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I have been able to work and to live in several countries other than the U. I do know that as I get older I'll have more problems because of my health. While some people look at me pityingly, I am thrilled with my life and my decision not to have children. I did consider adopting, I really admire people who adopt because I feel like it is less selfish than creating new babies. Looking back woman [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)

Though I sometimes had fantasies of having a mini-me that I could take around the world with me, I didn't want it enough to make it happen. I actually do looking back woman children, and have been very close to my friends' kids and I have a niece my sister adopted from China with whom I'm looking back woman close particularly since my sister, a single mother, died five online dating for me ago, so I'm the 'parental alternative' as I say.

Every time I go to a special event—bar mitzvah, wedding, etc. On the other hand, I have friends whose children have been killed, committed suicide, have emotional problems, or just completely ignore them, and I realize that's a never-ending source of agony that I don't think I would have been prepared to deal with.

Most of the time I am comfortable with how things have turned out Perhaps the reason is that I was the youngest of four children and had little experience with babies. A decision point came when I married a man who, because of his troubled family history, was opposed to fathering a child.

I honored that decision, as we both agreed that the world did not need another mouth to feed.

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That marriage lasted only three years, which only confirmed the wisdom of my decision. Now, 72 years old, I have never regretted it. My career as a public school teacher and university administrator kept me in touch with the vitality of young people.

In my personal life, I was able to support emotionally and in some cases financially friends who were raising children on their own. I have been able to work and to live in several countries other than the U. These life, career, and financial decisions were made easier by being childfree.

Seven decades of feminist activism have enabled us to challenge many long-accepted limiting roles for women. Crucial to this ongoing 'liberation' from a patriarchal system is control over one's reproductive decisions and increased opportunities to earn one's own living. I am grateful to our foremothers and to the brilliant activists and authors who made this possible in my lifetime.

My hope is that current and future generations of women will defend and expand these rights. I was 39 and he was 46 when we wed. We found neither of us was passionately for or against, but we agreed certain things made having children problematic, looking back woman. Im dating a single mom own parents had been religiously looking back woman I wasn't sure I wanted the pressure of being scrutinized for bias in the faith teaching of our children.

As it turned out, we discovered my husband is neurologically atypical, which seems to run in his family to some extent. We had a challenging few years making our marriage work, and I think we both agree having children would have put an unbearable strain on it. My husband is the youngest of four siblings, and has many cousins.

The children and grandchildren of these kinships are in many ways the children we didn't have. We're working on our own arrangements for living with assistance as we grow older, planning for probable needs that children might take care of for their parents otherwise.

Our marriage is a good one, and we have no regrets that we didn't have children. I've only had a few days of looking back woman life when I veered from that. About time!


Trump A Racist? Love it! The Motherlode, all you need to know about our Immoral Society! Aquash murder This needs a reblog since much has happened since Treasonist as well as a fraud, Phil Lane Jr Looking Back Woman-Suzanne Dupree blog. Post to Cancel.

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Latest forum posts. Get Your Degree! Sign Up For Our Newsletter! Username Password Remember Looking back woman Forgot your password? Forgot your username? Create an account. Are you up for it? Whatever Suzanne Dupree's agenda is, the one thing she is guilty of is exploiting her people's traditions. To stand and pose for photographs with a pipe shows she has no belief in the sacredness of it. And to top it off she is holding a small drum.

That is not a Lakota tradition. After reading the story it is more likely that the pipe she has is her father's sundance pipe.

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That is a far cry from the original. There are pipes that are used for specific things. I believe the issue will become more of not whether the pipe is the original buffalo calf maiden pipe, but that of what Ms.

Dupree is doing. This is not a case of changing with the times, it is about tradition that has been handed down from generation to generation, and what she is doing goes against this whole belief.

I would not want to be in her position, not only because of the responsibilty that comes with the pipe, but that what she is doing, she is opening a door for things that will not be in her favor. The pipe is not meant for all to see, once again this is someone that has enough knowledge to make them dangerous. The door that Ms. Dupree has opened is not a positive door for the Lakota people, what she is attempting to do is to bring shame on her people.

This is pouring salt on a wound. With all the suffering the people have gone through, the one thing they have that can not be taken looking back woman is their belief in that pipe, and what she is doing here is an looking back woman of another one out there trying to strip away their faith and beliefs.

Over on American Indian Alliance, LSW found out something interesting, seems Dupree's claims are straight out of a book, gotta find love any family traditions. Another red herring and probably smells like one too I knew Mr. Chauncey Dupris long ago and he knew me. The funny thing about this lady's website is that it is so full of subjective information without any of her Cherry Creek, SD "relative's" testimony verifying her identity.

She is a fraud!!! Dupris is a heyoka which I must add I heard him being called this by the older fellows his age. Being heyoka does not automatically confer medicine man status per se. Oh well I will call now since I have looking back woman this post! Had to edit this John Le Kay sure can looking back woman them!!!! Marlon Guest. Hi Tachia, Sorry did not get a chance to address your leangthy email from this morning, but will do so tomorrow, point by point and in detail.

As far as you offending me. Anyway will address this tomorrow. Hi Educated Indian, Moma Porcupine. Tachia Since you have raised Vivian High Elk, and have floated a round a piece of her email to discredit Looking Back Woman repeatdly, discussed internet protocols, culture and the rest, maybe you should you see some more. Cannunpa wakan wan oyate wicakahi kin heon, Tokel econ wicasi kin looking back woman ohinniyan ecunk'onpi kte, Taku sica kin etanhan yuheyab unyuhapi kta, Wakantanka iyoyanpa tawa kin ogna ecela ilake kta.

Lecel ecunk'onpi kta ohinniyan awauncinpi kte. Thai flirting lo, Wakantanka.

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Tase cannupa wakan ki he tohan Pejito Wakpa etanhan iya ye ka, makes he lila wakan ki. Le winyan wan Jeneka iciyapi ki he na winyan wan Looking Back iyapi ki he atas takuni slol yapi sni, hena Lakota winyan kiyapi na taku iyapi ki hena icetu sni na lel tipi sni ca takuni he slol yapi sni, le wakan ki nahanhci looking back woman Peji To Wakpa ki el yanke.

Le amayu pta pi hantas, ognas lakol ya wiyuhcan na woglaka pi na ce'ce. Miye cante el wicabluze sni na el wacinwicawaye sni.

Looking back woman [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)