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If her schedule is tight, email her your detailed meeting plan, and ask for ideas about how to strengthen it. That could reflect badly on you. Be vulnerable enough to let people speak without judgment and be genuine about it. That opens up whole new areas of potential connection. Three people meeting [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)

Think of it like writing an email to a colleague. When you hit three people meetingit looked great. Later you discovered typos, and the receiver misinterpreted what you wrote.

There are three groups of people who can provide useful feedback. Consider tapping any or all of these when putting together a meeting plan. Most of us know to send out an agenda in advance.

3 ways Steve Jobs made meetings insanely productive — and often terrifying

I keep those on my facilitator plan. But as the old saying goes, the devil is in the details. That means no helpful suggestions for you. Tell them what you are planning and ask them for their honest opinions. This can be particularly helpful when done with the participants who are most likely to give you a hard time during the meeting.

What three people meeting do within the organization reflects on your manager. It's like the bigger-house syndrome: After you buy a bigger house, you somehow manage to fill it with furniture, even though you don't need any more furniture. Plus, there's the "just in case" factor: We'll already have everyone together, so let's schedule a little extra time, just in case. Instead, decide ahead of time how long a meeting should last solely on the basis of what you need to accomplish -- and nothing more.

Then schedule the time accordingly. Tell everyone the meeting will end on time no matter what. Then stick to it. It'll be tough at first, but people will quickly adapt and be a lot more focused and productive.

And consider starting a minute meeting at, say, Then three people meeting can still end on a round number, and the people who crave convention can feel like their world still makes some sense. Meetings aren't about words; meetings are about action. Great meetings solve problems, set new courses, create action plans.


Great meetings result in tangible outcomes. So why would you ever want to meet in a conference room when no product, no service, no nothing is ever produced in a conference room? Meet where the action is at the site of the problem or opportunity. Don't sit in a room and stare at one three people meeting when you can focus on the issue you're trying to fix. Great meetings often have agendas that are no more than one sentence, like "Determine the product launch date" or "Select software developer for database redesign.


Share it before the meeting. If I need to make a decision during a meeting, shouldn't I have the information I need to make that decision ahead of three people meeting Send documents, reports, etc. Their thoughts should already be together. They should show up with concrete ideas based on the information you provided ahead of time.

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Don't let people muse aloud about the half-baked concepts they want to share just because they feel they have to participate, or because they want to seem smart. If it's a brainstorming session, fine. Dating men, expect people to come prepared with fully formed thoughts.

We all have the ability to help each other. The three people meeting you receive might not come immediately. You'll often have to build the relationship first, develop trust and give before you receive. But that first conversation about your new friend's work will start to give you three people meeting about how you might be working together in the future.

It happens all the time. They'll say something and you'll immediately think of someone who could help them or someone who could benefit from their help.

It's a short step from there to benefiting from the return of the favor. A conversation with a stranger might begin with work but it soon spreads into interests outside the office. You learn whether they're interested in sports or soap operas, their grandchildren or their boat. Wherever the conversation drifts quickly reveals what makes them tick outside work. That opens up whole new areas of potential connection. Express an interest in their interests and you'll start to create a bond.

The process from stranger to a business relationship is "like three people meeting, know me, trust me, buy from me.

Three people meeting [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)