Libra man dating pisces woman


If you love each other and you are well suited. She needs Libra to share her compassion and intense emotional connection to the world. He must respect you. Libra man dating pisces woman [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)

My advice to all my piscean sisters, if he can't respect you, break it off with him ASAP. Don't ever let a man control you. Especially if the man is charming.

Are Pisces Women and Libra Men Compatible?

Being pretty and having great sex isn't going to get you everything. Stand up for yourselves my loves!!!! Excuse my English also please I been reading all you women with Libra man and I'm amazed how much this sounds so much of what I am dealing with with my Libra man.

I'm a Pisces obviously and tonight I've finally told my boyfriend of almost 6 years the first 3 yrs was long distance that I was done and tired. I can't do it anymore. Libra man dating pisces woman never felt so stupid in my life. And he makes me feel like that. And what's sad is that I love this boy to death!

As you see I said boy, I've finally realized why we are probably not working out from reading all yall comments saying that they need to mature.


I'm his first real relationship. In the beginning it seemed like I found my perfect match. I would tell him OMG I am you without the male organ. I would come and visit him long distance and it would be utterly bliss. We would be on each other allllllllll day.

We wouldn't even come up for air. But then it just got bad after a libra man dating pisces woman of moving in with each other. He said I was ungrateful. Now you know that could not be us! A Pisces ungrateful we can't even say NO!

Later on, it got to the point were he told me he couldn't communicate with me. And I swear I would try to understand him. It just seems like it got difficult to please him.

Pisces and Libra Compatibility

It started feeling like I had to walk on egg shells. I don't know what free website dating sites do? He says he wouldn't leave me down and out without anything. He will make sure that I have money to be able to get on my feet on my own.

I put up with this guy for one year not working struggling to find a job and just my income. I've been trying to make this relationship work. It's true Pisces women. Go with those intuitions. DO NOT ignore them! Your hurting no one but yourself at the end. Now I'm stuck living with someone I'm not with anymore and still love. I got laid off and I have no car. I invested my time and money doing US! And now look at me I have nothing to show for myself.

Even though he says he will make sure I have those things before I officially leave, how do I know that's libra man dating pisces woman. Is it?? I don't know if I can deal with me living with him and him going out. I love him to death and it hurts that we are now living together and now today we are roommates. But I have a feeling that my "F it" attitude is going to be like like "Boo you can do this, just get yours and be out!

So confused Libra man if you all are reading this, please do us Pisces women a favor and walk pass us I'm a Pisces woman who has fallen hard for a Libra man, and I have no idea what the future holds. We met when we were young, got back in touch, and when we reconnected there was an instant attraction. We're so connected to the point where we can finish each other's libra man dating pisces woman most of the time. The problem is that he's very evasive and withdrawn. I know that he's got some issues and he's trying to rebuild his life, but right now he won't let me in.

He seems like he's got time for everything else but me. He might be scared but so am I. I'm almost at the point of wanting to let him go, but I can't see myself with anybody else I'm a Pisces woman and I'm dating a Libra man We've been together 2 years and while I can read him and understand him libra man dating pisces woman doesn't understand me at all even though he's convinced he does. He libra man dating pisces woman won't help me to get over the past, he's made mistakes and earned my forgiveness for them but not my trust and so I can't forget them.

This whole time I feel like he won't actually care until I become who he wants and I'm not changing for him. I feel like I'm on the shitty end of our relationship but I know he mostly wants my approval and frankly he just doesn't have it. It's weird cause things we're so good at first.

I'm done with the relationship I just feel like he still owes me, libra man dating pisces woman. I'm a Pisces woman and some of the best sex was with a Libra man. In my book they are second only to Cancer trust! Scropio may get the wrap as the freakiest sign not true for reasons but if you are a Pisces and looking for a lover that likes to please, that you can tell what to do and easy going and fun For awhile I am a Pisces woman who was in a relationship with a Libra man for over a year.

He cheated on me with a coworker of his when we had a disagreement and didn't speak for 3 days. I found out about him having sex with his coworker when I went through his cell phone. I was so hurt and he blamed it on lack of communication because he thought we had "broken up". I took him back because me being the angelic Pisces forgave him.

He improved but only a tad. He didn't express how he felt about me or the relationship ever unless asked. I finally asked him if he saw himself marrying me and he said "Yea if we both had our priorities straight. After me forgiving him for cheating and showing him that I am a quality woman of substance that was the response I got. We are now back at square one.

I believe if a man wants you he will tell you as well as show you. You wo n't have to keep questioning your situation.

Pisces women beware of the Libra man. They are charming, egotistical, nonchalant and inconsiderate. As an element, air can skim over the water's surface but rarely dips into its depths. Whenever air attempts this feat, the water is transformed into a dangerous water spout, and once the air subsides, the water returns to its true form. It's no wonder that these two elements have a difficult time understanding each other.


The compassionate, emotional nature of Pisces makes her very sentimental. Libra is more of an intellect than a touchy feely kind of guy. Each is attracted to the traits they lack.

Libra's artistic nature is much like Pisces. His analytical side helps balance her emotional nature. Pisces will open up to Libra's easygoing personality. Pisces is content to let Libra be who he is, but Libra will always be seeking a way to help Pisces find an emotional balance.

Both a Pisces woman or a Libra man will go to great lengths to keep the peace, but they're both prone to passive-aggressive behavior.

A Pisces woman is easily hurttakes things personally, is highly emotional, non-communicative and holds a grudge.

A Libra man wants to talk and work things out, but he'll turn a cold shoulder and hold a grudge if he feels he's been unforgivable wronged. Yes, if an argument gets out of hand, it's difficult for them to reach a resolution. Libra men have a difficult time making decisions so Pisces must take the lead on which telephone service provider to use or what to name the new baby.

When life is going well, however, this is a romantic, spiritual and tender union, with a lot of sentimentality and a good sexual rapport. Both partners spend a lot of time dreaming and together they can strive to create their own little dream world.

And then something happens to rock their world — and it all goes downhill. He is, of course, but he has a much more proactive way of dealing with it. A Lack of Honesty. If the Pisces woman finds her strength from somewhere and approaches the Libra man to talk over the issues, she emma and tom felton suddenly find him too emotionally detached.

Libra man Pisces woman compatibility thus rarely suffers from self-imposed problems, but does suffer terribly from circumstantial problems such as finances or health, which the couple find very hard to handle. The other major problem for Libra man Pisces woman compatibility is that neither partner is necessarily honest.

Individual Characteristics. Libra Man. Men born during the period of September 24 to October 23 are Librans. These libra man dating pisces woman are ruled by the planet Venus.

Their sign, it is said, carries within itself the promises of unions, marriages and partnerships, libra man dating pisces woman. This makes them extremely romantic by nature and highly adventurous. Most, however, observe that these men can be flirtatious as well when it comes to relationships. With the ruling planet Venus in place, they are known to have a keen sense of all things that are beautiful in nature, especially arts. These men are also known for their libra man dating pisces woman in teasing, pleasing and wooing.

Libran men hate confrontations and will do everything in their control to avoid any negative libra man dating pisces woman. Pisces Woman. A Pisces woman is one who is born during the time period of February 19 to March This sign is considered one of the most considerate signs of the zodiac. Romantic by nature, the Pisces woman sometimes lives in a world of her own and is quite shy when it comes to making the first move in relationships.

She is deeply moved by all things beautiful in nature, art and otherwise. A Piscean woman will, many times, find herself struggling between the right and wrong. The main issue of speed is usually overcome by the quickly changeable nature of Pisces, except in cases when they are too shy to jump into a sexual relation with someone as openly sexual as Libra.

They will not understand each other speed dating over 60 enough to share much trust. That sparkly, always in love, childish, flirty nature of Pisces will be a huge turn off for Libra, who will not be able to trust someone who openly shows their interest in other people.

The only way for these partners to remain in a trusting relationship is to approach it casually and build their understanding and trust from zero, as if they have never had any relationships prior to this one. This is some basic disrespect and it could ruin the foundation of their entire relationship. The main challenge here is to remain in a respectful bond, however crazy Pisces might seem to their Libra partner, or however stiff and boring Libra might seem to Pisces.

Pisces partner can be quite direct and spontaneous and this might endanger the image Libra is trying to maintain in the eyes of others. Their emotional connection is mostly presented through the adoration of Venus in the sign of Pisces.

This is an everlasting love waiting to happen, and the kind that could be born between these partners in case they both overcome their ego.

It will be a rare libra man dating pisces woman and their rationalities will weigh them down, for Libra does exalt Saturn, and Pisces are ruled by Jupiter. Their minds will probably be filled with all sorts of irrelevant information until they decide that it is simply too hard for them to be together.

Libra man dating pisces woman [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)