What to expect when dating a congolese man


And white women should stop complaining when it comes to dating them. Post to Cancel. My question is why! What to expect when dating a congolese man [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)

Don't do it. Thanks x 2 LOL! Dec 22, 9. Dec 22, I mean they are like everyone else but they dance better and the ones I know are very gregarious. I like bigger than life personalities tho. One of my dearest friends is Congolese and he and his family is absolutely lovely. You need to avoid them tbh. Thanks x 2. Jul 20, Nice looking men, nice manners. But dating an African man us a waste of time for me personally since I'm not family oriented.

They are like every other men. Don't generalize a nation based on one or a few what to expect when dating a congolese man. Jul 21, Congoleses are also among the best judokas in the world: A great kongolese descendant:The greatest judoka in the world. Trained by the congolese guy above. Thanks x 1 Skeptical x 1. The last one, Tedy Riner, is from Guadeloupe and shares no ancestry to Congo.

They lay great pipe. Very family-oriented Dating Funny icebreaker for online dating men will require you to have some qualities and understand some important things including the following:. When you build your relationships on strong blocks like love, commitment and trust, you will definitely see that you will take your union to another level.

As you date, have fun and enjoy yourself. That is what dating is all about. Enter email address to receive updates from Face2face Africa Subscribe. Join the conversation Share your thoughts. Search Submit Advertisement Advertisement. This has been very different for me! I think after the first month or even less!!


My gaurds has been all the way up since day one. I explained he has to a lot of work dealing w me. And as we spend more and more time together in growing annoyed by a few things. He likes me to cook constantly, I mean I have no problem! We got into our first big argument over sex! He tried to have unprotected sex w me saying he wants me to have his child!!

So far he has been coming off sneaky! He has 2 phones lol maaaaaaaan listen! My husband has a 10 year visa, we already planned to start building a home in Ghana, when that 10 yr mark is what to expect when dating a congolese man, even before 10 yrs,we getting out of the US.

Keep God 1st in everything you do madam. I have the same problem! He has a major problem with using protection and he told me he loved me after a week! I totally understand! I started dating a younger African guy a few months ago.

I can see the sincerity in his eyes. He also has two phones. A Nigerian living in Nigeria with a 10year U.

S visa? My dear, Nigerians do not get more than 2yr visas to the U. S, if they apply with a Nigerian passport…so you might need to check that out. Yet here are the things you say to us —. I say what I say and I mean what I say… He hates it!

I shut that down he has been veeeeery distant, How can he want a child by me so soon, he has been coming off sneaky! I should run while I still can or what! My advice? Get rid of him quick while you still can. You guessed correct from the start, he wants you only for your papers! He what to expect when dating a congolese man you pregnant to give him more chances on stay in mobile text chat Sates with his American child and perhaps he never marry you.

She also dated women exclusively before him for over 35 years until she fell for him, he also said that was not a problem. I thought african men were homophobic? All told she has only been in his space physically for a little over two weeks and only in vacation mode, all other contact and everything she knows about him is through phone, email and texts, but she says she knows him and he loves her and wants to be with her and she wants to be with him.

I find this odd. How can everything just be ok with him? Sidenote: Not all Africans are homophobic. Especially the younger generation that has grown up with a lot of western media influence. It sounds to me like your sister needs to be very careful. The man sounds like he is just looking to gain access to the US but I may be wrong. However, she should still hold off on making any major commitments to him before she really gets to know him through his existing family, friends and community in Nigeria.

I live in Nigeria and I am not afraid to say it like it is — It is a scam! We see this all the time here. He is looking for a visa to the U.


Plain and simple. Please let your aunt know and help her to be strong, so she can cut him off completely. The African man have their moments…being American I to have my moments too.

Love Tips for Dating The African Man

This is my 1st relationship with an African, better yet we got married. Even if we argue I have to involve my in-laws ,and yes they jump down his throat. Keep God 1st justin bieber flirting with esmee denters will work out for you madam.

Went to Ghana and we got married…I know everyone of my in-laws which are here in the States. His mother actually match made us, said that we would be perfect for each other. Like is this a scam? Or do he have a wife and family already? Is he marrying me for a visa to come to America? Being married into an African family has been a blessing for me, I asked for a God fearing foreign husband over a decade ago lol. The African people.

My husband was more than over protected towards me when I visited him last year. Just know, if your sister feel the need to ask her partner questions, she should. Your sister should be able to meet his family,as well as his friends, its only right. I love this article but it is not all true I have dated a Nigerian man and a Ugandan Both were very sweet And kind.

But the Nigerian man was not at all good in bed. I agree with what to expect when dating a congolese man points of this article AM, need to cook, patience etc. Though we are all different. I could relate to all of them. My frustration is more directed toward white women dating African men and hoping they will get the complete package. If you 50 and over living in the US or else dating or in a relationship with an African 20 yrs younger.

And white women should stop complaining when it comes to dating them. Once the soul of a man is created, it can never be changed or altered. These men are Africans and that implies everything that comes with it derives from their background.

When it comes to understanding a black man soul and spirit most white women always fails miserably. Well, if I felt like that with my western background, imagine if I had an complete What to expect when dating a congolese man background?? African men are honest, loyal and faithful to the woman they love.

Hence what I said earlier. This goes beyond just culture, food or music. African men have a different way of life, psychology deeply rooted in traditions, heavy culture heritage although the younger generations are more modernizedwe still hold dear to what makes us African and so…It will take tremendous effort for a white women to understand that and I have yet to meet a white women who understand what is means to be an African man. Are you desperate?

Look for pattern in your previous relationships. Also African or otherwise there is no reason for a man to watch porn and jack off while his woman lay right next to him naked. Then tells me that ALL the things I mentioned above only bother me bcuz its not my culture but I have spoken to his mother, sister, my best friend who is an African woman and have been told by all of them that no culture would accept that behaviour.

Thats great Kevin and soooo very true too. I am african american my boyfriend that I love very much is from west africa he lives here in the United states too. He has been here a few years or so. I used to think that they were controlling and mean because people TOLD me. Any man can be controlling even in USA not just african man.

My boyfriend is What to expect when dating a congolese man sweet not mean whatsoever or controlling. Hard worker loves thier family extremely much and have big families I love that because i come from a small family.

What if we went online to research if we should date our American men it would definitely be a TON of negative things too im pretty sure.


Well, unless you want good sex lol!!! But seriously mark my words you will regret it. I speak from much wasted time and experience. You are certainly telling the truth!!! I agree with Cindy.

What to expect when dating a congolese man [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)