at all during the verses, making it a perfect song for a beginner.

We Find Love

Ah, yet another entry for the list that was played nearly everywhere a few years ago and then faded into obscurity. Cecilia and the Satellite makes use of your basic Am, C, F, and G chords, but I would argue that the simple chord progression helps the lyrics shine even brighter.

Japanese Denim - Daniel Caesar (ukulele TUTORIAL)

Cecelia, like many other easy four chords songs, is also great for learning to pick over chords if you want to get into that, and I highly recommend it. Stripping down the accompaniment and just picking can add a whole new layer of beauty to a song with great lyrics.

I mean, maybe. I can't say I've tried playing every old song to test it out, but I've tried enough to know that most of them sound good. This version of Frank Sinatra's famous single may have quite a few chords, as a lot of big band numbers do, but they're all very simple to play and the quick chord changes are good for practice.


This one's another swing strum song. Not only does it sound lovely, it's also fairly simple if you're still trying to improve your rhythm. If you're more interested in getting the hang of picking, I like to pluch the G, C, E, A, and then C string again once per chord, we find love ukulele chords.

You can repeat this pattern throughout the whole song without changing anything. The B7 chord in Sea of Love is the only one that might give you some trouble.

Sure, it's showed up in other songs on the list, but the difference is that it's the only difficult chord in this song. I know a most people barre the second fret and put their middle finger on the third fret of the C string, I'll admit to playing it by we find love ukulele chords some sort of claw abomination with my hand and putting a separate finger on each string. I know, I know. That sounds like a needlessly complicated way to play an intermediate chord. But for some reason that's where my fingers want to go, so if you think it might help to try it out that way, I say go for it.

I'll admit wholeheartedly that I thought this song was an original by Aerosmith and not a cover for most of my childhood. He said tell me [ F ] are you [ C ] lonely. Is there some place we can [ G7 ] go. If you wanna find [ F ] gold go looking in the [ C ] mountains. If you wanna find silver go digging in the [ G7 ] stones. If you wanna find [ C ] heaven go [ F ] reading in the [ C ] Bible. If you wanna find [ G7 ] love go looking at [ C ] home.

It was later recorded time and time again by different performers. Harry Connick Jr. You can play it on the ukulele pretty easily. The song is complex enough that you can simplify it and leave out some of the passing chords found in some of the more difficult arrangements.

One of the most popular recordings is from the movie version of the play. A far less cheesy version although that might still have a lot of cheese for modern ears is Jay and the Americans version from Try it, here! The most popular recording of this song is from the Beach Boys in the s, but Sinatra and others recorded this tune as well.

You can get the chords for this song here! In the Still of the Night — This classic recorded by The Five Satins still makes an appearance every so often in movies and is played on oldies olivia owl finds a friend we find love ukulele chords even today!

Play it in any key and make your sweetheart swoon! But it will be worth it, believe me! One of the more popular recordings was by Paul Anka, but other versions are great, too. Can it get any better than this? Sam Cooke, one of the smoothest voices of the s brought us this number in It also sounds great stripped down on a ukulele.

Loose x We Find Love by Daniel Caesar // Nix

Learn the chords! Everybody loves this Righteous Brothers song fromand it will probably be used until the end of time! Learn the chords, here! Songs like this sound great with just the voice and a single instrument.

And the solo is incredibly simple as well. You should learn it immediately! Click here for the ukulele chords. There She Goes — The L. This classic is one of the best easy ukulele songs, and everyone I know recognizes it as one of the greatest love songs of all time.

Like most Fleetwood Mac songs, it can be stripped down of its lush vocals and complicated arrangement to make a simple yet beautiful love song for the ukulele.

We find love ukulele chords [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)