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When the women fired verbal barrages at him, he always had a smile and a better comeback. But when I got home, I took a shower, shaved, and put on clean, fresh clothes. But like most men he will only make the right choice when he is tired of being tortured. You may as well buy lottery tickets! He being us, of course. Doc love dating dictionary pdf [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)

Show ALL Forums. Home login. So there is this guy who goes by the name Doc Love. I agree with VegasGambit. Not only is Doc Love just after your money, his advice is lame and totally off the mark. For example, he advises you to play gamessuch as waiting a week to call a woman after getting her number. A week? If a man asked for my number, then waited a week to call me, I would have already forgotten his name by then. Systems work in a general way and some of them do give really good advice.

I think it gives virgin little grasshoppers something to look forward to. I see you are trying some reverse psychology already. That IS one technique that sometimes works on those with low self-esteem. Enjoy your alone time with your apocryphal "girlfriend". Just bluffing that you have one hooks into that "unavailability" angst that some fragile young teenager may still carry.

Dating Tips For Guys: One Chance, Per Woman, Per Lifetime (Outlaw Dave Show)

Justplainjohn maybe some women only stay with a man for cars and money, doc love dating dictionary pdf I do believe women genuinely feel love doc love dating dictionary pdf they find the right guy. Just plain john, If you are bumping into women like that, go to a different bar. I like the advice, and I agree with it totally. The things she says and does will have new meaning.

This is a sign of her good breeding, but not necessarily high Interest Level in you. If a woman talks about her exes again on the second date, flush the number. She wants a girlfriend, not a boyfriend. In spite of what a woman does, you should always display Confidence, practice Self-Control, and be a Challenge.

Because they meet singles in bristol the universal male strength qualities that clinically sane women go for - all the time.

Remember, a healthy choice in a woman makes for more fun later, if she decides to make you her boyfriend. It takes you three dates to find your shoelaces. I loved him, but after a while his tall tales got old. Had enough? The truth always comes out, so tell it like it is.

If you have a tough time in this area, I suggest that you keep your mouth shut. You only lower her Interest Level when you talk. Confident men know fertilizer only goes on the lawn! She sees right through you. Because she stays with him even when she has low Interest Level, allowing her resentment to build and her love to diminish even further, thus killing any possibility of its ever returning. Caprice alone? Being the stronger of the species Feministas have to be right about something!

On the other hand, the first reason Tom feels so bad after he doc love dating dictionary pdf Caprice is because he still cares about her feelings. The Key is to get mad and then get tough — on yourself. She thought the government should hand out a booklet to all new arrivals on the American way of doing things — like learning English and not eating Fido. That, however, would be culturally insensitive! But it would teach them how to have class: things like taking the trashcans in after they are emptied rather than walking around them for the next six days.


Your shoes would have to be clean. No worn-out Levis. Teeth and nails perfect. My parents ground table manners into me. In grammar school, the teachers in the flat chested older women would point me out to other students as an example of good 45 manners.

Then the kids would throw food at me when the teachers left! Study the lowlifes on The Springer Show and do the opposite. Miss Right is classy, and she wants her man to be the same — so rent those Cary Grant movies and copy doc love dating dictionary pdf master. Remember, even if you were born on the wrong side of the tracks, you can still act as if you have breeding by always showing manners and class. Three out of the 10 will use the answering machine against you by not plcklnq up the phone or returning your calls.

Two out of the remaining seven will doc love dating dictionary pdf their dates without a counter-offer. Do not be depressed. Why would she care? She has zero Interest Level! To review, two out of the seven dates were broken. In spite of this, most men call back for another date thus beating a dead horseproving to these women that they are like all the other meet men online dates in her past: weak 46 and needy and one of these guys bench-presses Ibs!

The odds of her excuse for breaking the date having anything to do with the truth are the same as you: 1 winning the lottery 2 being hit by lighting 3 being jumped by a cougar 4 being eaten by a shark 5 doc love dating dictionary pdf Jesse Jackson run away from a television camera or 6 being shot by a terrorist!

Your ego, which is now working overtime to rationalize her behavior, compels you to pick up the phone and beg for another sucker punch! When a woman breaks a date, she is telling you that she has zero Interest Level and disrespects men in general. In a sense this is good, but it is misleading to a man.

At least now you know where you stand. When you get 10 numbers, only three actually like you. Flush broken-date numbers before you are tempted to memorize them. That means ASAP. But more importantly I want to protect your hearts from unnecessary humiliation.

Listen to this war story. How come? When he asked for her home phone number Tom knows to always ask for the home phone number she gave it to him without any enthusiasm. I am not saying that all women are users. I am saying that 48 they have their own ways and if you are aware of them, you will get hurt less often. Some women go out just to go out. Why not? You are paying for it.

This is true for doc love dating dictionary pdf men, but only some women. Remember: only three out of 10 women who give you their phone numbers actually like you. Make sure you are sitting down. The sin here, guys, is never considering this scenario as a possibility.

If you want fair, go to the state fair. At first, she will say she never has, but if you keep digging, you will get — finally — a straight answer. Because you are the only guy who keeps her on the defensive when talking about love.

You can have lots of fun with this info. And above all, there flirt wedge fairness and openness! When I was in sales, doc love dating dictionary pdf, there were people who called our company to send out a salesperson to their homes, only to spend three or four hours wasting his time.

Take a guess what we salespeople called the Jones family! This is the equivalent of dating with low Interest Level, guys. Every girl you meet is practice for the next one. When what I ask you to do comes naturally, you will be ready for Miss Right. They never argue — she just gets her way, like that left-wing extremist Uncle Joe Stalin used to in Mother Russia. Now Tom has a choice. And they say women are the weaker sex — what a joke!

But like most men he will only make the right choice when he is tired of being tortured. Misery and pain will wear Tom down until, finally, he stands up to her by leaving. If he had gotten rid of her sooner, he could have been with a good Flexible girl. Now he only walks around with sad eyes. But you have to be brutally honest with your ego-driven self — this is the time for humility. You must be disciplined in order for things to change in your love life.

Tom, like a lot of guys who finally leave, should have made that judgment call during the dating period rather than in divorce court. Assuming I started with the right questions, my conclusions are correct. I did, and they are. So here we go. You meet Caprice, give her your pitch, and then ask for her home phone number. She will either give you the number or a whopper! If you do what she asks and give her your card, you just gave up Self-Control one-third of Control — see the Truth Triangle.

If she was interested in you she would have given you her home number to begin with. Believe it or not, women actually help you only when they like you. Because we 51 want high Interest Level to begin with and the above do not demonstrate that.

Am I going too fast for you, Tommy? A variation of this female communication scam is when she gives you her business card.

Doc Love's THE SYSTEM The Dating Dictionary (The Mastery Series)

Put on your thinking caps: Who has higher Interest Level — a girl who gives you her business number or a girl who gives you her home phone number? There — I figured it out for you. If she does, find the nearest trash receptacle as soon as you are out of her sight. Even better, hand her the card back and grin at her like AI Pacino. A girl with high Interest Level will actually give you her home phone number! You watch this guy go down to Brazil, climb up high in a tree, and spend 30 years training his cameras on one beautiful butterfly.

What motivates someone to spend so long just to find out what makes this butterfly tick? But the part that I find most interesting, of course, is why this tiny creature chooses and stays with her partner.

A woman is like a butterfly. She shops for pretty and colorful clothing, and the makeup she wears makes her features more attractive — or at least this is what Revlon has led us to believe. The perfume she wears is also enticing, especially if it is jungle gardenia.

She wears elevator shoes high heels or platforms to lose 10 pounds, make her legs grow longer, and hopefully add a bowling-ball shape to her derriere. The doc love dating dictionary pdf reason women imitate butterflies is to get men to love them.

Remember to try to love them only for their intellects. Caprice, married to Tom for two years, is about to give him the surprise of his life. She is about to tell him that she is going to leave him for a movie career in Hollywood.

Fair enough. She worships the camera because the 53 camera worships her. Starring in a movie with Tom Cruise or posing on the cover of Vogue — only the camera can make that happen. And, as Mrs. When you give your beautiful girlfriend the engagement ring, ask her this question and if she hesitates in answering, slide the ring off her finger as quickly as you can!

Remember, to a Beautiful Woman, no man can ever beat the camera. He was my role model because women had to chase him in order to catch him.

When the women fired verbal barrages at him, he always had a smile and a better comeback. Women never got to Cary Grant, at least on the 54 screen. He never got rattled or uptight; he was always smooth as silk. This comic charmer is now in the great motion picture studio in the sky making the angels blush! Get his attitude and copy his bantering. Remember, if you do, you too can make your angel blush! Personally, I love Pussycat. Fido will love anyone unconditionally, but Pussycat has her own ways.

She has to be worked — cultivated, as it were. I pretend to that cat that I could take her or leave her. Then she jumps on my lap. I pet her once or twice and stop. Wait one minute then another stroke. The Reality Factor says that you pick the cat, but the cat chooses you. Let me go through this love tactic slowly from a different angle.

First, pay no attention to her Challenge. Then, give her a few meows, and wait. But kitty, like Caprice, has to think she is in control at all times. You do not push — you just gently lead. Remember, doc love dating dictionary pdf, women with a high Interest Level and good attitude purr and women with a low Interest Level and bad attitude scratch and sometimes even growl at you like Fido never would! Principles get reinforced with time. The reason Challenge took so long and was so hard for me to discover was because no woman actually used the word, and only a few even remotely alluded to it.

Challenge, guys, is what the woman wants. But it takes guts and hard doc love dating dictionary pdf to master. But unless I said the word Challenge, she would never bring it up. I like a guy more if I have to chase doc love dating dictionary pdf or work to get him.

I stumbled across Challenge by accident when probing with improved interviewing techniques. He was different. He kept me on my toes, so I married him. In sales, the phone is used to set up a meeting — not to give out information. Men should realize that the phone is used only to set a date, not to give interviews. Then I would decide whether or not I wanted to go out.

A blank stare. But if a guy waited, and I was thinking about him, it would have a positive effect on my feelings.

Challenge is like money in the bank that works for you while you are asleep - it grows. Now, for the first time in her doc love dating dictionary pdf, she is forced to become the aggressor the tables are turned for a change! I guess you know what all this does to her Interest Level! You go in slowly, stop, back up, and she goes bananas! Just the thought of playing hard to get scares most timid men.

The biggest part of relationships that is missing today is Challenge. It is the lost key to the mating dance. Psych majors call this behavioral modification. But when I show men that a change in habit will benefit them, some people accuse me of making actors out of men, or worse, manlputators. Nothing could be further from the truth. But until men become aware of how relationships work, this male gender-cleansing must continue. You will be inspired when you start getting positive responses from women, but this takes a while.

The truth will make you powerful. Tom can just stand there and women are in awe of him. He has an aura around him, a glow as it were. The Key is to watch the charmer, and take what you can from him. Learn how to tease, kid, and banter with women. Notice how playful he is with doc love dating dictionary pdf. She is available, and you passed the physical. But this time, fate is smiling over your shoulder. Remember, someone has to win the lottery. It may as well be you! On your first date, as you shut off the car engine, she goes for the door handle.

You say that you will get it, walk around the 61 car, and open the door. Take her hand, help her out of the car, and offer your arm. When you walk into the restaurant, hold the door open so she can go in first. You select the table and pull out her part time jobs for. Classy women like this.

Her comfort level is rising and she knows you have class. Nothing beats a self-assured man. Look at all the points you won, mostly without saying a word or spending a dime. You also tested her Interest Level and her attitude by her reactions. This means tons of info for you. Be bold and gallant. She is looking for the knight on the big white charger that she reads about in her stupid romance novels.

Remember, after she decides to keep you, doc love dating dictionary pdf will be throwing those books into the fireplace to keep you warm - which is where they belong!

New christian dating site free around the bend is a whole new life, full of untold romantic feelings and unlimited earthly happiness! But the poor chump is on an even lower scale when it comes to being disrespected by women.

He is the king of minions. Paint your house or free online dating sites in uk without payment your furniture, doc love dating dictionary pdf, he is waiting to be used. The Key is to never, ever imitate this guy because you have high Interest Level in a woman.

Remember, some guys are unfixable. Instead, smile and walk up to her. A classy guy or woman can wear jeans and still have class. Look around and listen to men and women at get-togethers, and Figure out who the classy people are. See how they handle themselves and how they respond to various situations — they are always calm. They engage in positive small talk, and exemplify Self-Control.

They look you in the eye when they talk to you and seem sincerely interested in what you say.


The Key is to study Cary Grant movies and learn the principles involved as he maintains his composure when a women tries to put him down, bust his chops, change him, or the worst — take him to Hell in a handbasket by nagging him to death. Miss Right knows you are confident when you are classy, so watch your table manners. I took training sessions from the best sales managers, and I heard motivating speeches from the most inspirational speakers — and they all had one thing in common.

Imagine that Tom the peddler goes into Mr. Does she offer a backrub or give you the doc love dating dictionary pdf to call a Chiropractor? Flexibility - A girl who is not structured. Someone who is playful. Is she hassle-free? Marriage - Date her for 2 years and watch her attitude Integrity, Flexibility, Giving for red flags.

Show that you can keep her in the 90's. Then she can ask you to marry her or hint for you to ask. Keep practicing the system study 15 minutes every night.

Date your wife. Be a challenge. Make a place away from her like the garage or live in separate houses. Reset you can listen to Doc love doc love dating dictionary pdf his radio program on the net. Use torrents. I've heard the show. I actually started reading his articles on askmen and decided to buy the System, which I haven't finished yet.

I like how he uses humor, and how he tells men to do what we say here, keep it light, have fun, be a challenge, and wait to hairy older mature women all the red flags before you make any sort of commitment.

This chick's article is just proof it works. But again, the part I disagree with is that women with high interest will never play games. We know that girls don't know why they do what they do, it just happens. They challenge the guy, too.

Dating Tips For Guys: She's Not Interested

They set doc love dating dictionary pdf because they want to see if your masculinity is for real. Doesn't mean they aren't interested. But overall I like his style. Edit--I skimmed this article, and what is funny is she seems to ONLY talk about how long a guy waits to call. That's so minor. I believe he says, don't call soon, because he wants you to adopt that prize mentality. It's not that you don't call, it's that find true love emulate the natural who just naturally has a lot going on in his life.

Maybe he'll call maybe he won't. But he's not sitting by the phone with a stop-watch wondering when the right time is. You're testing HER for interest. She may just really enjoy giving out phone numbers. Does she remember you a week later? It's about you qualifying HER, not worrying that she'll get mad if you don't call. Flip it around.

Know the answer? Keep reading We know that you want information before you decide to invest so you can read more and order by scrolling down but here are a few links we want you to consider. The System is now available for immediate download—no shipping! Find out more The System is now available in an audio format, too. Find out more. For the same reason you hire a coach to get better at athletics or take a class to be better in business, you should hire me for my area of expertise because I give the best doc love dating dictionary pdf advice to guys.

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