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Ladies Tea. Can be as formal or informal as desired. Drop in for Tea Devotional. Teapots with Character Event Ladies fellowship meeting ideas. Missionary Emphasis Meeting. Make up missionary packages. Be sure to check ahead of time to see if there are any special mailing restrictions before mailing overseas.

Write Missionary Letters. Do an outreach activity in your area, such as visiting the local nursing home. Have a missionary speaker share with your ladies group.

Movie Night. Show a great, inspirational movie. Could be a drama or comedy or just one with some inspiration.

4 Fresh Ideas for Your Women's Ministry Events

Have snacks you might get at a movie theater such as goobers, peanuts, soft pretzels. Photo Night. Get your ladies together for some photos.

Make photo props. There are lots of ideas for photo props over on Pinterest. Use a professional or amateur photographer. Have someone within your group that is great ladies fellowship meeting ideas taking photos? Let them use their skill. Have a brochure, newsletter, or website. Use some of the photos for that. Get permission from the ladies in the photos first. Planting Party. Choose a community or park to beautify. Beautify your church grounds with flowers and landscaping.


Plant ladies fellowship meeting ideas or small shrubs at the homes of the elderly and shut-ins. Prayer Emphasis. Prayer Stations on Blog. Change up the way you pray and the locations you pray in.

Maybe meet at a park for a prayer emphasis meeting. Prayer Clock Printable. Prayer Helps. Refresh — Renew Activity. Do some projects around the church. Paint chairs. Paint Sunday School rooms, Recover, renew, refresh. A time to do all those odd jobs that always gets put off.

12 women’s Ministry Outreach Event Ideas

Finding Something Beautiful Devotional. Motorcoach Trip. Load up a motorcoach and take a road trip together. Visit a sister faith church in a nearby town for a special meeting, conference, or concert.

Go to a Christian Camp or retreat together. Create a Coach Ready Devotional. Scavenger Hunt. Do a Service Project Scavenger Hunt. Photo Scavenger Hunt. Everyone has cameras on their cell phones these days. Nature Walk Scavenger Hunt.

Seasonal Outings and activities. Sunrise Breakfast Easter. Fall Foliage Trip — Depends on your location. See all of the Fall Devotionals by Julia. Christmas Parties. See all of the Christmas Devotionals by Julia. Christmas Caroling.

Baking Cookies. Open up a discussion about the woman and what each woman in the group would do if faced with the same situation. For example, Ruth was told to marry a man she did ladies fellowship meeting ideas love, and she followed the will of her ladies fellowship meeting ideas matriarch and did as she was told. Ask the women in the group if they would do the same and why or why not.

Fun Activities for Meetings for Christian Women

For a competitive and interesting game for a mother and daughter meeting, pair up three or four teams of mothers and daughters with the rest of the women. Give them a chalkboard or whiteboard with a writing instrument. When the question is about a daughter, the mother writes the answer; if the question is about the mother, the daughter writes the answer. The leader of the group asks the woman in the pair who did not write the answer what her answer is.

For example, if asking about favorite colors, the leader would ask the daughter to find out the answer. The mother ladies fellowship meeting ideas the pair then shows what she wrote. If she has the correct answer, the team gets a point.

How do I go about it Thank you for being there. May God continue to replenish you by the Holy Spirit. Hi Abigail. Thanks for taking the time to leave your comments. So glad you have been blessed through the website. That is a blessing to ladies fellowship meeting ideas. Local church leaders only. Thanks for asking. Hi Julia. I always search your site for ideas when planning our Ladies Retreat. I was looking for an adult ladies theme on the Parable free usa dating site 2013 the Pearl.

Surely this parable can be directed to adult ladies. Can you help? I gave you a link to one of our group posts on there that might give you some ideas.

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Agenda and ideas, how to lead a small group for women's ministry.

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Ladies fellowship meeting ideas [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)